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Mobile Application Development | 11 Min Read

Mobile App Cost In Dubai – Building Reliable IOS & Android App Within Your Budget

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Posted on: Tuesday November 24, 2020

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With the advancement in the digital era, it is essential to dive into the stigma and work out the ways to progress with the transformation occurring around! As the screen sizes started reducing, the development started becoming more complex and more rigorous apart from creativity and innovation. Whether it is an android application or an iOS one, the critical aspect to look for is the target audience and their operating system usage patterns. If you have a precisely luxurious product and target people with a high budget, you can not neglect the iOS platform presence. In another case, the android application has become an inevitable necessity. Moreover, it gives away the impression that if you don’t possess a presence over mobiles, the chances are that your business will be lost in the digital ocean.


Deciding if you need iOS and Android platforms both!


You are probably considering some small-time trade between app development charges based on the platform. However, this should come as good news that it is a blatant NO. In the current synopsis, the app development timeline for both is nearly the same. If you target Android and iOS development, your application can be produced concurrently, allowing the apps to launch at a presumed time.


Now, when there is no doubt on which platform to go for and the need for an extensively functional and exclusively innovative application, the challenges start to appear. What scares most of the ecommerce owners is the initial investment in this application development due to the fear of giving the mobile app development and designing part to an unreliable firm.


The most esteemed and experienced mobile app development companies in Dubai present the following bids for app development price and timeline:-


The app development price is approximately around 50 – 100 AED per hour, estimated at 400 development hours. It comprises a total app price of 40,000 AED in the state of complex functionality implementation.


(a) On average, the merest app development project is within 20,000 to 25,000 AED. The standard cost to produce an app is anticipated to be far more expensive.


(b) Handy app cost calculator determines a price range of 25,000 to 40,000 AED for complex and multi-feature mobile applications.


(c) For enterprise-level mobile app development, the average cost is 40,000 AED.


Factors that influence the price range:-


Factors that influence the price range


This price package is just a rough estimate of the prices, which keep on increasing and decreasing based on some of these most prominent factors which determine the final cost to build an app:-


(1) Complexity and app features


(2) Backend architecture


(3) Intricacies of UX/UI designs


(4) Connected API’s


(5) Graphic designs and branding


(6) The development approach (Hybrid, Native, Mobile, and Web)


Finding an affordable mobile app development company in Dubai:-


It is not simple to review the enormous options for the Mobile App development company available in Dubai, and finding the most affordable option is never an easy task. As discussed above, the price depends on many factors, but it is always possible to analyze the opportunities based on your requirement priorities.


However, you will not regret it if you checked the few top companies’ reviews and get to know their previous works through their portfolio and google reviews. For example, if you check the google reviews of our company, you will find a rating of 4.9 stars, which speaks a lot apart from the extensive portfolio you can visit to check the work. Well, that is just a suggestion on what you should check before you end up finalizing a firm for your mobile application development.


With the right firm, you get benefits you won’t be sure to get with other firms like good designs, frequent no-questions-asked changes, technologically advanced development, user-friendliness considerations, interactively innovative graphics, and constant hassle-free support. These things do matter in the long run when you make a massive investment for your business’s growth, especially when it comes to online presence and mobile application development.


Ways to get things on the right track for the effective development process:-


Once you have a clear picture of what things you need to idealize before you proceed with an investment, we have put a step-by-step plan for you to simplify your development process. After you have set up and fixed a company you want to go with for your mobile development, checked their mobile development pricing and packages, all you need to do is frame a path to an efficient development process. I have enlisted a guide to help you go through this rigorously frustrating and tiring phase smoothly.


Step 1: Setting Goals and planning ideas


Step 2: Finding the best mobile app development firm


Step 3: Jotting necessary functionalities and pondering on their utility


Step 4: Wireframe & backend discussions


Step 5: Know Your Model and type of app you need


Step 6: Initiate with the designing phase


Step 7: Development and adding graphics and interactive creativity innovations


Step 8: Test your App, Repeat and customize(heavy customization may cost you a little more, but that’s where customers invest more time and money on, in short, better ROI)


Step 9: Launch Beta Test version


Step 10: Make your ecommerce grow


Remember, you have to put your ideas into the developer and designer’s brain even if you get the most reliable developers on the go because they will implement and put life to your thoughts. It is also how you will get the desired results.


Concluding thoughts

It is never an easy transformation with a huge upfront investment in an online presence or getting a mobile application. The constant technological changes always haunt you with the risk of failures. What is essential is to make an informed decision on the right yet budget-friendly investment. The tips mentioned above, including those which help you decide which firm to opt for and how much you can expect to invest, may help you frame a clear picture of what you are opting for! Get started with us, and let us move you through this journey smoothly.