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Mobile Application Development | 10 Min Read

Mobile App Development 2020 – Trends That Will Dominate!

Mobile App Development

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Posted on: Thursday January 23, 2020

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The emergence of smartphones into technology arena, there’s no looking back. Whatever happened after is beyond any imaginations. Although many new technologies have made way into our lives smartphones became our companion within a blink.

The revenue from mobile app development services escalated & due to this phenomenon, trends of mobile app development also started turning-up and emerge along the way. This scenario made app developers and users hit the jackpot, however, it made our lives simpler, also brought more tools in developer’s repository.  It’s evident that the future of mobile app development companies looks brighter than ever and it’s expected that mobile app development process trends will simplify our lives and see daylight.

What Do Mobile App Development Trends in Dubai Offer?

The mobile app development framework trends have already started to make their presence felt and everyone has easily drifted towards them. First, it entices the imaginations and very next moment, we start experiencing them entirety. Moreover, these trends always provide a much better experience than expectations; highly functional and supremely productive.

The developers of mobile app development have already started the implementation of these trends to end-users via functional mobile apps. Inevitably the users will start jumping on the doctrine and businesses increase their user base. This is precisely what mobile app development trends offer. So let’s start to know them one by one & here we start:

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The first striking thing that comes to our mind when you hear about artificial intelligence on smartphones is definitely the Virtual assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.) and chatbots or recent AI-based applications like Prisma, Face App etc.  In 2020, there would be an enhancement of existing apps with many new tools like AI-based cameras, user predictions; voice translations etc will find their individual space in smartphones.

The combination of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence will become a proven aid in mobile app development; iOS or Android apps with features like self-learning, problem detection and prompt fix in real-time.  Also it can learn from behavioral patterns and implement mandatory actions without any wait for instructions. For example, ML can interpret our buying pattern from a previous data eCommerce app will suggest your products accordingly without applying any search filters. It’s highly effective for the eCommerce website and app development in Dubai. To add more, a combination of AI and IoT will make our life so easy that we won’t even have to tap our fingers to get things done, since our homes, devices, automobiles, etc, get appropriately controlled. Some other upcoming trends include:

  • AI with IoT
  • Smart camera with subject recognition
  • Voice and language translations
  • AI-powered Face Unlock
  • User behavior predictions
  • High app authentication
  • Adaptive Battery Intelligence

2. Internet of things (IoT)

It was never anticipated that the internet will lead its way into our livelihood to such extent and we couldn’t think of controlling our kitchen and bedroom, then arrives the Internet of Things. For example, you forgot to lock your house while going to the office, no worries, lock the house from your current location. You just need an IoT powered lock system, an IoT app, and the internet.  Interestingly IoT systems can be used for controlling almost everything, not only home or office.

Products like Philips lighting system, Amazon Dash button, August doorbell cam and smart lock, etc are based on IoT and been winning users. Various business organizations have already started shifting themselves into IoT app development. It’s expected that IoT devices will be as common as smartphones in 2020.  Some other upcoming trends include:

  • Smart homes and cities
  • IoT in healthcare
  • Self-driving automobiles
  • AI-powered IoT devices

3. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Being the conqueror of the gaming arena and video games; it’s only a matter of time when this revolutionary technology start impacting the necessary aspects of our day 2-day life. Google’s ARcore and Apple’s ARkit are only few examples of the revolutionary mixed reality solution with features like motion tracking, light estimation, environmental understanding and people occlusion in their packages.

So in 2020, we’ll witness various AR-based ideas turning into fully functional mobile apps, benefiting industries like healthcare, tourism, education, retail, marketing, etc. Mixed reality will also enhance the social media experience as Facebook has introduced Facebook spaces for communication through VR whereas Instagram allowing the self-creation of augmented reality filters. Smart glasses like Oculus Go, HoloLens, Magic Leap, etc provide interactive and immersive user experience through mixed reality.  Some other upcoming trends include:

  • Virtual user manual
  • Virtual training simulations
  • Exploration activities
  • Visual learning
  • Smart destination navigator

4. Beacon Technology

A revolutionary technology that’s capable to stand in the competitive marketing landscape hereby reducing the distance between users and companies. Beacon utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to send signals on the relevant applications for providing the required information about products and their specifications for the users. Many industries like healthcare, hotels, and museums have already started using beacons in their services. Ever since iBeacon was introduced by Apple in 2013, it’s been most used one in iOS app development. Later on, Google introduced Eddystone in 2015.  So, it became a part of android app development as well. In 2020, we’ll get to see many beacon-based apps and locations, some other upcoming trends include:

  • Healthcare
  • Travels & Tourism
  • Mobile Payment
  • Physical games (clue games, treasure hunt, etc.)


The future of mobile app development in Dubai is going to be really exciting as the creation of apps is much easier now.  With the arrival of 5G technology, everything is going to be a hundred times faster, simpler and better in 2020. The integration of these trends into mobile phones is a big step forward but you’ll always require a trusted mobile app development company in Dubai for that. Here, ‘Pro Web’ is a perfect choice. Some of our app development solutions include multimedia apps, utility apps, news apps, IoT app development, etc. on both Android and iOS platforms.