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Ecommerce Web Development | 6 Min Read

Ecommerce Web Design Dubai – Tips To Increase Customer Loyalty & Sales

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Posted on: Friday January 17, 2020

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How many times have you discarded your online shopping undertaking before reaching the shopping cart?

If you have twice, then we can bet that bad ecommerce web designing is to be blamed. It’s evident that bad designing can distract, confuse, and frustrate customers. All these can ultimately decline your sales as your online commerce website is your virtual storefront.

Functional ecommerce website designing not only creates a positive perception of your brand but also presents an alluring experience – high customer satisfaction and increase in sales and loyalty. So what can an ecommerce website design company in Dubai do to make sure your ecommerce website gains huge business. Here’s a list of some pro-tips for ecommerce website designing:

High Animation

Leading ecommerce websites in the UAE have been designed for providing the best user experience. Recent addition of animated graphics as an eye-candy element, novelty, is more of a powerful tool to increase a customer’s online shopping experience.  Inclusion of reciprocity elements will put the end-customers in front and sustain their experience and orientation.

Mobile Payment

In the past few years, mobile pay is becoming popular with online visitors having more emphasis on convenience and speed. Online shoppers authenticating their purchase with Touch ID are most convenient as checkout time gets reduced. Top ecommerce website development companies in Dubai recommend choosing payment service providers like Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, supporting mobile payments.


It’s popularly said “people buy from people”. This valid point demonstrates how personalized interaction is crucial for a customer whereas strengthens the trust quotient.  As technology becomes more progressive with data and machine learning rising-up, the opportunity to personalize your online shopping experience also increases.

Content is King

Good content is essential for a successful ecommerce website along with alluring user interface and graphics.  Sadly it’s been often unnoticed with several websites as an example. Online buyers prefer every detail while making a purchase decision presented concisely and clearly. Of course, it’s dependent on what’s been sold and includes:

  • Color
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Measurements
  • Materials
  • Warranty
  • Delivery times
  • Returns Policy
  • Customer reviews
  • Great Product Imagery

A clear product image from various angles will be helpful for clients in their buying decisions. Use of videos and 360 video allowing users to experience and interact with the product from every possible angle is another good way of enhancing the user experience and encourage sales.

Simplified Checkout

Prominent ecommerce website design company in Dubai emphasizes on simple checkout process. Having a user-friendly website is just not enough if the final checkout process is complicated as it will definitely frustrate the customers. Reviewing the order before proceeding for checkout is an important aspect of the process; however necessary steps must be kept to an absolute minimum.


We’ve tried to mention some of the most considerable elements of ecommerce designing in Dubai. These are majorly focused on simplifying, enhancing, and personalizing the user interface for encouraging sales and customer’s trust. It will also be helpful for generating positive reviews and referrals. If you would like to talk to a prominent company of ecommerce website development in Dubai, then get in touch. We’d definitely like to hear from you.