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How To Interpret Google My Business (GBM) Insights?

How To Interpret Google My Business Insights

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Posted on: Friday March 4, 2022

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Many Businesses want more engagement and boom in their businesses. As the rapid digitalization phase enters, business management further helps in fascinating growth. Even though your business profile is created on google and is visible to your customers, the management rights and engagement doesn’t lie with you. To manage your business profile and increase engagement, you’ll have to create a profile also on Google My Business. I’ll further tell you about the working of Google My Business (GBM) in different segments below.


How Business Searches Work on Google?


How Business Searches Work on Google


The way your business searches work has been laid down by google is in 3 different manners. I’ll briefly explain them below for you to understand business search management better. Insights help comprehend business listings.


How Business Searches Work on Google


Direct: Customers directly search for your business through your business’s name or its location. This method of searching helps in gaining a direct engagement with your customers but is largely inclusive of those customers who have either already heard about your business or are your existing customer.


Discovery: Discovery happens when a customer finds your business listing appear while they search for a respective product or a service that your business might offer.


Branded: Whenever a customer searches for a brand and your business happens to sell that brand, your business will appear on the search list. Your total search list comprises all three, Direct, Discovery, and Brand searches.


Discovery Search and Direct Search both are different and also fall under two different sections while contributing to your total search. For your simpler understanding, a customer might first discover your business through a product search and then search for your business through its name or address after discovering. Both of these searches will still be counted separately.


The difference between Branded Search and Direct Search is what many people fail to understand or often find perplexing. I’ll try to help you understand the difference between the two with examples. When you search for McDonald’s or McDonald’s near me you’ll find 3 pack results or three results with distinguishing locations of the same brand nearby, this is called a Branded Search. Whereas when you’ll search for McDonald’s while specifying the location or address that will be attributed to the Direct Search.


How to Differentiate between Branded and Non-Branded Searches?


You can easily differentiate Branded Searches from Non-Branded Searches by just focusing on finding three precise differences. Branded searches have the ABC labels directing towards different locations of the brand in an organized manner while this is not shown in non-branded searches. Another differentiating factor is that branded searches don’t show reviews or ratings while non-branded searches do. The branded searches don’t show the primary category while non-branded do.


Search Queries:


You can track your business profile by signing in your business profile and then, searching your business’s exact name and then select promotion and choose performance and select a date and then boom, you can track it. You can also track your business profile Google maps searches. Search queries are often updated at the beginning of each month.


The search queries are inclusive of the business performance report which shows specific interactions of unique customers with your business. Although this shows in depth the engagement your customers have with your business it doesn’t count multiple searches by a customer in a single day lowering your number of searches.


Where do your customers find your business profile on Google?


Where do your customers find your business profile on Google


This segment of Google My Business Insights shows where your customers find your business profile on google. The amazing thing about Insights is that it tells you whether customers found you via Google Maps or Google Search and it even tells you the number of engagements received by your listings via any of the above segments.


Views you received by the customers who search for your business via Google Search attribute to views by search. Whereas views you received by the customers who search via Google Maps attribute to views by Maps. Total views represent the collective number of views gained altogether by Google Search and Google Maps. For instance, the number of views by Google Search amounts to 20, and views by Google Maps amounts to 15, then the total number of views altogether amounts to 35.


You can also view in detail the number of views of any particular date or day by your desktop and mobile application. If a customer viewed your profile via both searches then it will show 2 respective times.


Customer Behaviour and Actions:


Customer Behaviour and Actions


Insights’ this section helps in understanding customer behavior and actions in a distinguishable manner. The actions could be of any three types stated below.


  • Once they get to know or hear about your business, they would make a certain action, like visiting your business website. A customer would firstly visit your business website to know more about your products and services.


  • A customer might ask for directions to your business website and this would fall under the ‘directions action’ and would be shown on the bulk report.


  • Customers might call you to know more about your business and this action on the insight falls under the ‘call action on the bulk report.


Those customers who do all of the above three actions, visit, call, and direction, then that would be reported as total action and shown in the same manner. The graph of the same also displays the number of times an action is made and you can see the same on either your desktop or mobile.


Phone Calls


Phone Calls insights


The phone calls section gives insight through your business listings on how often a customer called. The total number of phone calls indicates how many calls were made by the customers to your business by the customers at what day of the week and at what time. There could be some differences between the number of calls your business receives and the number the insight shows. This is because customers might copy the number and then make a call manually instead of calling directly or cutting the call before you answer. The dropdown menu lets you see the data from the last week, month, or quarter.




Photos views insight


This shows the number of customers who viewed your photos listed on your business profile and how many times compared to your competitors. This section consists of the number of photos viewed by the customers and the number of photos uploaded by your business. Just like phone calls the drop-down menu lets you see the data from last week, month, and quarter. The graph of the insights compares your and other similar businesses’ photo data. The bulk insights report is conclusive of labels like Total owner photos, Owner photo views, Total customer photos, and Customer photo views.


What is your Business Famous for?


This section of insights provides views or opinions of customers towards your business. For instance, if your business is a restaurant then the opinions of your customers will be about their favorite dish your restaurant serves. Although this cannot be counted in a fixed number as the matter is subjective and is based on the experience of different individuals.


Concluding thoughts

Google My Business insights help in understanding your business interaction and engagement with your customers in detail, from Google search, Google maps, to customer actions and behavioral understanding. Google My Business is not the only problem solver here; many Digital  Marketing Companies in Dubai serve this purpose of growing your business to the next level by understanding the bond between you and your customers at a deeper level, therefore it is crucial for you to hire a credible digital marketing agency in Dubai so that your business can leverage the best of Google My Business Insights.