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E-commerce Website Design | 10 Min Read

How Custom eCommerce Website Development & Designing Company Can Help You In Increasing Sales?

How Custom eCommerce Website Development

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Posted on: Monday October 21, 2019

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The growth of ecommerce industry has increased the convenience for end customers. Everything from clothing to home décor is available with amazing discounts, ready to reach your doorsteps within a click.  It has also increased competitive scenario between leading ecommerce web design companies to conceive attractive yet technically sound design methodology keeping latest trends of m-commerce in mind.

It’s been evident that good design of any ecommerce website has always been crucial for turning ideal visitors into potential customers. A quick, easy & stress-free purchase process with secured payment gateway option create a lasting effect on potential customer looking to shop online. If your website is not properly designed for sales purpose then no matter how good your online advertisements are, you’ll end-up wasting your valuable ad money.

Below is a list of useful tips for e-commerce website development that can boost your sales.

1. Be User-Centric:

From product images to contact forms, your online store should be designed in such a way that it contribute to a user’s decision of making a purchase.  The web design should be kept simple with no appearance of distracting links or images in products search, especially checkout.  Must avoid complex animations, tedious content, puzzling terminology and regular images as much as possible.

2. Prefer Simplicity:

Simple designed websites are usually rated as visually appealing and trustworthy in comparison to visually complex websites.  Just remove unnecessary information’s and keep plenty of white space to optimize your ecommerce web design for conversions.

Pro Web Client- Software Cosmetics

As you can easily see in above-shown webpage; simple design to help visitors move towards the main conversion points quickly. Also there are no distracting links, images, or videos. and call to action has been clearly defined for more professional feels.  CMS like WordPress, Shopify, or BigCommerce are considerably good website design platform to start for new arriving ecommerce businesses.

3. No Hidden Pricing:

Being upfront with about the price of the products or services on your e-commerce website is a good policy, creating positive impact on your customers and making them visit again.  Make sure that shipping costs on products as well as shipping policies are known to customers.

Hiding shipping charges from customers until they proceed for final payment gateway will leave a negative impact on sales and increase cart abandonment. Make sure that total price of a product and shipping charges are displayed to customer first instance as mantra of “honesty is the best policy” still remains best to compete with.

4. View Cart Button:

This is one of the most important eCommerce web design strategies to remember. Keeping a shopping cart icon on every page (usually top right corner) allows users to view added items in their cart.  Keeping this button visible all times has proven to boost conversion rates.  But make sure to use appropriate icon; a shopping cart or a shopping bag for not confusing your visitors, not even a bit.

5. Quality images & videos:

The biggest attraction of any online product is its images.  Use high-quality product images and even video depending on the product to make sure that customers won’t perceive your product as cheap.  Most online product buyers don’t prefer entertaining the thought of product buying if the image is blurry or otherwise unclear.

The product picture should be clear, attractive and clickable to see product from every angle. As online buyer cannot actually feel the product. For products like apparel, jewelry and footwear, high-definition short videos will have positive impact on customer’s buying decision.

6. Navigational Menu & Search Bar:

Ideally navigation menu should appear either horizontally at top or vertically on left side, across all website pages and should be properly optimized for customers to use easily. Whereas search bars should be allowing customers to search desired products with in-built dropdown menu to showcase categories and subcategories of every products.

7. Extensive filters:

To ensure every online customer finds complete range of products they’re looking for, well-organized filter is mandatory. If you are dealing with end customers either offline or online one, ultimate goal should be good customer experience.

Suppose a shopper visits your ecommerce website with intention of buying a pair of shoe or sandals, but couldn’t find appropriate size, it’s worse!  Organizing website with product filters is the best way to avoid this pitfall. Categories including size, color, brand, and price should be kept prime, allowing users to search website for desired product hereby making navigation process more seamless.

8. Encourage social media links:

Integration of social media plugins is fruitful for driving good conversions to your e-commerce store. Its been seen that many times orders come from Facebook and Instagram. This happens when online retailers share and exhibit their popular products on social media & potential buyers find it.  Its important that online retailers should understand the importance of social media and take it seriously which in-turn could be beneficial for any e-commerce website.

9. Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

Positive customer reviews and testimonials are best ways to prove the product quality and influence buying decisions of potential customers for driving more sales. It would be more effective if product’s reviews are visible right below the product’s description.  More affecting would be creating separate page for customer testimonials/ previews & get them well arranged.

10. Create a section for special sales:

Online buyers always prefer discounts. People like to buy something with a discount tag attached. Even a larger section of shoppers wait until their favorite product goes on sale. It’s highly recommended to use this tactic & create a special page displaying the products with alluring discounts.

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