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From Innovation To Invocation – Our Journey With Book My Pet

From Innovation To Invocation - Our Journey With Book My Pet

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Posted on: Thursday April 7, 2022

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Creating a brand from scratch online is comparatively easier than taking an existing leading brand online. The ideas must align with their existing brand value, and designs strictly follow the brand guideline and enhance face value as the company propels toward new possibilities and audiences. In our collaboration with the Book My Pet, we enhanced the existing skeleton of the website and rendered it for the world to see.


Tech Stack


  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL




  • Vs Code


Book My Pet is a one-stop-shop for all your pet care needs. The website focuses on pet parents for a straightforward appointment, consultation, breeding, boarding, therapy, spa, etc., for their beloved fur friend. Therefore, they wanted a unique, customer-centric, and comprehensive brand so that pet parents in UAE could find the most reliable spot for their fur babies hassle-free.




When Book My Pet approached Pro Web, they wanted a comprehensive and user-friendly site. It must be built with equal emphasis on all services and be user-centric at both ends, i.e., the customers and vendors providing the services.




To create a website with exceptional UI (User Interface) and to enhance the basic website skeleton they had drawn that can meet their objectives.


Time was also essential to this project, as Book My Pet was already a well-established brand. Hence they wanted to leap to an online store soon.




We wanted to build a user-friendly website that ranks high in terms of accessibility, appeal, aesthetics, and functioning. Furthermore, since Book My Pet had a brand logo and guidelines ready, we had to make a website that goes in tandem with their theme, vision, and design that persuades the target audience well.


Competitor Analysis


A few brands are contemporary to Book My Pet existing in the UAE. We categorically observed the layout, UI, and UX of each one and observed the following key points to incorporate into our website:


1. Easy Navigation.

2. High-Quality images with comprehensive details for vendor and service.

3. Easy Booking of the service.


Teck Stack Analysis


Since Book My Pet had an essential skeleton website, they wanted us to enhance it and add robust and unique features. Therefore, we chose the following technologies to develop the website:-


  • Vue.js since it consists of single-file components, which include all kinds of the codes such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, everything in a single file. Hence, its simplicity comes in handy in time-sensitive projects.


  • The default Nuxt.js application structure gives a great starting point for organizing the website.


  • Node.js, since it allows developers to write server-side code in Javascript, we can write codes on both the front and backend with absolute ease.


  • GraphQL is way faster than other communication APIs because it facilitates cutting down the request query by choosing only the specific fields one wants to query.


Developing The Features & Functionalities


  • We built a unique interface for each admin panel, service provider, and user.


  • We analyzed some of the top-tier hotels in the world and incorporated this unique functionality which enables the service provider to set slot capacity.


  • Similarly, we also built the calendar view for the service provider to manage their booking without hassle or confusion.


  • With the slot booking and calendar view feature, a user does not have to face the inconvenience of a delay in an appointment, and it caters ease to both the service provider and the customers.


  • We integrated Telr as a payment gateway.


Hence after several ideating features that will provide optimum user experience to the stakeholders, we were able to render Book My Pet, a dynamic website.


Collaborating with Book My Pet is a testimony to the fact that we can pick up a website at any juncture and make it more than satisfactorily well, becoming one of the most reliable and client-centric web development companies in Dubai.