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From Conceptualization To Implementation – Our Journey With Sidco Foods

From Conceptualization To Implementation - Our Journey With Sidco Foods

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Posted on: Tuesday March 16, 2021

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The global economy and the entrepreneurs’ perception of business are progressing as quickly as the technologies around us. Ecommerce, therefore, holds an important place for all businesses in this phase of digitization. Sidco Foods wanted us to be their partner and create a robust eCommerce store for them that lets them sell products seamlessly for their fresh food business, which was in the pre-opening phase back then. Here’s their journey from an idea to a full-fledged, functionality-rich eCommerce store.


Identifying Problems And Finding Solutions 


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Technology Stack – OpenCart, PHP


Dealing with grocery and fresh food items, the client wanted us to come up with a fully customized, simple, and clutter-free online store. It should have all the essential features that a customer generally seeks on an online shopping platform of its kind. Sidco Foods was one step away from entering the online market when they reached out to us. We realized the following pain points while understanding their requirements.


  • They wanted fully customized features, functionalities, and modern-looking websites, which could be time taking.
  • Generally, grocery and food selling stores have thousands of products to sell; listing and managing functionalities for them was quite a task.


We suggested creating the website on OpenCart and making the best use of its features to implement the plan of a responsive store in real-time. OpenCart would make it easier to carry on sales as soon as the website goes live.


Growth-Oriented Solution  


We decided on creating a vigorous backend for the website and a well-integrated system that allows easy management and appealing representation of various product offerings. Every aspect of the website’s design will be focused on bringing more benefits to the business. We suggested building the website on OpenCart for the following reasons:


  • It supports B2C sales in a much better way.
  • OpenCart offers various options for payment gateways which would be a necessity for Sidco Foods.
  • It provides mobile responsive and SEO-friendly websites.


Moving Past Limitations With OpenCart  


We were keen on offering our client a complete online selling solution which not only serves their customers’ interests but also helps the business owner manage sales and other operations in a hassle-free way. We did the following to ensure these goals are met:


  • We added login functionality that allows the user to login with their email ID or phone number and a password. And also included the option for a password reset.
  • The functionality for account creation or registration collects some basic details from the customers, including their name, contact number, email address, and residential address.
  • We created an engaging homepage with a navigation menu, slider banners, and category display.
  • The next focus was the product listing page with categories, subcategories, and “Add to Cart” functionality.
  • A product detail page was added with images, price details, and descriptions of all products.
  • We also incorporated a simplified user dashboard where customers can edit their personal details, view order history, manage transactions, and log out. A search bar was added with suggestive search dropdown functionality.
  • We worked on payment integration with RAKBank and incorporated custom checkout functionality.


With necessary UX designing and updates, this online fresh food store was ready to go!


Pro Web partnership with them is just beginning. Now that they have the much-needed robust eCommerce solution, they can look forward to increasing their sales and enhancing their resources with suitable updates in the future.