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6 Most Reliable WordPress Backup Plugins

6 Most Reliable WordPress Backup Plugins

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Posted on: Thursday March 11, 2021

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Suppose you spend hours building your WordPress site, and it goes away all at once in a blink of an eye. Well, that’s a nightmare. There are enough chances that your website may crash. But when this happens, there should be a way to help you get it back, running as soon as possible. To save your loss, creating regular WordPress backups is the best thing you can do. Backups let you be at peace and save you during catastrophic situations, so you don’t have to start over or lament your loss.


While there are numerous WordPress Backup plugins to choose from, making a decision becomes difficult. If you think you can randomly pick one of the most suitable plugins, you may be opening doors for malware, vicious attacks and various user errors. All these would hit your SEO ranking really hard and affect your relationship with customers. Being a web development company in Dubai, you cannot afford such a loss.


How To Choose The Best WordPress Backup Plugin?  


Having a backup plugin would only do half your task. To make sure you lose nothing, you would need a plugin for backup and restoring the backup. Nothing will be of use if you don’t know how to use your backup. Therefore, when you choose a plugin, make sure it does both. Well, there are a few more considerations before you select a backup and restore plugin.


(1) Look For Cloud Backups: Some plugins allow automatic backup of your site to various cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. To be able to use this functionality, your WordPress plugin should support the cloud storage service of your choice.


(2) Pick The One With Automatic Backup: You should not leave your backup to chance. Since the future is unpredictable, it is always suggested to look for a plugin that schedules Backup and restore for your site automatically at specific intervals.


(3) Make Sure It Can Handle Your Site: Several plugins tend to work excellently for small websites but may be slow for larger ones. In that case, if you have a huge site, make sure that the plugin you choose is designed to work accordingly.


(4) You May Need Migration: Migration involves changing your domain name, which makes it different from restoring. It would require running a find and replace on your database. Therefore if you have any plans of migrating your WordPress website, it would be great to look for a plugin that allows the same.


Best WordPress Backup Plugins For You  


There is a long list of plugins to choose from. However, we don’t want you to invite in any more trouble by picking up the first most attractive plugin you find. Considering the various important factors, we have narrowed down a list of the best plugins you can have.


1. Updraft Plus  




Updraft Plus is one of the best and most popular plugins available across the web. Over two million WordPress websites depend upon it as a backup solution. It offers both cloud storage and downloads to the computer. This plugin supports scheduled and manual backups with the option to choose which files you actually want to backup.


Even while using the free version of this plugin, you can easily backup necessary files and restore them with equal ease and minimal technical knowledge. It allows multiple cloud storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. UpdraftPlus is especially a great choice if you have a large website. It splits the site into multiple archives to simplify restoration.


Its premium version allows you to use add-ons like migration or clone websites, search and replace the database, multiple support and various other features. You can make the best use of its numerous features available with the free version or upgrade to premium based on your requirements.


2. Jetpack Backups   


Jetpack Backups


Jetpack Backups is one of the popular plugins created by WordPress’ co-founder Matt Mullenweg. It was originally launched as Vault Press which was further rebranded. It is one of the most up-to-date plugins you would ever use. Jetpack Backups offers daily and real-time cloud backup solutions, keeping up the good speed of your website. You can set backup and restore them easily within a few clicks.


You also get security scanning and various other helpful features considering specific packages. It allows you to manually disable the features you don’t need. Jetpack backup offers great services considering its premium pricing. However, if you don’t really need any extra features like social media promotion, JetPack CDN for photos, or Elastic search, then it would be a good idea to go for other suitable plugins for beginners.


3. BlogVault




BlogVault is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution offering Backup for WordPress websites. It independently creates offsite backups in BlogVault servers so that there’s no load on your servers. It creates daily automatic backups and also gives you the option to create unlimited manual on-demand backups.


BlogVault’s smart incremental backups sync only incremental changes creating minimal server load, allowing the optimal performance of your website. Based on different plans, it lets you restore site backups and migrate them to another host. Affordable real-time backup plans and ease of use make BlogVault a suitable choice for a smaller web development company in UAE.


4. BackupBuddy  




Working for almost half a million WordPress websites, BackupBuddy is one of the most popular premium backup plugins you can use. It lets you schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups easily. This plugin allows the use of multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash, and Amazon S3, or you can also mail it to yourself.


BackupBuddy is not a subscription-based service. Therefore, you won’t be burdened by a monthly fee. Using its Stash service will allow you to do real-time backups. There are various additional features like regular updates, access to premium support forums, and 1 GB of BackupBuddy stash storage. With their iThemes sync feature, you can manage 10 WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Offering numerous amazing features, BackupBuddy is a cost-effective backup solution for your WordPress website.


5. BackWPup 




BackWPup is one of the best free plugins that create a complete backup of your WordPress site and stores it on the cloud through Dropbox, Rackspace, Amazon S3, etc. The backup can also be stored on your mail, computer or FTP.


While this plugin is easy to use, you can schedule automatic backups based on the update frequency of your website and restore them within a few clicks. The pro version of this plugin allows you to store backups on Google Drive along with some other cool features. You may consider it as a suitable backup for various plugins mentioned in this list.


6. BoldGrid Backup 


BoldGrid Backup


BoldGrid backup is an automated WordPress backup solution by BoldGrid website builder. You can easily create your website’s backup, restore it, and even switch hosts using this plugin. It allows you to create backups manually or automate them.


The automated fault feature of the plugin creates a backup before it is updated. In case an update fails, you will find the website intact up to the last update. It is a great way to deal with update errors. It lets you store up to 10 backup archives on your dashboard and more in other storage locations, including FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 etc. It’s a simple WordPress backup plugin that comes along with numerous powerful tools.


Final Thoughts  


Every WordPress plugin has its pros and cons. Considering all the important details about the best plugins would help you choose a perfect WordPress backup plugin according to your specific requirements. Being a growing web development company in UAE, you can never risk your sites and all of their data. However, this list of best WordPress backup plugins will surely help you to make an informed decision.