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Search Engine Optimization | 6 Min Read

How to find a good SEO Company or an Expert

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Posted on: Thursday November 24, 2016

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Today, search engine optimization or SEO as it’s commonly known as has become the bread and butter for many online businesses.  As the digital revolution is spreading rapidly, more people are getting attracted towards SEO to enhance their business potentials.  The internet is a world of opportunities. Does not matter whether you are a professional or a beginner, Internet along with the right marketing strategies together helps you in making more money.


In order to make your business noticeable to your targeted audience, you need a sound SEO strategy for your business. A good SEO plan can only be made by a specialized and experienced SEO manager or expert. Today, SEO is not like what it used to be earlier. Google upgraded itself with numerous updates in their algorithm. Therefore, it has turn out to be very essential for every business to seek the services of a professional SEO expert. Now, the biggest question here is where and how to find the best SEO expert? This is a million-dollar question, isn’t it, because today there is no scarcity of the SEO professionals and the SEO companies, but there are only a few chosen once who are literally good enough and who could provide you the real worth of your investment.


Where to look for the right SEO expert?


Job Portals: The best way to find the right SEO expert is through the popular job portals. There are many professional SEO experts who are looking for the right company to work with and they have their active profiles in popular job portals. If you are looking for an SEO expert from any particular region, then switch to a local job portal to find the local SEO expert in your region. You will be able to choose from various SEO experts based on their experience, knowledge, skills and team handling capabilities.



Placement Agencies & Consultants: Today SEO is one of the popular professions and therefore most of the placement agencies and consultancies have updated profiles of qualified and deserving SEO candidates. They are the best place to find the most reliable and competent SEO expert in your town.


Referrals: Referrals are the best way to find qualified SEO specialists. There are various companies that refer the most competent SEO candidates to the other companies. The SEO industry is growing rapidly and therefore most of the people who work in this industry have a good network of friends and SEO specialists that are looking to work in a good organization. You can run an employee referral program and take references from the existing employees and conduct interviews to recruit good candidates.


Freelancer: If you are having a short-term SEO project and if you want an SEO specialist for the limited time, then Freelancer is the best place. The Freelancer is the open platform where you could post your project and the estimated amount that you want to spend on SEO for the project. The top SEO freelancers would bid on your project with their price and then you have the alternative to select from the finest of all SEO freelancers based on their bid price and the reviews of their clients.