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Imperative Tips For Web Design, Startups!

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Posted on: Saturday November 30, 2019

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A digital presence is vital for a lot of startups as it demonstrates the credibility of your business to clientele. Just like a new startup, if you have already sparked some interest in good web designing and what it can do to drive traffic to your website. The best-designed websites will provide better user experience, are intuitive, and have a clear call to action (CTA), fast loading times and is well-optimized.

Here’s a list of efficient web design tips for startups to take their company to the next level.

Instinctive Navigation

Having a convenient navigation and allowing customers to move between tabs quickly are properties which can be fruitful for you as a new startup. The fact that people might have lots of questions about your company make the above-mentioned points more crucial in terms of user experience as deficient one can drive potential customers away from your site and dissuade people from engaging in your business.

Acquit CTA’s 

For a successful marketing plan and website, you need to push the best products or services at first. Just have a clear objective for every important aspect whether it’s downloading, submit or buy button, to assure that your CTA is easy to search and relevant to the page, offering more clarity to customers in the process of purchasing your products or services the moment they enter your website. Sadly, 75% of businesses fail to put a clear CTA; therefore having one will make you do a lot better than your competitors.

Mobile Website Counts

Worldwide increase in the number of cell phone subscribers has made it important for businesses to have a website looking good on a desktop as well as on a mobile phone. Recent research shows that 73% of online visitors are from the cellular network and say that website content displayed well on their device make them to engage with it.

It’s imperative that mobile websites should be made easy for your potential customers for searching for relevant information and enhance their user experience by swift navigational features.  Also, cater your customers with a unique product offering and exceptional UX because quickly abandon a task if a site isn’t well-optimized one.

Reflect Brand Identity

Another important factor is a substantial reflection of your brand and offerings on the point. Start by creating a memorable logo since it will show up across all your designs and do remember to be responsive across all devices. Also, remember that an organized layout and design can project your true brand identity to your potential customers which can increase your revenue by a staggering 23%.

Inviting Content

An engaging content, whether its blog posts, or images, make sure that it connects your audience and echo the brand message clearly.  Also, try & include a video on your website as it helps to engage 73% more people to purchase a product or a service. Today’s customer will often have a shorter span of attention; therefore it’s important to make your message work in a lesser time span as 40% of online visitors often switch devices if the content is lengthy and 48% will stop engaging entirely.

A Well-Designed Website Makes All the Difference

To conclude, will say that a well-optimized website is a decisive factor to boost the conversion rate and increase revenue.  The demonstration as a sincere business willing to provide their customers with the finest experience starts with your website.

A cohesive brand identity assures the end-customers of getting an exceptional service whenever dealing with your startup online or offline.  As the majority of the online users use a smartphone, ensure they easily navigate and interact with your content on various devices. Also, do not try IP-blocking or Geo-blocking of users. Otherwise, you may lose clients not having the tools to unblock websites.

If you lack coding skills, hiring a professional web design company having experience of demanding website publishing platforms such as Code Ignitor,  Laravel, PHP, or WordPress will be fruitful. No matter which option you prefer, keynote here is that there is no better way than to start investing with a functional website for your startup.