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How Long Must A Blog Post Be In 2022?


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Posted on: Tuesday October 12, 2021

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In the world today, information is power. Since the escalation of the internet, information has been a few finger clicks away. At such times, sharing the information rightly and vastly is more incentivising than accumulation. It is what keeps the art of blogging alive and relevant to date. When the world is interconnected on the digital fabric, it is crucial to escalate your accessibility and readability. For this very purpose, many companies outsource SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work to companies and agencies across the globe.


The journey of sharing your ideas, views, or data does not start from its marketing or publication. Many would argue that the saleability of the content is an accurate measure of how successful that particular content is. Still, in the proper aspect, the success lies in the length of your writing. The lengthier the content is, the more evolved it seems to a reader; it guarantees to have delved deep into the topic, conceptually well explained, and does not leave much room for probable doubts. It is easier to access its quality then. If written in a generalised comprehension, inclusive of all technical terms, even the saleability accelerates after that.


Hence, in this decade, one must know how long a blog post should be for garnering views, but before that, let’s deal with more pressing factors that are more critical for ranking than the blog length itself, like the number of outside domains linked to your website, since it matters way more than the length of your blog. Linking more domains adds to the accessibility and the search engine algorithm that finds and ranks your blog.


Factors related to the length and content of your blog in 2022:-


(1) A good blog must target 900-1000 words


Now Longer pieces achieve the following objectives –


  • The content ranks better on Search engine Result Pages (SERPs) Theepth explanation regarding the topic, i.e., the quality is good.
  • The amount of time a reader is on the page increases, and thus again, it affects ranking on search engines.


(2) The length of your blog entirely depends on your topic


That is to say, if your blog is in the lines of “How to….?” or “How …… is done?”, it will be longer than blogs in the line of “why …… happens?” or “will…… be successful?”. How difficult, technical or complicated your subject matter is, elaborating it will be comprehensive and lengthy. Meanwhile, viewers who lookup for things in the paradigm of ‘who”, “what,” or “when” are looking for short answers so that they can comprehend it in a glance and move on. Hence, if your blog is on the tangent of academic prowess or explaining a technology or anything uncommon, lesser-known, or a novelty, then it will be longer than a blog that informs, aware, suggests, or critiques about an event trend, personality, organization or mechanism.


The length of your blog highly depends on the value it generates; that is, a blog should be –


length of your blog & purpose


  • 200-400 words – If it was for engaging with the crowd and for short dialogues and discussions. They are not apt for SERPs ranking and are not shared much. They are specifically for describing a service or product or commenting on it.


  • 400-600 words are considered the minimum word limit for a write-up to be considered a blog, though it does not have a scope on SEO either. They are, moreover, like small snippets, easy for paying a quick view and for sharing socially.


  • 600-1000 words – It comprises 70% of the content available on IoT and is targeted for educational or informational reading. It does rank well on SEO and drives website traffic. Because its booming viewership often includes links to other related content, advertisement, and referral links.


  • 1000-1500 words – Based on your target market, this length would work wonders and give your website the needed thrust, impacting website traffic substantively and improving ranking on SERPs. Suppose the quality of the content is above average and is clubbed with links, partnerships, and tagging other personalities. In that case, it will achieve the desired website traffic gradually.


  • 1500-2000 words – The blogs of this world length are most cherished and revered by SERP like Google and Yahoo. A blog post written average but encompassing all the aspects of the topic well in this range of word count gains search traffic in leaps and bounds. In addition, if good referral links, suggestions, pro tips, and downloadable content are added to it, then Voila! Your blog is out there, all set to beat the crowd.


(3) Ranking-based writing is the key


What is your word’s worth if people don’t read it right? Hence, when you write, try explaining as briefly as you can. Don’t drag or far-stretch your affirmations and statements since it will affect the quality but ensure that you do not leave anything for interpretation by the reader as much as possible. Though longer content is rated more accessible, maintaining quality is also essential since it builds credibility in the long run.


To boost the ranking of your content, there are SEO companies in Dubai to help you accelerate the traffic of your blog, publication, or website, improvising your content’s visibility significantly, such as Pro Web, a company providing exceptional search engine optimization services in Dubai and pan UAE.


(4) Creativity is crucial


No matter how generalized your subject matter is, always emphasize adding innovative points, so your blog has something others don’t. Even writing plays a significant role in engaging readers and persuading them to come back again and again. So explore the creativity in writing as much as your topic allows.


Your objective must hook the readers initially because if speaking calculative, Google’s algorithm considers the bounce rate for ranking. Therefore, if your content does not intrigue people and keeps bouncing off your page quickly, your ranking will continually plummet in the search result each time.


(5) Proper keywords are necessary


The ranking and its appearance on the SERP depends primarily on the usage of the right keywords at the appropriate phrases and the correct place in the body of the content. Some people might say right not to impress but to express, but that fallacy is right there. Because be it business or passion, as long as you do it with a lucrative and remunerative zeal, you have to make it accessible or moreover searchable. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your time and efforts, and that’s a pity. Therefore, use SEO tools and analytics, identify the right keywords related to your content and use them in the subheading since it significantly impacts ranking. This is the first and foremost important thing you must do for your blog.


The ideal length of a blog for SEO in 2022:-


Considering the factors mentioned earlier, the ideal length of a blog for SEO in 2022 is conclusive to be 1760- 2400 words. Reflecting on the algorithm of search engines, blogs post having over 1000 words are ranked better; therefore, the minimum length has to be 300. Anything below that bar is deemed ‘thin content’ on your website and does not perform well on SERP.


Even though these figures might seem hyperbole, it is not. It is a clear cut observation deduced from many articles from reputable sources like,


blog ideal word length


The perfect blog post has the following elements in the right proportion:-


Elements of an ideal blog:-


  • Having the right target keyword relevant to the content and used in the subheading in the right frequency so that it does not look unnecessary and absurd. Google Adwords, SEMrush, Ahref etc., can be used for finding the most targeted keywords.
  • It has an image or a video at the top to grab people’s attention.
  • Contains bold and bigger fonts towards the beginning. It can be a thought-provoking question, a hot take, or a good value that persuades them to read further.
  • Uses bullet points and sums up critical points into headlines to make it extremely easy for the reader to scan the content.
  • Label-the-images-like-this.jpg with keywords, using alt text with keywords with a description of the image.
  • Supporting the data with keywords and examples or illustrations.
  • Ensure answering follow-up questions inclusive of the main question so that the content is comprehensive and gives the reader a sense of satisfaction when they are done reading. When in doubt, they will come back to your blog only in the future.
  • Using a short link (URL) similar to this one /blog-length/, it is easy to share on other devices.


Anatomy of an ideal blog post:-


  • Has the perfect target keyword (deduced by Google Adwords) at the front of the title/meta description. It matches the intent of divested customers.
  • Uses an image or video towards the beginning of the post to grab viewers’ attention and break up the text.
  • Bigger text used in the beginning. The keyword is also rightly used in the first paragraph, and undiluted focus has been given on the first few sentences of the post.
  • Alludes the value and intrigues the viewers. Important information is laid out in bullet points. Sentences carrying the keywords have been bolded.
  • Subheadings are frequently used, sometimes with keywords, and the main contentions have been boiled down into headlines.
  • Displays expertise and accurate statistics from credible sources and links to reputable websites.
  • The images have been named with the keyword and variations with alt text written.
  • Supports the critical data with visual aids.


Note: Exhaustive content beats shallow (incomprehensive) content any day. 


  • The keywords and LSI keywords (search terms related to the main keyword being targeted) have been used throughout and specifically in the last paragraph.
  • A short link with just the keyword has been used as a phrase wherever possible.


Note: The shorter the keyword and phrasing are, the better.


The best blog length for your website:-


A simple approach to determine this is to take an average length of at least ten posts on your website together, which have experienced the most traffic. This average length is your ideal blog length. You can find the top ten posts of your website with the help of the Google Analytics tool. Such tools are real boons for any blogger and website owner. The better you analyze and post, you will understand what it takes to present the best. However, the length of your blog entirely depends on your website. There is no hard and fast concrete number for that. Therefore, you must take your website’s average and analyze it well.


How to create ‘quality’ content?


The most important aspect of blogging is quality. Yes, quantity does play vital role in invisibility, but nothing beats the boons of quality content. So if you are joining the blogging community now or this SEO-focussed subculture in the marketing community, you must strive to create ‘a content with substance’.


Creating content with substance means,


(i) Introducing new concepts in each of the blog posts put out


Don’t repeat a fact a trillion times or beat harp around the bush that others have already posted. Instead, try to amplify or broaden the scope of your concepts, engulfing everything that one can probably ponder upon on a given subject matter. For example- we have tried to answer all questions related to blogging in this particular piece. From how to what, everything so that you come up with a new perspective for blog writing by the end of your read.


(ii) The kind of media that would enhance the content experience 


There are multiple ways to bottle down the information for your viewers like video, memes, GIFs, infographics, graphs, diagrams, pointers etc. Do what best suits your content, ensuring you can sum up vital information sufficiently in them. This grasps viewers’ attention as well as helps them to remember.


(iii) Fulfilling expectations


You must identify the intent of people searching for the subject you are writing about, and then you must try to fulfill their needs. Rather than driving traffic mindlessly for the sake of traffic, look for what your viewer is expecting when he comes across your website and give him not just a crux but comprehensive information so that he doesn’t switch to anywhere else for more.


How to find additional points for your blog?


You want to write good content that has an intuitive and unique value, has good word length, carries the right keywords at the right places, yet does not look forced. It seems like a hard job to maintain, right? Don’t worry; just consider the following pointers for rescue.


(a) Using LSI Keywords


They are search terms related to the main keyword being targeted. Therefore, they are terms related to what the people are looking for and including them means that you are approaching all such concepts that people are searching for related to your topic.


(b) Looking at Google Suggestions


Checking the ‘suggested’ search helps you add different angles to your content, and if you have covered all of them or most of them, you have done fine work, my friend! For example- we have added this question, “how to find additional points for your blog”, right from a suggested search result, and here you are.


(c) Using the ‘People also ask’ box


Using this box or the FAQs in the SEO page helps you tackle the problems of people who might not have a direct interest in your subject matter but have a related query. This way, you are targetting everyone in the realm of your topic, thus amplifying the audience and traffic drive.


Best SEO blog title length 


For many bloggers and people who came across this blog in hand, this might have been a related query, so here it is. The ideal length for a blog title is under 70 characters so that it does not get cut off in search results and appears as ellipses.


Best practice for blog length in 2022:-


  1. Always do keyword research before composing your blog.
  2. Determine your distribution strategy before writing your blog (it might not be for SEOs but for social media handles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to get clear-cut marketing strategies from the very beginning)


Why must you find the ideal blog length?


You can now say that time and people wait for none.


Hence, if you are still here with us, it means we have been able to serve good content as per Google algorithm and for you.


This validates that for people who write 300 words or any less, their content is born to vanish in thin air like a ghost. These people do not do original research, abstain from including images, videos or compose their content inclusive of related concepts. Why do we call such people ghosts? It is because viewers jump off their website even before they reach the main body of the blog back to the search results. Such bounce rate is detrimental to any blogger’s health.


The most vital aspect of blogging in 2022:-


(1) Visibility


As we have mentioned before. What’s the use of writing on the digital front if not to be read? In this decade, everything is about to see and to be seen. Therefore, even if you are not writing specifically for SEOs, you must market your content well digitally through other websites, social media, or ads.


(2) Keywords


Keywords are the key, quite literally. Therefore it is essential to use them right, and the more you build your blog around them and the more you put in, it will be always rank high on the SERP.


What is the magical ingredient for writing an excellent blog?


It is all about comprehensiveness and fulfilling keyword intent (you also meet SEO’s intent). The simple logic is that the more concepts you engulf in your blog, the likelihood of addressing related target audience increases and conclusively, you can make use of more keywords and satisfy the curiosity of viewers well.



Writing content is more accessible. One with quality is uncommon, but writing one with regards to its visibility and ranking is the actual card of the trade. It involves mechanizing your inputs in a way that the internet prefers, operates on, and grasps notice of. At this juncture, you must also know the psychological trait. In that tangent, remember that human beings want shorter posts, even those who are avid readers. So make your content look shorter without compromising the quality and knowledge you want to put forth. Yes, you can make your vast content short yet give Google the length it loves by using bullet points, more extensive paragraphs at the beginning, and scannable headlines.


Concluding thoughts

As hard as it is to practice, it is the most crucial aspect of writing a blog, and that is your subject matter and the point of view you present. There are several things in this world that we know, we are in the process of knowing and exploring, and opportunities and possibilities, we do not have any present idea about. But a good blog has to be relevant at all times. To do that, you may write about something which is very much prevalent in the status quo or emerging speedily. However, if it is entirely atypical, then your blog must also establish its relevance and why its knowledge is vital for the general mass. Therefore, the relevancy of your content is critical. Hence, it is not as hard as the general population perceives to develop a good blog with an accurate word count; if you remember, the tricks mentioned above. You must remember that qualitative and primarily quantitative writing is essential on the digital platform to top it all. As long as you achieve this, the length of your blog is just right.