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From Blueprint To Brainstorming – Our Voyage With Build Up

From Blueprint To Brainstorming - Our Voyage With Build UP

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Posted on: Friday April 8, 2022

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In the paradigm of web development, one would know that developing the online presence of a brand from scratch is comparatively easier than taking an existing leading brand online. The ideas must remain strictly within the ambit of their existing brand value, and designs must follow the brand guideline and enhance face value as the company propels toward new possibilities and audiences. The stakes grow higher especially if the brand already has captured the market and is remarkably leading. In our collaboration with Build UP MEP Electromechanical Works L.L.C, we built the existing skeleton of their website, for the world to see.

Tech Stack

  • WordPress Version: 6.0
  • MySQL Version: 7.4.29
  • PHP Version: 5.6.40

Build UP MEP ventures in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) for providing feasible and economically viable designs. Their gamut of services includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, fire protection, and utility distribution systems.


When Build UP approached Pro Web, they wanted a comprehensive and user-friendly site. It must be built with equal emphasis on all services and be user-centric highlighting its plethora of projects.


  • To create a website with exceptional UI (User Interface) and to enhance the basic website skeleton they had drawn, that can meet their objectives.
  • Time was also essential to this project, as Buil UP was already a well-established brand. Hence they wanted to leap to an online platform soon with a robust website.


We wanted to build a user-friendly website that ranks high in terms of accessibility, appeal, and functioning. Furthermore, since Build UP had a brand logo and guidelines ready, we had to make a website that goes in tandem with their theme, vision, and design that persuades the target audience well. The website must be able to showcase all its diverse projects with uniform emphasis, yet portray uniqueness in terms of the brand concept.

Competitor Analysis

A few brands are contemporary to Build UP existing in the UAE. We categorically observed the layout, of each one and observed the following key points to incorporate into our website:

  1. Easy Navigation.
  2. High-Quality images with comprehensive details for about the projects.

Teck Stack Analysis

Since Build UP had a skeleton website, they wanted us to enhance it and add robust and unique features. Therefore, we chose the following technologies to develop the website:

  • WordPress is a good option for brands that have a constricted budget. WordPress is free and has thousands of responsive, interactive, and attractive themes. Moreover, the hosting is hassle-free.
  • For a brand like Build UP which will continue having more valuable projects upcoming in the future and would like to showcase them on their website as well, adding new content is fast and extremely simple on a WordPress website. In addition to that, it is also easy to update.
  • MySQL is globally renowned for being the most secure and reliable database management system. The data security and support for transactional processing that accompanies the recent version of MySQL can significantly benefit the business.
  • PHP renders better loading speed to the websites and has a large collection of open-source add-ons. Furthermore, it offers great flexibility and combinability in synergy with HTML.

Developing The Features & Functionalities

Moving forward with building the features and functionalities, we kept developing features like,

  • Usually, websites built on WordPress carry the common themes available on them, however, they end up looking similar at best. To ensure Build UP stood out in the crowd, we made a custom-based website, i.e. creating the theme from scratch so that it becomes the only one of its kind.
  • Instead of taking the rudimentary themes offered by WordPress, we made a custom-based website. Hence, we designed each and every page.
  • Great power lies in the dynamic projects done by Build UP and to make sure they are all showcased unequivocally, we designed each project page considering how service-centric and project conscious they are.
  • Keeping in mind how brand-conscious Build UP is, we designed each page as per the color and design scheme of their brand guideline that reflects Build UP’s concept.

Hence, after envisioning the website from the perspective of a user, we were able to develop, Build UP a dynamic website. Collaborating with Build UP is a testimony to the fact that we can pick up a website at any juncture and make it more than satisfactorily well. Be it website development or mobile application, we are one of the most reliable and client-centric web development and designing companies in Dubai.