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Custom Logo Design Company in Dubai

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Posted on: Monday June 10, 2019

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This is a frequent question that we often get asked, many a times from our own clients: what is really the difference between logo designing and custom logo designing.

The confusion is not without reason; customizing something basically means modifying and/or adding certain features of a product according to the individual tastes and desires of a customer or client. But a logo of a brand is something that, from start to finish, has to be tailor made according to the wish of the people who have conceptualized the brand. If you really think about it, every logo designing process, regardless of labels, will always integrate the client’s instructions, so what is there, really, to customize?

Aspects of Logo Designing:

To understand the basic difference between logo designing and custom logo designing, we need to understand all the possible scenarios that can result from a client’s expectation in hiring a logo designer in UAE for his business and brand.

Image caption: the various scenarios that can arise out of a client’s logo designing needs, based on how much they want to be involved in the process of designing.

The scenarios highlighted in red, are examples of custom logo designing.

Whether your logo designing needs are limited to subtle modifications, or to a complete makeover, or whether you need to get a logo designed from scratch, as long as a logo needs a touch up, there’s always a probability that the client may need to give his direction regarding his expectations. Sometimes, clients may even dictate the whole thing, and just look for a designer who can execute their vision, to the letter.

If the client is very much involved in the process of logo designing, then such a project falls into the category of a custom logo design.

Basically, if a designer designs the logo on the exact or vague directions of the client, then the logo designing process can more accurately be labeled as custom logo designing.