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Mobile Application Development | 16 Min Read

10 Mistakes To Avoid For Excellent Mobile App Development

10 Mistakes To Avoid For Excellent Mobile App Development

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Posted on: Tuesday March 2, 2021

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Mobile app development has become the ultimate need for companies to ensure growth and expand their community. But here’s the thing, there are already millions of apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store competing with one another to make a significant place among the users. Considering the stats over all this time, there’s only a 0.01% chance that an app will be successful. We did not mention this to discourage you but to make you understand the complexities surrounding app development.


No matter how experienced you are, mistakes can still happen. While there’s such a low probability of making a successful mobile app, you cannot afford to lose any hope by making silly yet significant mistakes. Research says that 99% of the mistakes made by app developers could’ve been prevented if they knew about them earlier. Since there are many updates to catch up with regarding mobile app development in Dubai, we thought of letting you know the most common mistakes you should avoid.


Common Mistakes To Avoid During App Development


Common Mistakes To Avoid During App Development 


Making mistakes is normal, but mistakes during app development may lead to a loss of time and money and could turn out to be frustrating. Moreover, when you are on a mission to build a successful app for your business or maybe for one of your clients, it’s important to understand what can go wrong and seek resolution. Some of the most common mistakes that need to be avoided during app development are mentioned below:-


1. Underestimating The Importance Of Research  


Being impatient is a common tendency noticed among app developers and business owners. You may be often tempted to skip everything in between and dive straight into creating the app. Undoubtedly, you may be enthusiastic, but it is necessary to slow down and do the right things at the right time.


Conducting proper research and collecting all the necessary resources for app development will save you a lot of time later. There are many important decisions to take regarding the app development tool, the platform, etc.


If you are a business owner, you may have to decide whether you will hire freelancers or assign the project to a mobile app development company in Dubai. A few minutes of browsing won’t give you a reliable app development solution. As a developer, too, you should collect all the necessary resources and get ready to do something out-of-the-box.


2. Not Determining The App Purpose  


Despite having a great app idea, you will only waste your time and resources on it if it does not fulfill a purpose and the users’ expectations. Each user would look up to your app with different expectations. Your app must make a positive impression on them in the first interaction. Based on your business and community, you will have to understand what users want from you, find whether other apps are doing the needful, and come up with ideas and features that will serve them in a better way. The features of your app will be decided on the basis of this purpose.


3. Not Creating An MVP 


Another common risk that you may take is diving right into the final product. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great way to test and evaluate an app’s performance. The MVP will consist of only the essential features that fulfill the app’s main purpose.


Do not confuse MVP to be an experiment for your app. You won’t try making ham for dinner when your guests are all vegans. Before building a mobile app, you must have all the goals clear regarding its purpose and features. Based on the same goals, you create an MVP with basic functionalities and core components.


4. Creating A Poor UI/UX 


Ignoring the user interface is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Do not lose yourself so much into development that you forget to make the app engaging for your users. When people open your app, they have several expectations in mind. Seeking inspiration from some of the most popular apps may help.


Focus on easy navigation and other basic functions that users may want. But remember that going too far into the creative world may hinder the user experience. There’s nothing wrong with executing a creative idea, but your idea may be frustrating for users accustomed to accessing apps in a specific way. While you may be tempted to emerge as the most innovative app developer, it would be beneficial if you implement what actually works.


5. Going Overboard With Features And Functionalities 


Most of the apps these days are seamless and can do probably anything. However, overstuffing your app with all the features and functionalities that come to your mind may be troublesome. Based on the app’s purpose and target users, stick to the core features and functionalities. Too many features would mean too many problems down the road.


Trying to include numerous features within your app will not affect your budget but also affect its performance. There would be more bugs, errors, and crashes to deal with. Also, it will increase your app size. Considering the stats, most people uninstall apps because they take up phone storage.


6. Going Easy With Testing 


Testing as crucial as any other step during app development. It is, therefore, important to make sure that all the elements in your app are properly tested. As the development process continues, testing has to be continued. While it’s the only way to detect any bugs and errors in the app, it will help in improving the user experience. Here are some important points to consider while you test your apps:-


  • Have a well-defined testing process.
  • Create a dedicated in-house testing environment.
  • Consider help from both outsourced and in-house experts for testing.
  • Collect appropriate resources and tools.
  • Schedule a specific time for testing.


Here’s the thing with outsourcing app testing. While in-house developers have built the app themselves, they are likely to be biassed and think that there’s no need for improvements. On the contrary, an outsourced testing team would come up with better suggestions.


7. Building For Too Many Platforms  


One of the mistakes that business owners and developers make during mobile app development in Dubai is creating an app for multiple platforms. While it’s tempting to gather more and more users, there could be consequences and challenges from the development standpoint.


Also, you may have to reconsider your budget. It would be much better to keep things simple by developing a native app for a single platform. Otherwise, you may use an app builder to keep a check on your budget.


8. Wrong Choice Of Mobile App Developers  


This mistake can cost you good fortune and time. Unless you have the right mobile app developers by your side, things would possibly go wrong. Mostly, people select a mobile app development company in Dubai just because they get cheap services. Instead, you must be focusing on other major parameters like their experience, portfolio, client reviews, etc.


Choose someone who offers you as much control as you want during the development process. While freelancers seem affordable, they fail to meet deadlines and then stop responding. App development companies have a complete team and all the necessary resources that would foster the app development process.


9. Poor Budget Management 


Based on the purpose of your app, you must always have a rough idea of how much your app will cost. An inappropriate budget estimate is followed by numerous issues within the various components of app development, leading to the ultimate failure of your plan. You need to set a budget not only for the initial process but for the other phases too. You should be prepared for unexpected costs too. Also, planning the development process well would ensure it does not exceed the budget limits.


10. Not Deciding On Updates 


One of the most common misconceptions is that the launching of an app is the finale of app development. Well, the truth is, development never actually stops. Regular improvements and updates to an app are always necessary to ensure that it stays on the users’ phones.


According to stats, approx. 30% of all apps are updated every month, and 80% are updated every six months. Make sure to plan for updates initially. If the initial app launch consumes your entire budget, then it might be difficult for you to proceed with updates.


Summing Up  


While app developers are no exception from the human tendency of making mistakes, being aware of what can go wrong may save you from a lot of trouble. The above-mentioned mistakes during app development would surely give you an idea of what needs to be done. Moreover, we suggest always proceed with concrete plans, information, and the right resources in your hand.