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How To Create An Outstanding E-commerce Product Page?

How To Create An Outstanding E-commerce Product Page

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Posted on: Monday June 7, 2021

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E-commerce product pages are one of the most crucial call-to-action pages for your E-commerce website. These pages appeal to the users and entice them to your products and give them that push to act upon your website and buy your products. You can create many pages on your website, but the product page is always the essential element because that is precisely where the customer’s primary focus is! They read and check what they are about to buy. Thus, it is mandatory that you get this page created as interactive and attractive as possible. Ecommerce development companies in Dubai suggest that there are several ways to get your E-commerce Product Page done right. Here is what we recommend:-


Tips to make your product page in e-commerce development outstanding:-


Tips to make your product page in e-commerce development outstanding


(1) Play Around With Your Product Name:


A product name should be succinct and memorable. However, for the product specifications page, a longer-term is more fitting. Do not forget that each word in the title or any sub-headings on your page is a keyword for good organic reach. For instance – ‘ABC Face cream’ would not receive a reach as powerful as ‘ABC skin Brightening and Lightening Cream.’


A cherry on the top is that a long product title makes it more straightforward for the clients to get precisely the information they look for. Ecommerce websites in UAE are always found to be very specific about the product names they use as these names become the highlight of the page and a decisive factor if the customer will pay attention to your page further or not!


(2) Put efforts into writing a good and accurate Product description:


While writing a product description, ensure that your description contains exact information and facts about the products. Give your customers as much knowledge about the product as you can share on the product description page. These details will help them get to know your product better and entice them to put effort into buying it. Also, ensure that you tell them about the benefits of the products and not just size, dimensions, and properties. After all, benefits are all that a customer looks for!


(3) Showcase Your Product Distinctly:


Actual products are reliant on their appearance and quality. With E-commerce rising in the industry, the preference of the touch of the product is a bit compromised. However, the look of the product is more critical these days. You must ensure that you have high-resolution enticing photos and appealing graphics on your product page to ensure maximum customer interaction with your product. Use theme-based product photoshoots and obtain high-resolution pictures depicting your product from all possible different angles. You may also use video descriptions and 3-D detailed images for your products. These techniques are trending in the market and will give you an edge over the competition. They may demand a bit of a high bit high budget, but the results will not disappoint you.


(4) Gather your customers’ trust:


Don’t add exaggerating details to your product page as it may give your product a fake appearance, however genuine it is. Control your words, limit your benefit descriptions to a certain number and be as honest as possible on this page. You can not skip a few essential details if you wish to ensure your customers determine your authenticity. These involve the following –


  • Clear return policies
  • Guarantees
  • Live chat or details to access the customer service reps easily
  • Refund Rights
  • Shipping specifications


(5) Social Media is a BIG DEAL:


The growth in social media and the trust bestowed on the influencers these days could play a vital role in promoting your product and even gaining a certain amount of credibility. ‘Word of mouth’ has endeavored than anything else while studying about a brand or product awareness. Hence, possessing a social appearance is similar to having social commodities. You can use social media to promote your product pages, let your customers know about your products, and even get influencers to advertise your product. These come under fair marketing strategies, and these undoubtedly have worked for many E-commerce websites in UAE. Elevate your E-commerce product page substantially on various social media platforms based on the characterization of your target viewers. It shall also invite the users who weren’t searching for your products initially. In this situation, social media acts as an influencer.


(6) Never forget the reviews, testimonials, and feedback:


When store owners approached experts for Ecommerce website development in Dubai, the most common opinion was that they always develop the page so that it always consists of a testimonial section for the product. Indeed, buyers scroll down even if they don’t feel they do read the customer reviews and gather insights on the products from an actual or real buyer. Since the growth of E-commerce, consumers have started to feel that whatever is on the website needs to be verified because of an increasing number of fraudulent websites coming up. Customer reports are an efficient way to intensify both confidence and business. Ensure that you control and verify the reviews regularly to not drop out on crucial leads that you could have turned.


(7) Don’t dare to forget the CTA or the Call To Action control:


Without a CTA, your customers will get lost on your product page when they have nothing to move forward on. All the points that have been mentioned above are bound to be useless if you forget the CTA. After all, as rude as it may seem, your customers will not call you to get your products. Instead, they would turn to your competitors, wherein they could easily tap a button to order.