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Best keyword research tools to help increase your website traffic

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Posted on: Friday February 2, 2018

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Keywords are the first thing you should learn about when you start to optimize your content…?


Add relevant keywords to get higher rankings..?


How many times have you gotten such pieces of advice when you work on SEO? Probably a lot!


Keyword is the foundation to almost everything you do online; from seeking information through Google, search engine optimization, and online marketing. Thus researching and choosing the right keywords and phrases that your potential users may search for, is the most important thing when it comes to SEO success.


Therefore, to help you get through the hectic procedure of keyword research, we have compiled the top keyword research tools that may help you with the insights necessary to figure out the right keywords for the right audience and business:


Google Keyword Planner


Being a free & directly Google integrated tool, Google Keyword Planner is the most popular keyword research tool which is widely used by SEO experts.


The reasons behind Google Keyword Planner being the most widely used are:


  • Direct keyword search along with Ad groups
  • Filter option allows you to extract specific keywords
  • Option of adding negative keywords to avoid unwanted keywords
  • Monthly search volume along with the suggested bid
  • Traffic forecasts for list of keywords
  • You can actually plug in live URLs to filter out the keywords that page is ranking or trying to rank for.


While extracting keywords for your campaign by using Google Keyword Planner, you are required to pay keen attention on to the average monthly searches, competition, and other available metrics that help determine relevant keywords to target.


KW Finder


KW Finder is similar to Google Adwords tool. The results drawn even are quite similar to the results drawn from Google Adwords Keyword Planner.


The following are the reasons why KW Finder is one of the most preferred keyword research tools:


  • It’s a long tail keyword research tool with a great interface
  • It shows you trends, search volume, CPC, and level of difficulty in results.
  • Also shows you the domains targeting the keyword along with the page’s backlinks, social shares, and traffic.
  • Helps you dig into local keyword research while helping you target your search results by city, state or country.


Using question-based Keyword research option in KWFinder helps you drive highly targeted keywords, as it enables you to find relevant long tail keywords driving more targeted traffic & conversion.




An excellent tool for keyword extraction. SEMrush meets all the expectations in terms of the data an SEO expert expects to filter and extract. While most keyword research tools aim for giving relevant keywords, SEMRush adds a cherry on the cake by helping you access over what keywords your competitor site ranks along with an insight of your competitors’ competitors.


The reasons behind SEMrush being one of the best keyword research tools till date are:


  • Offers a complete suite of keyword research tools in the SEO market.
  • Allows hunt for competitor’s keywords and their competitors too.
  • Provides both short and long-tail keyword research
  • Offers in-depth information, including CPC, volume, trend, number of results and ad copies


SEMrush also helps you dig into your competitor’s landing pages to brainstorm your own content optimization helping you have your way towards measurable SEO success.


Moz’s Keyword Explorer


Moz’s Keyword Explorer is one the most reliable sources for keyword research in the SEO market. Moz’s Keyword Explorer offers deeper understanding of why certain pages rank in SERPs based on link and social data helping you in plan your SEO strategy beyond just keyword research.


Here are the reasons why Moz’s Keyword Explorer is one of the best keyword research tools available:


  • Moz uses their Page authority and Domain authority metrics of the top ten pages ranking for a keyword to calculate keyword difficulty.
  • Gives both numeric and visual representations of a keyword’s monthly search volume, its opportunity for ranking, priority, and difficulty
  • The keyword difficulty level it predicts is very useful in deciding if you should target a keyword or not
  • Highlights the average AdWords CPC for each keyword and how much you can profit from those keywords


As of now, we hope you may have an idea of the tool you would want to use in order to achieve your SEO endeavors. Finding and adding the right keyword to your content has its own perks when it comes to getting your content ranked amongst the top. We at  Pro Web have a team of passionate SEO experts, who strive to ensure our clients have a blueprint for their online marketing efforts while helping them drive success for every decision they make. So, if you wish to have a team of SEO experts by your side, get in touch with us and let our experts help you succeed.

Written by: Jayshri Gupta

Jayshri Gupta is a Digital Content Writer at Pro Web. With an engineering and analytical background, she is highly dedicated to learn new technologies and write about them. She has a 2 year experience in content writing inclusive of varied fields including Press Releases, Articles, News Pieces, and Blogs.