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Do You Know The Cost Of Website Design In 2020?

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Posted on: Saturday April 4, 2020

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Having a website is the most important marketing tool you have. It’s the focal point of any inbound marketing strategy and number one thing your potential clients explore before making a purchase. Since businesses have started to understand the value of inbound marketing, business websites are getting faster, sleeker, mobile-friendly, and more useful — which is great for the consumer, but the job of a marketer is made harder.

In the ever-competitive scenario, businesses are forced to step the game up if wish to stand apart from competitors, which leads us to the inevitable project all modern organizations face at one point or another — a website design. The cost of website designing may vary tremendously from as low as a few hundred dirhams if you do it yourself to million of dirhams for an advanced, custom-built website.

Since organizations usually have no idea how much they should pay for a website redesign and what to expect out of their money, we’ve decided to answer this question for all.

The Cost Of Doing Your Own Website Redesign

Building a website yourself is the cheapest option. It can range anywhere from a few hundred dirhams to 6000 AED or more. However the real cost of self website designing is the time and hassle putted. In general words, lesser money you spend, more time and hassle one can expect to get the site you needed — and if it still won’t be like you needed because custom designing needs the ability to code.

Startups with minimal budgets need to start small. ThemeForest offers affordable website themes especially for WordPress to choose from that usually cost around AED 110 to AED 367. The functionality, performance, and ease-of-use with these themes vary. Just ensure to select a theme which received ample positive reviews, have strong track record, and allows you to make edits without any technical skill.

Another option is Genesis Framework by StudioPress that’s essentially the back-end of website you install on WordPress. It allows content creation; editing visual features of theme with ease. Once the framework is installed, install a theme, which is basically the aesthetic design of your website.

This framework is a huge step up from average, lower-priced theme on the market. They’re mobile-friendly, well-optimized for search engines, and easy to use. The framework + theme ranges from AED 367 to AED 477. Those willing to spend a bit more can use HubSpot’s marketing software.

We highly recommend HubSpot’s Website Platform, which costs AED 1100 per month. They have customizable themes to choose from or you can build one from scratch using their drag-and-drop builder. Also you get SEO to content management. You can also hire a professional ecommerce web development company to add more custom features or to tweak the design however you want.

The Cost Of Hiring A Freelancer

The next option is hiring a freelance designer for your website designing. Any good designer will charge anywhere from AED 7346 to AED 18365 for a simple website and upwards of AED 36,730 to AED 55,095 for a bigger website with more custom design features. Although these are general numbers and can vary depending on your project details and experience of your designer also.

But if you are working with a freelancer, you can expect amazing design and functions without any glaring flaws. They will take your ideas, design a few mock-ups, and then build off of the website you like best.  In majority cases, freelance designing is focused on delivering the aesthetic appeals with certain features to improve user-experience.

Cost Of Hiring An Agency For A Website Designing

The most ideal situation is hiring a professional web design agency to handle your website design because here you get more value for your money.  A simpler website redesign can run anywhere from AED 55,095 to AED 73,460 whereas bigger and more complicated websites will cost between AED 84,479 and AED 146,920.

But you will definitely get the kind of website capable to compete with the biggest brands in the world. Moreover working with a professional web design agency in Dubai goes much further than just web designing. They’ll also customize your website however to make it look flawless.

Moreover, aesthetics are minimal part of the web designing. Web design agencies in Dubai spend equal time on content, user-experience, and conversion rate optimization that makes your website a valuable asset to your company.

The keynote here is the strategy of web development company in Dubai, apart from most freelance web designers that goes into building a powerful and effective lead generating machine for your business. Plus, these agencies have experts at their disposal — from designing, content creation, and marketing to advanced tools that help with the entire process. If you have the budget to hire an agency, it’s well worth your time to talk with some to see what options you have available.

Why Web Designing Costs Increased?

Just like everything else, the cost of a website designing is dependent on supply and demand. When the internet was relatively new, businesses didn’t understand the value of a website, so they weren’t willing to pay high prices. However, today websites are the prime considerations a business makes when planning their launch. Many entrepreneurs have cut-down their potential business names based on available domains and how the URL will look. Obviously, increased demand isn’t the only factor. Available web designers than ever before and the process behind website design contributed too.


As time passed web design agencies in Dubai and globally have improved their techniques due to access with much better tools. On one hand, pumping out a decent-looking website is easier than ever. Building a first-class website requires more work because websites are more advanced and there’s so much more to take into consideration during the design process. The arrival of mobile app development has changed the digital landscape — even more than in the first decade of the internet. Good designers make considerations for things that haven’t even happened yet.

Another factor is Google’s announcement for giving preference to mobile-friendly websites for succeeding with efforts of inbound marketing. However, professional web design agencies like Pro Web realized the importance of mobile-friendly design in 2012-2013 because mobile phones made traffic exploding.

They also knew importance of delivering a better user experience and how Google would raise the standards for everyone like they always do. At the time, mobile design was more difficult than it is today, and it was much easier for designers to avoid it. More advanced website became more significant role they started to play for businesses and increase the value. This is another reason why it was better to invest in the best design you can afford as early as possible.

Of course, if you consider company website as dream sales rep —  a great web presence is imperative. Moreover no human can do what a great website can for your business, yet, so many businesses look at it as one of the first areas to cut corners. But where else can you get the incredible ROI that a powerful, well-designed website offers?

Your website is the smartest and cheapest salesperson you’ll ever hire. Treat it right.