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A Guide To Online Images Copyright and Best Ways To Identify The Image Source

A Guide to Online Images Copyright and Best Ways to Identify the Image Source

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Posted on: Thursday November 12, 2020

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We all heard about the proverb which says ‘one image is worth a thousand words. The image is crucial for explaining anything. One image can reduce wordy post, and also image can make the post less theoretical and catchier. Through these available choices, it is possible to create a company profile design and feed that is attractive and interactive too. Children whose age is approx three or less than three years don’t know how to read, but a picture can entertain them for many hours. Not only children but young people prefer to see images, as they are the best and easiest resources to gather information. Let’s explore what is online image copyright and how to identify the image source:-


What is Copyright?


What is Copyright


Above, you have read the word copyright, but what exactly copyright means, and how did it get there? To explain in a better way, we take official sources means the United States copyright office. Many forms of copyright are called intellectual property law, and it protects the original work of authorship involving dramatic, artistic works, literacy, and musical like movies, poetry, song, and novel.


Above, you have read what copyright is, but it’s time to discuss when and how copyright protects a piece of work. Copyright attaches a copy of your image or work, and it applies for unpublished and published both works. It is easy and autonomous to register your work with the US copyright office.


Know All About Fair Use


Fair use is a kind of limitation and exception to the right of exclusivity that is provided by copyright to the owner of a piece of work. It means you can use creative work within the limit. However, some factors consider using a picture as fair, such as the purpose of use, nature of use, how many times they get, and the market effect. You can use these images for educational, research, non-profitable purposes. You can use this image in the fact-based content or the public content; you can just add the thumbnails or low very version images. Getting a proper license or copyright to insert your image into the content is very important.


If you are facing any trouble or have doubts about your copyright or designing the image, it is beneficial to consult experts providing the best brochure design in Dubai.



In the marketing design, the wonderfully crafted content does not only work, but a good image is also important. When it comes to finding images for your blog, Google is the best way or resource to find images.


How to Verify an Image and the Copyright Owner?


You can see several beautiful pictures on the internet, but if you use these images, make sure you verify and know the original source. If you don’t do this, you may need to face copyright infringement with very serious financial and legal repercussions.


Here Are Five Steps to Verify an Image And The Copyright Owner:-


Copyright Owner


1. Consider Image Credit and Contact Information Properly


If you find any image on the internet, look carefully for a caption, which involves the copyright owner or image creator’s name. You may also see an email address or link to the owner’s website. With the help of this information, you can easily reach the image creator to request to use their created picture by purchasing a license or coming to an agreement on the terms of use.


2. Consider a Watermark


A watermark on the image indicates that the picture is copyrighted. Mostly, the watermark contains text, which indicates the company’s name or person to whom the picture belongs. Just browse about it on Google and you can easily find images for your company profile design. You should not use any software to strip the image of its watermark; you may pay a fine when you do that.


3. Know About the Image’s Metadata


Most of the image creators embed important detail about the image into the metadata of the file. You can easily access this information from your desktop and Mac if you want.


4. Use Google Reverse Image Search


If you still cannot find any information about the image creator, you should use the Google reverse image search tool. You need to simply upload the file or paste the image link into After searching, you can see the information about the owner.


5. If You Have Doubt, Don’t Use It


To prevent copyright strikes, the image creator and copyright owner actively access cases of unauthorized use of their work. If you have taken all the steps that you have read above and still can’t see details, then you should not use the image. There are several high-quality images available that you can easily use for different specifications and budgets. You can easily choose photos for your creative company profile design and use it in your content.


Where You Can Find Images for Your Website


Stock photo Websites– On the internet, there are various commercial stock photo websites available that access and manage pictures on behalf of the creator and make sure they get paid if anyone is using their work. These types of sites provide subscription services as per the number of photos you will use in one month. This is the easiest method to find a photo if you require an image to support your blog.


Take your own photos– if you have the ability, and know what you are doing, then you can create your own images. It means your photo must be unique and relevant. Make sure the content and composition will support your message and brand. You can take photos from your Smartphone and edit them.


Concluding thoughts

You have to choose the best image for your content, which is relevant and unique, but if you don’t want to take your photo, you can find many images either free of cost or pay to use them. Still, confused or not sure about whether you should use any image in your company profile design or not? Don’t worry, we at Pro Web can help you as writing free and then writing price is not good.