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Best PHP framework in 2017 beneficial for your website


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Posted on: Tuesday April 18, 2017

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There are several factors and several reasons that a developer should consider while choosing the framework. The developers offer a structured and most efficient work towards developing the web applications. These developers should make sure that the code haven’t been written more than once for some common functions such as authentication, security, templates, URL handling, database handling etc.

Here we a PHP Development Company in Dubai list out some important features and drawbacks of some mostly used frameworks; along with them we describe their primary uses and ranking factors accordingly. Before deciding on which frame works you want to use for your next project, you should do some research on theses frameworks.

Here is a list of some customarily used and eminent frameworks:


Laravel is one of the most famous and well-designed frameworks. This design is mostly used for building applications which uses the MVC architecture. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, with a large group of developers. Now let’s see the features of laravel framework, this PHP package comes with the lightweight template engine, ORM, unit testing, a packaging system, restful controllers, Laravel is the first PHP framework that introduced routing in an abstract way. This takes out the hassle of the coding organization.

One of the latest and best features that Laravel handles well are the no SQL structures like the MongoDB and Redis. It is very easy to get started with Laravel PHP framework. Queue management is one of the best features that handle the tasks from the background. Packages can also be easily added with the robust composer in to the Laravel.


Phalcon is also a famous MVC based PHP framework, which is uniquely built as C-extension. Phalcon framework uses very few resources compared to the other frameworks, translating to the very fast processing of the “HTTP“requests, which is critical for the developers who are working with the systems that won’t offer much over the head.

Phalcon framework has been actively available since 2012 and includes some features like MVC, ORM, caching, and some of the auto loading components. It’s latest and the long term support release includes the support for the PHP 7.


Codeigniter is a most famous and ideal framework for the application development. It is one of the lightweight, low-hassle, and the framework with a small footprint. This can be done just by uploading the PHP framework directly into your hosting. For this no special command line and no software installation is required. Just upload the files and now you are ready to go that’s it.

Codeigniter’s documentations are extensive, very helpful and the community is very vast. CodeIgniter is backed up by an academic entity as well.

If we see the features of this framework, Codeigniter framework comes with so many built-in libraries like sessions, unit testing, form validation, email, and many more that includes most advanced features. If you are not able to find the library that you are looking for, it is very easy to build on your own, and then you can share it to your community.

These are few PHP frameworks listed over here PHP Development Company in Dubai works on a number of platforms like these with the latest innovation.