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Digital Marketing | 8 Min Read

How Digital Marketing Companies In Dubai Regain SEO After Website Redesigning?

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Posted on: Tuesday September 17, 2019

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Need to upgrade your website design but worried about losing your website’s PA & DA score or current position on the search engine result page (SERP)? Don’t feel anxious as it can be concerning for anyone looking to do redesign their webpage.


Gone are the days when companies use to regain their website ranking by aggressive off-page activities, now one must take care of ongoing SEO activities and ways of improvising coz if forgotten, all previous works will completely get wiped.  There are certain essential factors in both technical and non-technical aspects of website SEO practice that’s needed to be kept in mind:


  • Current SEO practice and its effectiveness
  • Challenges while redesigning a website
  • Prevailing changes in a new website


Why keep a check on current SEO activities?


Before redesigning you must have a monitory analysis for present rankings on that campaign specifically ranking keywords, their place in SERPs, and lastly most visited page/pages in a website. Once you decide to proceed then newer challenges will pop up in the quest of rebranding, alluring UI/UX and backend designing which includes:


  1. Removed Content
  2. Changed Content
  3. URL Structure
  4. Technical errors
  5. Internal page linking
  6. Domain/sub-domain change
  7. SEO Errors (on-page SEO)
  8. Navigational Structure
  9. Sitemap (XML or HTML)


The area of most concern in the above-mentioned list is Domain/Sub-domain changes however others are also important in terms of the website’s online presence. You can say that more changes in design, higher impact on SEO and ranking.


Tips for website redesigning without losing SEO:


A. Run a website audit: Before starting an audit, one must be aware of current keyword rankings and individual pages associated with them.  Keeping crawl data from the old site through screaming frog or other tools.  Still, if some data is lost then go for Wayback engine to analyze old structure and content. Another important aspect here is on-page optimization (i.e. meta title & description, image alt tags, and headers)  along with dynamic content and suitable redirections (301 & 302 redirects) for sustaining changes in permalink structure, but remember to restrict these since a higher number for 302redirections can actually damage your SEO.


B. Maintain page structure: Maintaining the current website structure should be your primary motto while adding a new page. It’s necessary to focus on providing a good user experience but try to stay with parent page solutions rather than ditching it unnecessarily. Get your sitemap update and submit it to search engines without any delay. Also, have an audit for website internal linking and backlinks to make an account of broken ones due to URL restructuring (if done).  If any of the created links found dead because of new URL structure, contact the websites to update those links or use a 301 permanent redirection. Lastly, preserve the data (video & images) from the old website and get it transferred to the new one with the same metadata to prevent loss of rankings.


C. Use webmasters tool: Google search console (popular as webmasters in SEO) is a great asset in terms of a website’s technical analysis; 301 & 404-page errors to ensure all essential tasks have been performed correctly. You can also have analytic data for other important aspects including a number of click on a page, CTR (click-through rate) and position in search engine pages.  Having some fluctuations in keyword rankings can be expected with website redesigning, better to keep a spreadsheet to record changes in the position of your keywords on a weekly or monthly basis (as suitable).


 D. Perform technical audits regularly: Keep on doing a technical audit for your website on a regular basis with tools like Moz or Ahrefs for insights on technical issues.  Also, consider Google’s page insight to check your website’s compatibility as a responsive interface and page speed. Don’t forget about schema markup also.




A website’s design is necessary once a brand evolves. But one should adopt the white-hat techniques to maintain their SEO rankings since nobody wants to start again. Just have a look at this essential list to never miss anything.  If you still want an opinion from a professional digital marketing agency in Dubai, then feel free to contact Pro Web, a leading SEO company in Dubai to get started with new ideas.