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Mobile Application Development | 14 Min Read

9 Ways A Mobile App Can Benefit Your Business In 2021

9 Ways A Mobile App Can Benefit Your Business In 2021

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Posted on: Tuesday March 16, 2021

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Within a year, the world seemed to be changing a lot more than ever. Probably, it’s time that we redefine strategies for our businesses to ensure better returns and expansion. It has been a few years now that people give more priority to doing things over their phones. Certainly, the list of things possible over the phone is growing each day, and it would never be smart if you fail to make the most of this opportunity to help your business perform better. Mobile app development in Dubai is going to be a major consideration when it comes to strategizing more exposure among customers.


An average human spends at least 2 hours a day getting things done through their mobile apps. Many people could be even more dependent on their phone to finish their tasks or access products and information on their phone without having to move an inch. This is enough to know how easy it becomes to reach out to more people with your services or products when you have a mobile app.


Mobile App Development Is The Key To Success 


In the present, it’s crucial that your business has an online presence. Over the past years, while everyone’s approach to accessing information and services evolved, everything was put to test during the pandemic. A major portion of the population was dependent on their smartphones and apps installed in them to keep their lives running at the right pace. It turns out, everybody likes doing things this way. Even if they don’t, that’s how the concept of social distancing can be carried on.


Obviously, your business cannot stop growing in any situation. Mobile apps have paved the way to move past all barriers and continue business operations. These apps make everything easier, not only for your customers but also for you. You can look up to better opportunities for expansion, reach out to varied users online and grow ultimately.


How Will A Mobile App Benefit Your Business? 


If you don’t find yourself convinced about the idea of having a mobile app for your business, here are some that may change your views.


1. Increase Brand Awareness  


Brand Awareness


Among other marketing tools, mobile apps seem to be the most effective ones that allow you to create a unique brand identity and showcase it for your existing and potential customers. You can create alignment in your brand ideas and marketing initiative to stand out in the group of many others like you. A well-developed app with suitable built-in features will surely make your customers install your app on their phones and constantly engage with it. You can do a lot of things through a mobile app to stay in touch with your customers. These include the following:


  • Show push notifications to highlight offers and new products.
  • Add more information about business and products.
  • Announce activities and events related to the company.
  • Announce new updates and features.
  • List all your products and services in one place with prevailing offers.


2. More Engagement With Customers 


More Engagement With Customers


Once you make your way into your customers’ phones, it will be easier for you to stay connected to them 24/7. While all the information and services will remain at their fingertips, customers will find it easier to reach out to you. Seeking the best mobile app development services can help you be visible to your community more than ever.


Apps are way easier to use and let the users access products and services faster. Payments and customer services become even better. It gets easier to receive customer reviews and keep them hooked to your app and services through in-app messaging or logging in via social media accounts. You can gather details about their likes and dislikes and make suitable changes to the application and services.


3. Flexibility 


Mobile apps make it possible for customers to find you whenever needed. No matter what happens, they can always access your services if they have their phone. You can use the feedback to make your services better and more dependable. There won’t be any restrictions on the customers for connecting to you and vice versa.


4. Increase Sales And Revenue 


Increase Sales And Revenue


The ultimate goal of every business is to increase its sales and generate more revenue. Considering the trend of shopping and doing all other work online, mobile app development in Dubai paves the ways for smooth and increased sales for your business, subsequently increasing revenue generation. Customers don’t have to physically visit your stores which saves them a lot of time and effort. Also, they would enjoy using the excellent features of your mobile app.


According to research data, 52% of online orders are done through mobiles. Certainly, it would be easier to access services via mobile apps than using a website on the phone. On your mobile app, you can integrate advanced search options and list products and services under specific categories. Placing an order becomes easier, and secured payment options make it preferable.


5. Adds Value To Your Services


Along with offering high-quality products or services, it is important to make sure that your customers can access them without any problems. Clearing up considerable barriers and inaccessibility, a mobile app would add value to your services. While handling a website on a phone screen isn’t much user-friendly, apps make it easier to fill forms, collect and provide details. You can introduce points or offers for customers who stay active on your business app to reduce the overall cost of your products or services for them.


6. Track Customer Behaviour 


With the help of tools like Google Analytics, you can track your customers’ activities and response to various app features and how they use them. This includes the following:


  • The number of active users from time to time (daily, monthly, or weekly).
  • User demographics and preferences (location, gender, age, type of device used etc.).
  • Stats related to conversions.
  • Acquisition channels (how the user reached your app).
  • Total sales and revenue generation through your business app.


When you have all this data, you can evaluate ways to improve the performance of your app and business. You can introduce better features and updates for the app that increase engagement and sales under the guidance of the best mobile app development company in Dubai.


7. Ace Your Marketing Game 


Mobile apps let you conduct the best product/service marketing. You can easily communicate to customers through notifications and other app features and let them know about new offers, products, and services. These promotions can generate leads in a single tap. There would be no interruption by third parties, and customers can enjoy numerous benefits.


8. Gives You A Competitive Edge  


In an industry full of competitors, it is very difficult to be visible and make a prominent place. Mobile apps, however, let you mould your services according to customers’ needs and make them known easily. Certainly, all of this makes it easier for you to compete and grow as you can retain your customers and build a strong base for your business.


9. Complement Your Website  


When talking about online presence, your business website still has a major role to play. Having a mobile app will not eliminate its need. Its purpose is actually to complement and support the website. While you see services from mobile app developers in Dubai, make sure your website and mobile app operate in alignment with each other.


Final Words 


Irrespective of what they do, businesses are taking over their operations to mobile apps rapidly now. Considering the ease of access and business growth they offer, mobile apps could help you take your business to the next level. Based on technological trends and consumer behaviours, we believe it’s the right time to introduce a well-featured mobile app for your business.