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Benefits of social media for small business

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Posted on: Saturday December 17, 2016

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a part of a Digital Marketing or you can say the marketing, through social networking sites. In the word of Chris McLellan- Social media marketing is about combining branded content and social promotions in order to build digital communities, which can be motivated to engage in further online activities and real-life experiences.

Popular Social Media Sites

There are some popular Social Media Platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Snap chat etc.


  1. LinkedIn— A networking tool to find connections mostly preferred job seekers, professional, official and business partners.  Mostly used for professional Networking.
  2. Twitter-Twitter is an online social networking service mostly used for microblogging and reads short 140-character messages called “tweets”.
  3. Facebook Facebook is biggest online social networking sites started by Mark Zuckerberg .  Facebook has more than 1.65billion monthly active users from March31, 2016.
  4. Pinterest Pinterest is a catalog of thoughts. It allows you to pin images, videos and other do other social activities. More than 100 million active users are on Pinterest worldwide.
  5. Instagram- Instagram is a photo and video sharing sites for online mobile users and other social activities.
  6. Google Plus Google Plus is the social networking site owned by Google Inc.
  7. YouTube YouTube are world largest video sharing website also owned by Google Inc.
  8. Snapchat – lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing


  1. Brand Awareness – It increases your brand awareness among your audience
  2. Improve online presence– It helps to improve your SEO ranking. Once you produce the blog or any content on your websites, you can spread this content through social media to increase the traffic of your website.
  3. Audience Analysis – With the help f social media you can analyze your audience by their liking and disliking about your products, you can ask them to review and give ratings to your products.
  4. Customer Support– You can use social media platform as a customer support service also if you have a business page on Facebook or Google plus you can ask your customer to like your page and if they any grievance or query they can message you via post and you can resolve their issues on social media site.
  5. Leads– You can generate leads for your business via social media and can build your email list of your customer who subscribes you.
  6. Sales– If Social media can be done in a right way it will increase your sales also, all the leads can be pitched properly then it will surely helpful to convert into sales.
  7. Conversion– With increased number of visibility your company gets a higher chance of Conversion rate. All the blog post, articles, press release, which you published, comment of your audience can take them to your website from which some of them definitely ends to you the customer.
  8. Brand Loyalty– Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand, engaging with customers resolving their issues on daily basis build a strong relationship with your customer and establish your loyal customer list. A Studies shows those customers are 62% more loyal to their brand who engage via social media sites.
  9. Paid Social Media– Social Media give you a paid advertising option to reach a much bigger audience with targeted campaign based on a factor such as age, location, occupation, gender their likes and dislikes etc. By this method, you can reach to the new customer that will enhance your online sale.
  10. Leader– To become a leader of social media is communicative, connect with your visitors, share your content and build your authority.