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E-commerce Website Design | 10 Min Read

E-commerce Website UAE- Innovative Content Ideas You Must Adopt!

E-commerce Website in UAE- Innovative Content Ideas You Must Adopt!

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Posted on: Tuesday August 18, 2020

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Written by: Shruti Shrivastava

Customer engagement is something every business owner aims for in these highly competitive scenarios. The e-commerce web solution provider across every part of the globe employ several techniques to make their visitors visit, re-visit and increase sales.


There are a few methodologies to achieve more engagement with e-commerce customers; some of them are loyalty programs, announcing sales on festive season, connecting through social media platforms and a few more. But the most powerful engagement tool is “content marketing,” which helps connect the audience and develop a long-term relationship.


Good content is like music where correct rhythm sounds pleasant while wrong one irritates. In easy words, content quality can easily make or break a business. Leading search engines like Google hugely emphasize on website content while awarding them higher ranking in search results.


But having good content on your website isn’t enough!


A content marketing strategy is the ‘true driving’ force capable of increasing your business profits by enhancing brand presence amongst potential customers and churning more leads. Successful digital marketers always focus on content quality since they are entirely aware of its importance for determining the success and popularity of any e-commerce website.


Just like mentioned above, general content ideas are usually opted by e-commerce websites in Dubai. Moreover, a few methods have been proven to be highly effective for getting more visitors and turning them into prospective customers.


We’ve enlisted some highly creative content ideas after researching some popular e-commerce websites to let you build an excellent shopping experience for every customer.


Product Videos


It’s undoubtedly the most undeniable fact that videos are most captivating and capable of gaining internet users’ attention, unlike any other form of content. Recent studies indicate that product related videos are the most potent marketing tools helping for increasing product sales and turning prospects into life-time clients.


Since most customers don’t bother reading the product description and details mentioned on the page, they click on demo videos to see the visuals of design, size, and product make.


Create short product videos that focus on crucial factors like size, color, shape, and design. It will aid customers to decide after seeing the video quickly. Not only customer’s time will be saved here, but brand loyalty gets increased too.


DIY Posts


Another proven strategy is using DIY blog posts to engage more customers with your business. It’s a fact that e-commerce stores having blog posts related to products and services sustain more customers than stores that only focus on selling products. For example, if you have an e-commerce store that sells men/women clothing and accessories, then publishing blog posts about the latest trends would be significant for engaging customers.


Additionally, content enhancing customer experience is highly useful to reduce page bounce rates. Don’t go for lengthy posts, prefer short ones equipped with engaging content and video tutorials. Remember that original blog posts will increase the user experience and let you create a good customer base for your businesses.




Market studies indicate that infographics can boost the sales of any business. Visually compelling content like GIFs and pictures is stored in customers’ minds for prolonged times. Using this factor can be advantageous for website traffic and increase overall product sales.


From content marketing to newsletter email campaigns for upcoming sales, using creative infographics to communicate with the end customer is both exciting and attractive. From video tutorials to forthcoming sales to DIY blog posts, graphical presentations grab a customer’s attention and interest.




Subscribing a highly creative newsletter is another idea that can boost the brand visibility of any e-commerce store for lead generation. Newsletters are helpful to aware of the potential customers about offers/discounts or new product launches etc. This strategy is also useful for building personal relationships with customers to make them feel valued.


Ask your e-commerce web development company to incorporate the newsletter subscription on your website. This strategy is helpful for businesses to stay in touch with the customer base. Make sure that the subject line of the mail is appealing along with email content. It is an assured method of generating more leads and increase your sales.


Buying Guides


It is another worthy idea to pick from successful e-commerce websites. With the availability of many products in every category, the task of selecting the appropriate can be real mind-tickling for anyone. Here buying guides are fruitful to empower customers in making a sound choice.


Online stores share buying guides about many products beginning from electronics to fashion accessories. Publishing video tutorials or buying guides for electronic products like smartphones or laptops will engage the customers and help them in the buying process.




The association of content and influencer marketing is a proven strategy for online store businesses. Leading e-commerce brands use influencers for creating a good customer base.


These influencers have a loyal fan base that can be helpful for brand promotions and drive more online traffic to your e-commerce store. Posting content or pictures of industry influencers can be highly effective for your e-commerce store and business in multiple ways. This strategy is also useful for turning visitors to life-long customers by generating trust among customers.


Moreover, customers nowadays prefer buying products and services from e-commerce websites having collaboration with renowned influencers in the field. This idea is useful in building a robust online presence for your online business.




We hope that above mentioned ‘outside-the-box’ ideas will prove helpful for making your e-commerce store fun and exciting experience for every customer. The integration of these ideas in the current marketing strategy will provide you with the benefits of increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and a robust online presence for your business. You’ll get more engaged with potential customers, which automatically results in letting your business stay ahead from the competition and achieve unbeatable success in the world of e-commerce.

Written by: Shruti Shrivastava

Shruti Shrivastava is a Digital Content Writer & Strategist at Pro Web. Her specialities include writing content in various niches like content marketing, technology and gadgets, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, travel, health and beauty. She is a dedicated and passionate individual obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that’s effective & useful.