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E-commerce Website Design | 9 Min Read

How Can An E-commerce Website Boost Your Sales And Revenue Targets?

How can an E-commerce Website Boost Your Sales and Revenue Targets

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Posted on: Saturday May 15, 2021

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E-commerce is boosting sales more than ever before and accounting for the losses that businesses faced during the epidemic across the globe in the past financial year; E-commerce, on the other hand, helped many stand out. E-commerce fueled many ventures and helped them grow big. There is no shortcut to success, though, hence you will have to keep in mind several points before actually starting to see the positive results through your E-commerce platforms. These characteristics are the drivers of sales and help you increase your revenue targets.


In comparison to traditional commerce, E-commerce helps you reach a specific audience and drive sales online. It helps you because it enables you to get to your customers directly at their fingertips through the devices they interact with every day. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of E-commerce.


Here are a few ways how E-commerce helps you increase sales and revenue targets:-


How can an E-commerce Website Boost Your Sales and Revenue Targets_1


(1) Appealing and captivating designs:


E-commerce website development in Dubai is always looked up for the best designs and smooth functioning E-commerce websites in Dubai. Captivating graphics can help you hold your customers and appeal to them. E-commerce website developers use this benefit to create a brand image of your company in your customer’s mind. So when they think about a product, suddenly your brand will come to their mind.


(2) Targeting the right customers:


Unlike traditional businesses where your reach to your target customers was not limited, you can restrict your audience on websites and customize your E-commerce store in a way that appeals to a specific audience. This targeted approach helps you focus on a group of population and offer better services and keep those customers with you for a longer duration. Targeting the right customers enables you to save resources that will otherwise be wasted on a consumer who will never buy your product. These savings can be utilized for better conversions.


(3) Building audience trust:


With a proper, well-functioning E-commerce website in Dubai with an SSL certification, you are more likely to appear to your audience as authentic and verified sellers. Having an E-commerce store enhances your brand value and the trust of your customers in your products. It is a proven fact that people look for online reviews and testimonials before buying products. Therefore, E-commerce helps you boost your sales by gaining authenticity.


(4) Running custom advertisements:


E-commerce allows you to run custom advertisements for a specific group of your customers by letting them interact with offers/discounts/sales, which may benefit them. This custom marketing allows you to attract a focused audience for specific products and save your marketing costs.


(5) E-mail listings and newsletters:


It is one option that was never available with traditional business set-up. Newsletters are a way to let your customers know what is new with your store. Merchants can use it for varied benefits, like providing customers information that they are providing exclusives.


(6) Appearance on Search results:


In the world of technology, wherein for all our needs, we go to the search engines and look for online options, an E-commerce store clearly outlines your availability to your customers. By appearing on the top page results, you can ensure more customers visiting your sites and potential conversions.


Here are a few additional ways, you can boost your sales through your E-commerce store:-


How can an E-commerce Website Boost Your Sales and Revenue Targets_2


(1) Reduce the shipping time:


Noone likes the delivery of their products late. It has been found that people are more likely to buy products from a store where the deliveries are quick and hassle-free. Therefore, you may have to communicate with third parties and optimize your shipping duration. You may additionally add thank you notes and purchase cards in your deliveries, asking for feedback.


(2) Set your prices right:


Analyze your competition and after studying the market of your products, set the prices right. You can also provide free shipping over a specific amount, which can be looked over according to your profit margins. Your price can also be one of your major USPs.


(3) Don’t make the user wander:


Well, there are two rules that govern your users’ conversion to customers after landing on your website. It has been observed that customers are more likely to purchase from websites that are easy to use. The 3-click rule suggests that your customers must reach the checkout page in three clicks on your website. The 15-second rule suggests that if you are unable to grab your customer within 15 seconds, you lose them.

Written by: Jayshri Gupta

Jayshri Gupta is a Digital Content Writer at Pro Web. With an engineering and analytical background, she is highly dedicated to learn new technologies and write about them. She has a 2 year experience in content writing inclusive of varied fields including Press Releases, Articles, News Pieces, and Blogs.