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Growing Strong, Together: A Concord of Trust and Co-dependence

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Posted on: Sunday February 10, 2019

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The only mind more precious than an immensely talented mind is the one which recognizes that talent at once. Pro Web – Unisys, a leading web design and digital marketing company in UAE, has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation, but the real entities of impact are their partners-in-action, who have constantly and vehemently supported the company’s farsighted outlook.

Landmark Group, a leading international Retail & Hospitality conglomerate, is one such gem that recognized the immense potential of Pro Web. The business giant gave this daring new startup a chance to become a part of their digital story with three projects:

  • Zafran, an Indian Bistro
  • Balance Spa, a Spa & Wellness Centre
  • GRK Fresh Greek Restaurant, an Ethnic Cuisine Restaurant

Zafran: Offering a first-hand chance to work with some of the best marketing specialists in the hospitality sector, Zafran was a daring new venture for Pro Web. The project required the conceptualization of a new kind of Landmark affiliated digital brand that could instantly turn heads with minimalist design.

Experts at Pro Web turned this opportunity into a result which stood above and beyond the client’s expectations. Delivering quick results through an SEO enriched website, the company was able to create an instantly productive product that conveyed the message with simple graphics; the elegant impact of Middle Eastern gastronomy on North-West Indian food traditions.

Balance Spa: one of the most formidable campaigns of Pro Web that it has handled expertly for more than a year, Balance Spa digital marketing was entrusted to Pro Web by Landmark. Balance Spa is a holistic spa and wellness center that specializes in Facials, Massages, Body scrubs & Exfoliations, Spa therapies and rituals as well as customizable therapies.

Balance Spa campaign deployed a much bigger roster of services, right from building a website from scratch, to an effective digital marketing campaign both at an organic and paid level.

GRK Fresh Greek Restaurant: Landmark’s latest venture in the form of GRK presented the opportunity to create unique and robust content, thereby attracting significant traffic through the power of words alone.

Deploying powerful content, elegant content marketing strategies and screening insights from a buckloads of data to target the right audience, all played a part in writing the success story of Pro Web – GRK venture.