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Shopify Web Development | 12 Min Read

10 Factors Why Shopify Plus Is Ideal For Ecommerce Web Development

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Posted on: Monday March 23, 2020

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Online commerce is a big challenge requiring continuous hard work for generating more leads, acquiring customers and ultimately increasing the revenues. There are lot of things to keep in mind while selecting an e-commerce platform, some of them are customer engagement, conversion optimization, digital marketing, omni-channel integration, scalability, and long-term growth. With huge number of e-commerce platforms available, selection of one matching your business objectives need a serious thought. Those already invested in Shopify development are much knowledgeable about the amazing features of this platform including easy set up, customizable features, high security and scalability.

Leading Shopify experts state that Shopify as ecommerce platform is amazing with millions of stores running on it and amazingly, the number is constantly booming. Apart from incredible features and immense popularity, the continuous focus on getting better is what makes Shopify much better from its peers. The arrival of Shopify Plus, few years back was industry changer as the ecommerce development platform went the extra mile beyond the conventions. Now that 2020 has started, shopify enterprises must develop a new perspective towards embracing innovation for your business.

Continue reading for reasons why Shopify Plus should be your choice for e-commerce development in 2020 and beyond.

Reason 1: More Customizable

Shopify already offered a huge array of attractive themes with customization option to empower you create a theme on your own. Shopify Plus takes these customization abilities a step further with enhanced functionality and aesthetics. It’s equipped with fully-responsive themes for seamless mobile experience. Moreover, a new feature called “Sections” has been added, a simple drag-and-drop editor for rendering ease into customization of looks and feel of the e-commerce store.

Reason 2: High Functionality

Regardless of the great functionality and high-customization features in Shopify Plus, the ecommerce web development platform is incredibly easy to use. It’s the primitive reason why Shopify partners as well as online businesses prefer it. The new version provides everything that you require for managing the online store and eradicate the barriers in processing orders for smooth running of stores. These vital features includes product, orders, customer records, analytical reports, and much more, thats easily accessible on the dashboard. Now you can add products, handle orders, and manage settings in a hassle free way all with just a few clicks.

Reason 3: Amazing scalability

Shopify Plus platform has been designed specifically to cater the needs of big enterprise and growing e-commerce brands, which is why scalability is been prioritized. It’s a fully-hosted SaaS platform capable of handling million hits along with thousands of orders on per minute basis. You can be assured of having 99.99% uptime and lightning-fast performance of your web store. Additionally, you will get unlimited bandwidth in addition to a storage capacity of up to 200 TB.

Reason 4: Myriad Integrations

Shopify Plus is apotheosizing for its ability of easy integration with other platforms. It also have an extensive app marketplace where you can search a number of Shopify Plus apps to enrich the shopping experiences delivered by your online store. These applications are diverse in aspect of operating businesses; from customer service, marketing and promotions to inventory control and more.

Reason 5: Custom Checkout Page

Shopify offers the benefit of customization for shopping experience, but the actual checkout was not included in this context. The platform also didn’t offer visual customizations in the checkout process with the standard Shopify accounts. But Shopify Plus resolves this problem by allowing the customization of standard two-page checkout for merchants looking to explore variations such as a single page or 3-page checkout.

Reason 6: Mobile Store Builder

As mobile emerges as prime selling channel, developing a mobile-first e-commerce experience does not remain a choice. Traditionally, you need to hire professional Shopify partners to ensure mobile responsiveness and excellent user experience. But with Shopify Plus, you will get the Mobile Store Builder facilitating both native iOS and Android application development without any technical knowledge or coding experience.

Reason 7: Globalization

If you are willing to take your business in international markets, then Shopify Plus is a good choice. It provides the facility to run nine additional stores on sub-domains without any extra fee. These stores provide a personalized experience in terms of currency, language, and seasonal trends associated with localized marketing. This gives you a better chance of conversion if you connect the audience in a personalized way.

Reason 8: Wholesale Management

The management of administration process in B2B businesses has been the biggest challenges in e-commerce domains, since it different from regular online store. Also, the expectations of B2B customers differ and get reflected in your store’s look and feel. However, Shopify Plus provides a specialized wholesale platform to let you launch individual B2B website from existing Shopify account. Also you can enable the features like custom pricing for each buyer, shipping rules, and offers/discounts in this store. It’s also possible to add wholesale-only products in the store and review and edit the orders before invoicing.

Reason 9: Smart Promotional Tools

In Shopify Plus store, you can have the Launchpad access, a smart promotional tool for automating the activities in execution of campaigns; flash sale, or product launch. It also helps you in scheduling bulk changes to Shopify e-commerce store that coincide simultaneously from start to end. You can also use it for monitoring or managing a promotional campaign and create invitation-based or limited-edition product collections.

Reason 10: Operational Automation

Processes like order and inventory management are major challenges for evolving enterprise brands. The new feature added in Shopify Plus offers a time-saving e-commerce automation solution for customers, inventory, and order management, along with seamless integration of key external tools. As Flow enables to create, configure, and import automation processes or business logic, it also provides the agility required for creating backend customizations.


As you have understood all the benefits from Shopify Plus serves, you can consider it a good choice for creating your online store from scratch or migrate existing one with current version. If you compare Shopify Plus with Magento or any ecommerce web development platform, this one qualifies for a closer look. The new features will definitely give your online store an edge in terms of providing excellent shopping experiences. The best way to get started is by collaborating with Shopify experts or Shopify enterprises having complete knowledge of the platform and capable of leveraging the Shopify features to your advantage.

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