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E-commerce Website Design | 6 Min Read

Features Of Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Services In UAE

E-commerce Web Hosting Service

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Posted on: Tuesday May 19, 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Being owner of an online store is not easy; especially selection of a hosting plan for e-commerce website is their high priority and why not? E-commerce website is the backbone which should be functional and secure to make earn customers trust for purchase.

Running an online store requires more involvement rather than running an ordinary website that’s only used for the purpose of displaying information. The owners are also responsible for inventory management, customer information, data processing, and creating easy navigation.

Generally determining the characteristic of good e-commerce host are very different from what makes a good host. Here we will determine what exactly makes it different, and what should you be looking for?

  • High Performance

A successful website runs well & this scenario is also applicable with e-commerce websites, however it carries little more. This is the reason an inventory is mandatory along with an integrated payment system. Moreover these features need more storage space and bandwidth for smooth running. Make sure that you have the right amount of each with the right equipments too. Instead of normal HDD, switch towards an SSD, because solid-state drive is faster and having more storage than its counterpart.

  • Security

This is another area of concern for any e-commerce business owner. As customers put important personal information like home address and credit card information, website owners are responsible for ensuring that information does not go in the wrong hands. For elimination of any threats e-commerce website require having an SSL certificate to encrypt the data transferred between the customer and website. Nowadays, customers prefer doing online transactions only at a website having an SSL certificate.

  • Uptime

It’s a percentage of how often a website is up throughout the year. Many hosts offer 5-9’s, or 99.999% uptime and one should be looking for this only. Skip any potential host offering less than 99% uptime. Using cloud for additional backup or even a manual back up of e-commerce website is highly recommended. Also having a backup for your backup is sometimes required and you should be happy to do so.

  • Backups

Having back up of website data is important and should be performed periodically. Doing this for an e-commerce website is more important and through a host offering daily backups will be highly fruitful. As the task for orders happen on daily basis, it would be beneficial for both e-commerce website owners and customers to have daily backups if something happens and causes a loss of data.

  • Support

Smooth website running, upgradation, management and everything involved in this process is quite hard to do alone. Having a 24*7 customer support understanding the process of website running can be a huge help. Various ways to reach a support team like phone, email, and chat must be on your list while seeking for e-commerce hosting. Pro Web is definite believer of providing of customer support with a belief of letting our customers feel the ease if they ever run into an issue. This is why our support team is always available and industry-leading.

  • Final Thoughts

Since there are several other features to look for in an e-commerce hosting plan, above listed ones are some factors one should be considering on priority basis. By combining these features you will get a solid base for your website and growth. If you want to learn more about what a good hosting plan looks like, proceed to our plans page where you can expect to get more details about what you can expect from us and our professional services.