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Brochure design | 11 Min Read

How To Design An Awesome Brochure Design?

How to Design an Awesome Brochure Design

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Posted on: Tuesday December 8, 2020

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A brochure is the best branding tactic you could deploy to entice your customers to get familiarized with your brand, the theme, the logos, and at large the values. While many organizations fail to acknowledge the importance of brochures due to the perception that they are no longer available, we see contradictory yet appealing results. With advancements in technologies, brochures were also transformed into e-brochures, and these became an effective advertisement and marketing technique over various social media platforms apart from your website.


A profoundly compelling brochure precisely and briefly outlines your business provisions and everything you do for your clients. On the flip side, an inadequately drafted brochure will only send your potential customers to your competitors’ awaiting profits.


A brochure is a kind of leaflet usually seen on racks or shelves highlighting various data about a company, a product, a campaign, an event, or a service. It is typically an indivisible sheet that can be both a bi-fold or a tri-fold. Some brochures are z-folded, while others are c-folded.


Here’s what an excellent brochure must not fail to address:-


1. The clients’ industry demands:-


For every company’s brochure design, the designer must focus on the client’s domain, whether he/she is in the finance industry, art, food, or any other. It is necessary to gauge the client’s expectations beforehand to develop raw thoughts and basic designs.


Let’s here look at two different perspectives:-


Client: If you are a client and looking for a brochure design company, you need to realize that you opt for one with specific experience designing brochures for your industry. You can analyze this by looking at samples and the brochure designer’s portfolio and check if the particular designer can curate the best fitting designs for you.


Designer: If you are a company brochure designer, you know that once you know the industry, specific details come to your mind, and the designing starts just there. For example, for the healthcare industry, you would want to include blue color, masks, doctors, etc. Knowing the industry and the client company well helps gather a complete idea of what the design should look like and what information the brochure must contain without fail.


2. The innovation in designs:


Innovation and uniqueness in designs help to distinguish the brochure and create an everlasting brand identity. The creativity put into play in the designs helps entice more and more customers and retain the brand’s impression in their heads. This addition of antique elements helps get ahead of your competitors and reflect the standard that your brand promotes and inspires.


Rule of thumb: “Choose the designs from the customer’s perspective. Be at a place for your consumer and think accordingly.” You will then know what exactly needs to be changed or what does not fit.


3. Thematic representation of the brand:


A brand’s theme colors play a vital role in the brochure. Not that it is necessary to create a flyer with your theme colors, but it just adds beauty and an element of enticement to your brochure. You could choose to reflect your products and services in the most appealing way to your customers with your theme colors. Whenever they see that specific combination of colors resembling your brand theme, back in their mind will be you. That’s what you must aim for. Theme colors also express a lot about your vision, your promise of fulfillment of services, your assured satisfaction to your customers as a company, and whatnot! Theme colors appeal and hit your viewers at an intellectual level rather than just being a few colors and words on a brochure.


4. Perfect appealing interaction:


Adding interaction buttons, links, product pages to the e-brochures helps to carry your customer with you and grab his attention to your products and services. These may include social media platform links, seminars/webinars/live interaction details, etc. These help your viewers know better about you in the digital space and decide to choose you.


Call to action: A call to action event at the end or in the middle of the brochure just creates an idea of making your customers put effort and convert the viewers into customers and profit. Well, this is sometimes the most neglected part of any brochure, but a “call-to-action” directs your customers to commit action on your services or company profile.


5. Words matter:


It is evident that words in a brochure matter, especially the headlines and the taglines you introduce. You do not need to put everything in there; all you need to do is add catchy words and phrases. For the food industry, there is a famous saying, “Sugar and spice, everything nice,” for software, something like “Tap it to make it large,” and there could be many more. Play with the words and convey things in the most precise way. Your brochure is not the space to define the history that’s already on your website; your brochure only needs things that the customer should know about the designs you produce and the services you offer.


After this read, you know what you need to opt for in your brochures and what to look for in the best brochure design companies in Dubai or anywhere.


Here’s some additional tip:-


“Trust your designers but don’t compromise the designs. Remember your customers must like it and get the gist of the brochure in one go.”


Concluding thoughts

Company brochure designs are often the most overlooked aspect of designing in the company due to the digitization era. However, there is a lot of progress offered to those who design brochures to their advantages using the tips and essential elements mentioned in this article. Get started with your brochure designs with the experts, and don’t forget to check the portfolio for brochure designs by the best brochure design company in Dubai to get the most from your brochure.