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How to design logo in Adobe Illustrator


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Posted on: Thursday March 2, 2017

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A logo is a complete brand identity for a company or a client and designing a suitable logo is a dream job for any designer or a website designing company.

Creating a logo for a website designing company means giving identity to a company or product, every project has its different identity.

There’re many tools to design a logo; Adobe Illustrator is one of the best tools to create a logo. Adobe Illustrator is a product by Adobe. Before telling you about designing a logo, we would like to inform you about a few things.

There’re few things to do before creating a logo:

Know about the company: before starting the logo designing, analysis about the company, what they do? What is their value? What are their products?

Check logo from similar industries: You can check some logo of related industries of your client. This will help you to get a rough idea and inspiration for logo designing.

Ask your client about their requirements: Some client needs only graphic and some text based logo, so before starting the project ask their choice of logo.

You know what to do before creating a logo? Now here in this post, we’ll give you a quick guide to creating a logo using Adobe Illustrator:







  1. Create new logo project

By clicking on Adobe Illustrator icon on your computer, open it. Open a new document and set up your project.


  1. Use basic shapes to create complex art

Suppose you’re creating a complex logo, which is a difficult task. But no need to worry, you can make your work easy by using shapes in the logo. Add and combine geometrical shapes and free form shapes to build your artwork. You can use the Smart Guides to align the various elements.


  1. Add color in your logo

Select the colors you want to use in a logo make sure Colors will represent the business well. Select only eye-catching Colors.


  1. Fine-tune of your logo

After using shapes and colors, now it’s time to adjust the scale of the shapes and rotate them to assemble the shapes.


  1. Add text if need

The text means company name or slogan of that company, well define the logo. You can use typesetting features in Illustrator and give your logo an identity using the name of the company or their slogan.


  1. Preview the logo

By clicking on the preview button, check how your logo looks on mockups of everyday items, like t-shirts and business cards.

Be a smart graphic designer and note down the name of fonts, Color value and other important points of the logo. These things can make your work easier in future.


  1. Save your logo

After previewing of the logo, it finally steps to save your logo. Save your logo artwork for printing, sharing as a PDF, posting on the web, and more as you need.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a logo and know how to design a logo. Now you can create many logos from your knowledge to make a brand identity. Skills of logo design can give you a dream job and high salary in a website designing company. Use your knowledge and rock.