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7 Important Factors You Should Not Avoid While Designing A Website

7 Important factors you should not avoid while designing a website

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Posted on: Wednesday August 25, 2021

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It is known for a fact that a website is the backbone of any business, especially e-commerce. It depicts the idea that your company or e-business represents. Therefore, if you want your business to flourish, having a well-designed website is the key. During the pandemic, more and more buyers shifted to online shopping and e-commerce businesses. This increase in potential customers thereby calls for a demand to improve the working and designing of websites as they are shifting online for research and detailed information.


An organized and well-designed website ensures a better and improved experience for the users. Making common mistakes while designing a website may lure the users away. Creating a user-friendly interface is very crucial while designing a website. It has to be informative and easy to access.


You may read a lot about what to do as a website designer, but here we have outlined 10 Important factors you should not avoid while designing a website.


7 factors you should not avoid while designing a website


(1) Knowing Why Web Design is Important


Web design is simply conceptualizing and strategizing the layout, format, appearance etc., to deliver information on business functionality aesthetically. If the website is not pleasant to the eyes, the user might not want to stay on it.


Visual components like Images, Videos, Typography, Font and Colours contribute mainly to the smooth functioning of a website. Surfing on the internet has been carried out the most in the year 2020, according to Statistics. Therefore, ensuring smooth surfing on the website is very vital as it assures more constant users.


(2) Giving enough attention to the layout


Web designing is constantly evolving with time, and it becomes essential to keep up with it. It has now become simply more demanding. Developers need to move on from the old methods and ways like using floats or breakpoints. Grids and Columns are now more prioritized.


Overcrowding leads to hindered navigation. Furthermore, alignment and proper spacing improve the readability.


(3) Improved Appearance 


Appearance includes everything from the content to the graphics and the design. Content must not be crammed or stuffed. It should be relevant, short, crisp and informative. Content is the king, and hence it must be of top-notch quality.


This defines your professionalism and competence.


(4) Making it SEO friendly


The key to any good website design is making it SEO friendly. Incorporating appropriate keywords without stuffing them ensures a great reach. Keywords must be picked with care and avoid repetition after a particular limit.


Additionally, including more and more blogs and articles will undoubtedly ensure SEO friendly content and website.


(5) Making the interface speedy


One of the pivotal factors that determine the success of your website is speed. A smoothly running interface is a must-have for any website, especially for an e-commerce business.


Taking these points into consideration will ensure a higher growth rate and a flourishing online shopping business.


(6) Ensuring Mobile-friendliness


A huge chunk of potential users and customers have shifted and are shifting to Mobile for browsing content, businesses and websites for information and shopping. Mobile is an instant browsing source, and providing your users with a mobile-friendly experience would greatly increase your website’s chances of success.


Make sure to design and develop a mobile view for your website along with the desktop view. We suggest you to use AMP ( called Accelerated Mobile Pages for better conversions )


(7) The Functionality of the Website 


The functionality of your website must be the best. Functionality in your website is very much visible to the user, and it’s noticeable. So, make sure you inbuild the best functionality in your website.


Don’t leave your users disappointed in a website with poor functionality.


Subsequently, design your website, keeping into consideration the user’s point of view.


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Knowing the pattern of the target audience who use your website would help you thoroughly in the designing and development process.


Concluding thoughts

By not avoiding the factors mentioned above while designing a website, you can end up with an excellent website. Make sure you hire the best content writers, website designers, SEO and digital marketers etc., for a fully functional website.