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3D Secure – Everything You Need To Know About It

3D secure – Everything you need to know about it

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Posted on: Wednesday August 12, 2020

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3D secure mainly known as 3D secure authentication or 3DS, highly useful fraud prevention methodology first launched by Visa (as Verified-by-Visa) in 2001.


Basically it’s an additional security layer for customers looking to go for online payments through credit/debit cards. Here payee require to go through a secure authentication process before making any online purchases to ensure that all details are correct for protecting against any kind of payment fraud.


Beside Visa, now it’s used by every leading debit and credit card providers including American Express (as American Express SafeKey) and Mastercard (as Mastercard Secure Code).


Working of 3D secure authentication


Those who ever paid for something online might have come across 3D secure authentication. The process initiates whenever a customer begins to pay online. They are redirected to a 3D secure page of the debit or credit card providers website where they will either be prompted for entering a password (which they have already set up in bank records) or enter an authentication code (automatically sent to their mobile phone number).


Once all the correct details are provided, the payment gets approved by the card provider and user gets redirected back to e-commerce portal. This process gets completed promptly and after the customer is redirected; confirmation message of successful payment gets displayed.


Advantages of 3D secure


The biggest aid of using 3D secure for online payments is absolute protection of businesses and customers against any kind of card payment fraud. Once transactions undergo 3D secure authentication process, customers are not liable for the purchases. This clearly indicates complete protection against unauthorized transactional charges in lesser time and potential settlement disputes. Also liability is passed on the card payments provide making a business 100 secure from any kind of unauthorized payment claims, since the card provider will be solely responsible for any kind of refunds.


Talking about customers, 3D secure will provide them complete security during every online shopping, along with fraud prevention security to resist any fraud and keeping every detail safe. Another benefit is the ability to make online payments through major debit or credit cards using secure authentication systems giving more choices.


Where to begin?


Starting online payments via 3D secure authentication needs selection of a card payments provider (preferably known as acquirer) having 3D secure protocol as essential parameter in their online payments security.  There setting up a merchant account is mandatory, hereby enabling customers for switching up to online payment interface from the website. Here transactional fund is deposited and held in the account for safe and secure processing.


If you are willing to receive the payments through website, we can assist. We have both expertise and experience of integrating payment gateway solutions with 3D secure authentication on major e-commerce web development platforms including Shopify, Magento, Prestashop and many more. As leading e-commerce web development company in Dubai, we build robust online stores equipped with latest security features including, IP address, AVS and CVV checks. Not only these payment gateways are easily integrated with online store but 24*7 support for any issue that persisting during the linking of merchant accounts is done by us.


PCI compliance


We offer payment gateway solutions in compliance with PCI Level 1 security. But remember that your business should be compliant to PCI standards meaning to have your individual security measures in place for ensuring customer data security. We also provide PCI compliance service to make sure that complete safety of data for you and your customers is always assured whenever online payments is taking place.


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