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Do You Know the Cost of Website Development in 2019?

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Posted on: Saturday August 24, 2019

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The dynamics of every business constantly evolves bringing new opportunities and challenges for organizations. Today if you ask for the best then be prepared to pay the prices for it, moreover constant improvisation for sustaining tough competition to survive is a never ending circle in verticals of technology.

Talking about pricings, web development has been on a rise ever since multimedia array incorporated in web presentation followed by CSS which totally changed the user experience matrix. Now there is a whole new set of choices which directly influence cost-value parameters hereby changing the service and cost parameters. In easier words, cost of developing a website has changed because of new trends, ideas, traits and elemental components present in market with operational ecosystem that’s thriving within.

Here is a new proposal for businesses; inclusive of costs and factors affecting the web development process:

  1. Complexity

It’s evident that cost of a website development is directly proportional to complexity of involved processes like creating wireframes, designing user interface (UI), complete coding, and phase by phase testing before final deployment to clients.  This whole process has become more complex by changing technology and its practices as developers need to explore necessary aspects of newer technologies before working on it which means joining of research and ideation. Another aspect is being equipped with strong technical traits due to higher functionalities and features in website which is variable from project to project. Keeping all these in notation, it’s clear that complexity in website building will rise with possibility of variable costing getting higher according to ratio. But it will happen only if you tend to try something rare and new.

  1. Innovation

The process of great innovation starts with a unique idea from experts. When involved as an outsider, these experts are known as consultants having complete expertise in planning and implementation of creative ideas. Whenever a business falls short from creativity they rely on the consultants for new ideas.  Nowadays web development companies have been hiring such experts or consultants for getting creative inputs and putting them in practice to outrank the competitors. This practice added additional costing which is variable from 5 -25 percent apart of total budget. If you don’t prefer to pay extra then just go on to repeating the existing designs and traits that already are chosen by others in the market.

  1. Communication

To reach your desired audience and keep them engaged is very crucial for any website. For this you need to set up an appropriate theme of communication with correct bandwidth for performing with your offerings and getting secured from emerging competitors. All of this can be achieved by keeping the right set of design and content for the website that attracts extra costing of 5 – 10 percent in existing total.

  1. Association

There are certain subscriptions or memberships like domain space, professional affiliation and integration with third-party tools for service support that’s mandatory from initial stages of website development. Talking about the costs; if you prefer regular options then costs go on higher sides, but if you choose pre-designed modules or solutions build to serve multiple businesses then it will go less. In total cost of such associations is between 2 – 5 percent at max.

  1. Maintenance

After the planning and development of website, once it gets deployed then it’s essential to keep it running and constantly maintained for getting your purpose served. However constant changing scenarios in business world may require getting certain changes and additions on it. These changes or addition can be; content, images, videos and many more to keep it working constantly or sometimes it may be required to optimize and augment with plug-ins also. Other aspects like web security, back-up and hosting will also be required at regular intervals. The costing for above mentioned tasks will be 10 – 12 percent high in comparison with last year.

What is the cost of building a website in 2019?

On the basis of above mentioned details, if you’ve planned to build an app which is very basic with few necessary features, there will be no complexity or creativity or communication channel required for you.  However if there’s any change in scenario and it requires any association or communication enhancing then costing will rise from usual pricing bracket of 5k – 10k (in AED)  to 10-12 percent higher [i.e. 6k – 12k (in AED)].

The website equipped with mid-level features, good communication channels and higher preparations would be bit a complicated to build and require some creativity as well. This will definitely raise the costs from usual pricing bracket of 15k – 25k (in AED) to 40 percent higher price bracket of 20k – 30k (in AED). Since these costs are based on custom requirement of any business then pricing can come down to 20 percent also.

On the higher end – if you prefer having a website that’s equipped by best technological upgrades and most innovative ideas emerging since last few years, and then cost will go high up-to 65 percent on just building and maintenance. However, intermediate websites equipped by latest features and functionality with UI that’s regularly updated will cost in pricing brackets of 15k – 20k (in AED) Talking about bigger websites having a built cost of 16k – 25k (in AED) previously will be on a hike of 65 percent and fall in price bracket of 30k – 55k (in AED).  The development of technically advanced high-quality websites will require certain practice like deep research, good customization and well-integrated functionality.

Likewise, if you are ready to have a big size website equipped with average up-gradation in creativity, association, communication and other criteria’s discussed above, then it can be developed in a pricing bracket of around 20k – 30k (in AED).


Since all the necessary aspects have been discussed, it can be assumed that you will witness a considerable hike in cost of website development along with quality, communication, technology and support components which could fluctuate even more as year ends. It’s totally dependent probability of technology advancements taking place or changes in market due to the chain of demand and supply. For now, costs mention above can be taken in counts if you are looking to build a website in 2019.