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How is the market of website development in Dubai?

Website development in Dubai

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Posted on: Monday December 19, 2016

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Today, web development industry all over the world is growing at a commendable pace and there is no doubt that in the near future this growth will proceed further. Dubai is among the few cities in the Middle East where web development has seen a new horizon; otherwise web development is really a new thing for the Middle East. The credit goes to the multinationals from the west that explored the demand of the professional website development services in the Middle East and took this opportunity significantly by offering more professional web development services in Dubai.

The web development industry is going through a transformation, which brought a dynamic web revolution in the Middle East. Being the hub of the business, Dubai has adopted the latest web development trends promptly and ensured the growth of several small scale and large scale businesses flourishing in the gulf with advance web development technologies.

Why you need web development?

In this modern world, every business needs a distinctive identity. Web development is the key ingredient for every business whether big or small to create a new brand and identity. A website for your business speaks everything about your business and thus helps your business to reach its objectives and connect to your customers. Nowadays, more people are focusing on the ecommerce website and exploring opportunities as the ecommerce business in the Middle East is on its full swing.

Web development some interesting facts and Global market statistics:

Number of current active websites – 200 Million
Current industry turnover – $26bn
Annual Growth Rate 4.8%
Number of professionals employed 226,850
Salary of a web developer : $64,000/PA & $31.24/hour

Currently top trending technologies and their rankings for web development:

Java 100.0
Python 95.9
C# 89.1
JavaScript 87.4
PHP 87.3
Ruby 85.7
Go 74.8
PERL 71.5
HTML 71.1
Scala 64.0

Web Development Standards and tools

In the earlier stage web development was mostly constrained to HTML coding which was then followed by the CSS coding with advanced PHP scripts to enhance the utility of the website. However, the biggest revolution in the market was the arrival of the open source CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc that has made web development really easy and fun. Now, there is the abundance of the open source web development platforms that offer highly skilled web programming and great integration of the advanced web development tools to facilitate an effective web development.

Open Source Models

The Open source models like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal has become the core of the development and programming. These three open source models are popular because they offer wide range of web development tools and integration and popularly aquatinted with the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).