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CMS Development | 6 Min Read

Best WordPress Woocommerce Themes


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Posted on: Thursday March 9, 2017

Reading Time: 6 minutes

WordPress has an important role in the blogging world. It is used by nearly 20% of the web developers. WordPress website design also plays an important role for the entire E-commerce website design in Dubai. It’s like a blessing for the e-commerce world.There are millions of themes for WordPress website design Dubai.


E-commerce website development Dubai usually uses the following themes:


Shapely is a WordPress theme that helps us construct an impressive commercial site, it is one of the most popular options sought after plugins.


Elemental features of shapely:

  • Users can modify settings
  • Can tweak any setting.
  • Change colours add images.
  • Can edit footer texts.
  • Have multiple page/ different layouts.


IIIDy is a professionally developed and designed elegant tool for WordPress.


Salient features include:

  • Has a focus on performance and reliability.
  • A lot of widgets and shortcodes are available.
  • It has smooth parallax scrolling.
  • Is has a secure safe and updated page.


Activello it is a resourceful, functional and well-developed technology.


Main features include:

  • It is highly flexible and functional.
  • It has been equipped with all types of tools, features and plugins.
  • It is mainly fit for business websites due to its professional appearance.
  • It has tonnes of shortcodes.
  • It is modest and elegant thereby boosting your business.



This is a completely professional enticing and vibrant theme.


Major Features:

  • It is a multipurpose theme.
  • It is easy to use and highly intuitive.
  • It is readily customizable.
  • It has thousands of page templates.


Allegiant is a robust and totally reliable theme.


Features like:

  • Resourceful layout.
  • Fine tune of headers and footers.
  • Displays shortcodes on the side bars.
  • It has enhanced SEO coding.



Word press WooCommerce Themes






















Solid is useful software for e-commerce website development Dubai. It is clean and looks great on any online store. Any noncoder/beginner can use it.


Features include:

  • Many theme options
  • Menus capability
  • Valid with XHTML and CSS
  • Has a responsive layout.


Dazzling is a free multipurpose theme on WordPress.


Salient features:

  • Has dozens of theme within itself.
  • Have options to change font, colour scheme, etc
  • It is free to use
  • It is a responsive theme.


Mystile is also a free theme available. It gives us complete E-Commerce solutions and is quite simple



  • All kinds of shortcodes available.
  • Has a responsive design.
  • Has a custom homepage.


Unite is a clean highly customizable theme which has many themes embedded.


Salient features:

  • Can be used for store
  • It has full control over website design.
  • It has many free supports.


Brilliance is a creative, imaginative and an innovative theme.


Important features:

  • It has ample amount of customization tools.
  • It is well suited for commercial websites too.
  • Have online shops for buying templates.
  • It increases your revenue effectively.
  • It is mobile friendly too.


Transcend is a modern, professional, creative and free premium based theme.


Features include:

  • It has individual customization settings
  • Functional sidebars
  • Have animated headers
  • Its commercial features help the customers to enjoy a hassle free platform.