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Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

We idealize and offer mobile app development services benefiting businesses to reap more ROI from the market. Our skilled team of mobile app developers in Dubai is prominently artistic, talented, and strong. Being the best mobile app development company in Dubai, we get your business stand apart from the rest with feature-rich hybrid & native mobile apps. Our app developers believe in adopting change with user demands & time to deliver seamless mobile experience across multiple platforms, devices and OS versions. When it comes to any mobile app development need, Pro Web has the right user-centric mobile app development solutions for all industries & niches.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers in Dubai

Pro Web offers custom mobile app development services in Dubai and frame scalable web development architectures in collaboration with design and product development teams evaluating products to ensure that it’s equipped with usable and clean user interfaces to deliver finest results. We are the best mobile app development company in UAE delivering advantageously designed and imaginatively crafted mobile applications to take your business to the next level. We have a strong expertise in creating multi-platform & engaging mobile apps that will help you get ahead of competitors from all around the globe. Rest guaranteed, when you partner with us, you are joining the future of mobility to make your digital dreams come true.

Our Services

A perfect blend of tech partners for Mobile App Development and Designing Services

Mobile App

As an app development company, we focus on intuitive display and interface, providing the best UI/UX designs offering quality graphics for your web presence.

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Native iOS App

Our iPhone app developers use Native technology and Apple's programming language, Swift, and Objective C to provide the best user experience and solutions.

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Native Android App

Our android app developers have expertise in creating apps based on Native technology for a wide array of industries from eCommerce, travel, social, etc.

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React Native App

Following an agile development methodology to build efficient apps based on React Native for reduced development time as common codes are used.

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Flutter App

Our dynamic mobile app developers work on Flutter - An open-source UI software development kit by Google. This is cost-efficient, time-saving and low-effort.

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Keeping the business model in mind, our experienced backend developers generate the best possible customized results for backend app development.

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Our Design Process

Our understanding of the field along with extensive research experience helps us make it to the top


Planning &

Strategy &






Cutting-edge Technologies We Use

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App Analytics

Not only do we provide pre-eminent mobile apps, but we also ensure a return on investment. This is the reason why our prime focus is on app analytics.

Once the app is ready and lives on the app store and play store, it is imperative to analyze how the app is performing.

To track the performance and the user interaction, we implement different analytics solutions in the app as per business requirements.

This helps our clients to make future decisions related to their business investments which are beneficial for them.

Our services include:

  • User Interaction Analytics
  • Pageviews Tracking
  • Crash Reports
  • Geo-Location Analytics

App Development

Along with getting your application listed on the play store and app store, getting it listed on different platforms is equally important.

We create listings on different platforms, specifically SEO-friendly listings.

We make sure that the client's app reaches the target audience.

We optimize the store-listing based on our keywords research.

Get these app deployment services:

  • Android App Deployment
  • Ios App Deployment
  • Wearables App Deployment
  • App Store Listing Optimization
  • Play Store Listing Optimization

Quality Assurance

Our team has a gist of the most reliable quality assurance.

We follow Sprint wise testing to determine the running speed, acceleration and endurance of the app.

In the case of mobile apps, the tests are run on both Android and iOS platforms.

In the case of websites, responsive testing is done on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Types- Unit testing, User-interface, functional-integration testing and Usability & Acceptance testing.

Our QA team offers:

  • Ios And Android Testing
  • Tablet App Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Website Testing
  • Sprint Wise Testing

API Development Integration

Developers at Pro Web are excellent at the integration of any API (Application Program Interface) as per your requirements and choice.

It could be a payment gateway or a social networking API. Pro Web and its remarkable developers have created seamless solutions and will continue to do so.

After understanding the business requirements, our developers structure the database and design business-specific APIs according to industry standards.

Other than business-specific APIs, we use some open-source 3rd party APIs as per the feature requirements.

Our API Development & Integration services include:

  • API development & integration
  • API authentication/ payment services
  • Open-source API integration
  • API architecture design
  • Scalable API designing

App Iterations

At Pro Web, we always strive for improvements. We understand the importance of analyzing apps for any shortcomings.

After initial app deployment, we add new features as per business requirements and user's feature requirements.

We constantly work without fail towards enhancing the user experience.

Our App Iteration services include:

  • Bug Fixing
  • User Experience Enhancement
  • Performance Optimization
  • Added Features And New Versions

Post Development Maintenance

Creating and designing a mobile app is not enough; we aim at making it live and running smoothly at the earliest.

We are regularly making an effort to stay at the top of the list of best Mobile App Development Companies in the UAE.

We provide our users with reliable tech support and guidance 24/7 to resolve any technical issues with the application.

Our post-development maintenance is thorough and one of the best in Dubai.

Our app experts take care of:

  • Logs management
  • New feature requests fulfilment
  • Bug resolution
  • Customer query support

The Discounter App

Save more with instant access to the best offers and discounts across your favourite restaurants, coffee shops, amusement parks, cinemas, car washes across UAE. In addition, business merchants can now promote their offerings only through the Discounter app. As we had a glimpse of our client's ideas, we started to research and gathered complete knowledge in depth. Our team of designers & developers then collaborated and created the final product module by module.

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Project Açaí

ACAI Café is Singapore's first food chain with a speciality of serving power-packed smoothie bowls. Committed to using only organic ingredients, ACAI is on a mission to offer a variety of healthier and tasty options to people without unnecessary calories. As it was a big project for us, we focused on building a customized app on react native technology stack for our client keeping in mind their, requirements, and expectations.

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Geohoney is the UAE's largest supplier of pure and organic honey across the globe. Being a renowned brand, Geohoney strives to deliver only the best quality & healthy honey products at affordable prices and that too in a hassle-free way right at the customer's doorstep. Upon a deeper understanding of our client's expectations from the app, we built an app that makes retailing and purchasing fresh raw honey easy.

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FMCG Basket

FMCG Basket is an online grocery shopping store that delivers & processes the best-quality daily essentials to UAE customers. The store offers bakery items, beverages, chilled & dry food items and confectionery. The store strives hard in offering only the finest quality products which are safely packed, sealed, and delivered with extreme precautionary measures in the right way & at the right time. Furthermore, we made a detailed outline of all the features that had to be inculcated.

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SG Hired

SG Hired is a mobile application for Security Agencies to hire Security Officers. The project aimed at providing agency users with the ability to create jobs, get updates for interested officers and finally rate them after job completion. SO will have features like filtering the jobs that fit them and getting recruited. Upon thoroughly understanding our client's requirements, we designed an app to navigate jobs, recruitment and payments services with a user-friendly interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile application development includes writing software for small, wireless computing machines, including smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices. Like web applications, mobile application development holds its origins in more conventional software development. However, one significant difference is that you code mobile apps especially to get the advantages of the individual features of a specific mobile device. For instance, you might get a gaming app written to gain the benefit of the iPhone's accelerometer, or you may make your app developer code a mobile health app to acquire the use of a smartwatch's warmth sensor. However, mobile application development is not just limited to this. Much mobile application development is encouraged to gain better outcomes and generate significant revenues by offering convenience to the users.

As we said that mobile app development is majorly about turning an idea into reality by coding, the genuine question is writing codes in what language? Well, usually, JAVA, Python, C++, along with scripting languages like JavaScript, JQuery, etc are used. However, to develop the aesthetics mobile app developers in Dubai and across the world use HTML, CSS, etc! Now, what exactly is required to get started with your mobile app! Different languages are used for the development of different types of applications as depicted below:

iOS App Development

To produce fully-fledged, stable, and scalable iOS mobile applications development, app developers use the following languages:

  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • SwiftUI
  • CocoaPods
  • RxSwift
  • SwiftLint
  • CircleCI

These languages are usually used to build iPhone App Development, iPad App Development, Apple Watch App Development, Apple TV App Development, App Clips Development.

Android App Development

Using the most advanced technologies, Android app development requires expert app developers in the following languages:

  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Graddle
  • Dagger2
  • JetPack
  • Coroutines
  • Fastlane

These languages are used for the development of Android Mobile App Development, Android TV App Development, Android Tablet App Development, Android Wear App Development.

Cross-platform App Development

For the top-notch mobile applications that run on various platforms expenses while providing your users with a mobile app that fits most of the OS. You may use this choice to decrease costs and time-to-market and to reach more users without quality loss. This kind of development includes the usage of the following languages:

  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Native Script
  • Javascript
  • TypeScript

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web Apps are those that mix the best technological solutions used in mobile and web applications useful in the efficiency of development and sharing, and other advantages for your business.

  • React
  • Angular
  • Redux
  • Polymer
  • Workbox
  • Lighthouse

This is probably the highest debated question of all time! Whether to get an Android app, a Windows application, or an iOS app. The answer to this question lies in your potential customers’ mobile usage patterns. It is essential to analyze the target audience and where they are present. If you have a customer base of extremely premium products with most of your ( almost above 65% ) customers using iPhones, it is wise to get an iOS application. However, in this technologically advanced era, there is always an option for cross-platform app development. Again, the consideration of your audience must be wise.

iOS vs. Android development comparison

Prospects: Android projects are now operating 74.4% of the universal market share, making the prospect of Android app development remarkably promising. On the other hand, iOS machines are becoming cheaper and more popular due to their tremendous performance and continuous innovation. So overall, it’s not fruitful to base your iOS vs. Android app development decisions on the anticipated outlook because both platforms will not suffer demand within the subsequent years.

Revenue: While Android is the perfect lead-in market percentage, users who favor iOS have a longer lifetime value (LTV). It indicates that these consumers are prone to using money inside the mobile app to purchase extra content and display a long-standing—compared to a one-time—beginning of interest; thus, while there is no apparent victor in the Android vs. iOS developing revenue contestant, experts in-app user spending to address $60 billion for the iOS App Store in the subsequent year.

Target audience: Statistics prove that progressing apps for Android may be more robust if your target audience is essential in the objective or medical specialties. On the other hand, iPhones are more popularized among business experts, administrators, and sales specialists. Also, ordinary people who fancy iPhones manage to possess higher levels, put up with the most advanced technology inclinations and hold a higher household income.

Funds for development and deadlines: IOS continues the champion in the Android vs. iOS app development competition in aspects of development duration and the necessary budget. In addition, the coding languages that the two programs work with become a vital factor. Android relies on Java, while iOS uses Apple’s native programming language, Swift.

Post-launch maintenance: Android consumers often adhere to older variants of the OS. Consequently, 50% of all Android designs are currently operating on outdated versions of Android, ending in crashes and unforeseen bugs in modern apps that are contrarily perfectly operative. This enigma is much less noticeable in iPhone users, indicating the preservation for iOS apps is usually more affordable than for Android.

Concludingly, you may decide the platform you wish to opt for based on the above considerations.

As mobile app development is a tedious process, it requires a huge investment in planning and implementation. Here is a step-by-step process to build an app from scratch:

  • Logo
  • Brand guideline
  • Wireframe
  • Mockups
  • Design development
  • Testing
  • Launching

Ideation: A unique idea about what your app is going to perform. It usually must solve some existing problem or suggest a better solution than the ones already existing. A good way is to clearly write a precise problem statement for your mobile app.

The decision of the targeted audience: This gives you an idea of where your audience is present and what they demand. Hence, you can plan your development and design process accordingly.

Type of app required: Hybrid/Native, and which platform.

Monetization strategy: You surely wish to make money from your app, and why not? So you must have a clear strategy on how you wish to get money out of these apps. Try to talk to your mobile app developer about this.

App developer: Of course, you can’t do all the coding yourself, you will need an expert.

The duration of different mobile applications varies based on the requirement and type of mobile application being developed. According to the mobile app developers in UAE, cross-platform or hybrid app development usually demands more time than native application development. The time for an app development varies from a minimum of 30 days and can go up to 180 days depending on the features required in the app. If you wish to get an app with a complex structure and many features, you must have a larger time frame for the app developers. Also, the time of maintenance and updates is not included in the development.

As far as the difficulty of the app development is concerned, it is extremely challenging to get all the functions fully-fledged working, and smooth. However, this issue can be easily resolved by hiring an experienced mobile app development company in Dubai and getting all your technical requirements sorted by them. Pro Web will also help you to get the best graphics and make your app more interactive and attractive considering your user base.

As mobile app development is a tedious process, it requires a huge investment in planning and implementation. Here is a step-by-step process to build an app from scratch:

  • Logo
  • Brand guideline
  • Wireframe
  • Mockups
  • Design development
  • Testing
  • Launching

Finding an app developer in UAE can be difficult with a plethora of options available in the market showcasing their skills. However, your mobile app development deserves the best usage of your investment. Here are the factors you must consider to ensure that you find the right fit:

Experience & skills: Based on the app type, judge the listed app developers based on their experience and skills. This will help you cut down your list a little more and leave you with fewer choices.

Communication and the capability to work remotely: Before sharing exclusive details about your application, try to meet them in person or hold a remote virtual meeting with the developers to understand their communication pattern and workflow. If they can work remotely and are satisfied with their communication, you may take a step forward.

Portfolio: Explore the work they have previously delivered. Understand which industry they have worked with already and if it matches yours. You may wish to refer to various applications developed by them.

References: Connecting with the references gives you a clear picture of what you may get into. Not just the beginning but also at the later stages during the actual development!

Look for developers who can guide you: You can build the same application in several ways. Go for the developers who make you understand all the possible options and help you pick the most beneficial one. This idea gives a clear picture if the developers are only in it for money or are they genuinely interested in making your app better.

Look for long-term relationships: Your app development doesn't stop right after the building of the application; you have to consider factors like maintenance, updating, bug fixations, etc. Look for a developer who supports you throughout the entire process in the long term.

App development costs typically vary for each application, because no two mobile applications are the same. However, we have deduced these app development costs based on the considerations of several app development companies in UAE and by the price range estimates for our customer projects analysis. Here is an idea about the typical price ranges:

  • On average, for a minor app development project price, the android app prices range between AED 20,000 – 25,000, i.e., USD 5500 – 7000. The average cost to construct an app is expected to be passing this sum over time as the app expands.
  • A semi-complex multi-feature mobile app may cost you around AED 25,000 – 40,000, i.e., around USD 7000 – 11000.
  • For enterprise-level or fully-functional complex mobile app development, the usual expense is AED 50,000, i.e., about USD 14000.

Note that your app maintenance cost and the app launching cost are not inclusive in most of these cases.

Consider the complexity of your app including the features and designing aspects you wish to have. Ponder about the cost estimates given above and try to frame a budget accordingly! It is a good idea to inquire about our pricing structures and be clear about what you are getting into. On a general note, it is always a good idea to ask your selected app developer in Dubai to tell you about any hidden charges or any hosting charges that are not included in the development part. Also, ensure that you ask about the different prices that might appear later if any.

In these programs, you can hire expert mobile app developers for a specific purpose on an hourly basis. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract, where we’ll share our complete technical infrastructure, knowledge, process planning, and execution capabilities, just like we are sitting in the same working space. This model has made us high-quality, easy to work, and cost-effective in-house staff. Our Pro Web model provides you the following:

  • 80 or 160 hours of assured productivity every month.
  • Daily Reports for all tasks done.
  • Weekly billing as per hours incurred.
  • Mobile app development, Backend development, Testing, UI & UX Web Design work included.
  • Prices start from AED 99/hour.

Hosting the backend of any mobile application is necessary to have sound expertise in the following fields:

  • Server-side programming
  • Database management
  • Big data
  • Mobile telecommunication network
  • Modern cryptography

All these are a significant part of the method—the most challenging field when managing backend hosting all by you is the coding mode. Apart from the abilities, the system needs an extreme level of commitment and work. Here are the three primary options available for backend hosting:

  1. You can apply a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) hosting assistance. It’s the most straightforward alternative, the provider manages the hosting, and you will experience a quicker ‘Time-to-market.’ Here are a few MBaaS options you can opt from:

    • AWS: Amazons’ MBaaS presents a rich collection of services, including the complete MBaaS spectrum. Amazon Cloud also has a complimentary tier; yet, the AWS MBaaS isn’t simple to use.
    • Google Firebase: Firebase allows the following kinds of services:

      • Develop,’ which involves a cloud database, user authorization, messaging, and storehouse. It also consists of hosting, testing tools, and wreck reporting characteristics.
      • ‘Grow’ section of services benefits you to interpret user intercommunications and includes analytics, indexing, and dynamic linking.
      • ‘Earn’ feature is for advertising.
    • Apple CloudKit: This toolkit is Apples’ MBaaS contribution. It allows most MBaaS assistance and is extremely useful for all iOS apps. It’s additionally helpful for simple apps. However, they don’t sustain server-side inference, and the app developers are required to run application logic on the customer end. In this case, you only spend when you pass the threshold for the free tier.

    There are more based on what kind of app you wish to develop and which type of hosting your business and app demands.

  2. The alternative is coding your mobile backend utilizing existing tools that any Cloud service provider, e.g., Google, grants. It’s not straightforward. However, you have market-leading assistance that you may rely on. The Cloud service provider directs your hosting demands.
  3. The most challenging alternative is to code your whole backend and discover a provider that will host the mobile application. This option requires a wide assortment of experiences; besides, it’s a long process. If you want a broad selection of customization and possess the necessary expertise in your team like that in a mobile development company like Pro Web, you can analyze this option for a full-fledged app.

So, how much does it cost to host an app? The most straightforward clarification would be that it is based on the number of users your app holds. There‘s a free of cost service that you can consider for one year for a mini-site or a little app; after that, the price for AWS hosting is $8-10 a month, however, if you possess more users, then the cost increases exponentially, and for prominent startups and companies, it can be as considerably high due to the number of users.

Since mobile applications operate digitally, there is always a maintenance cost factor in the price structure. The typical cost is roughly 15-20% of its initial development cost for maintaining software. A mobile app development company in UAE usually breaks down the maintaining cost into hosting, marketing, updates, monitoring, engagement, and licenses. Here is what these terms indicate and how you can decide on these. Mobile app monitoring is imperative for its progress. To verify an app’s execution, you can use several mobile analytics platforms. Due to the unique audience and a tremendously unsteady number of users for each app, there is no clear way to deduce this price. However, monitoring is an essential aspect of the app maintenance cost.

You should usually not wait long from the ideation phase to the launching phase due to several prospects, that is if you wait for too long the competitor apps might become more prominent in the market and your app may be more likely to get lost in the digital ocean. Once you have the idea, quickly start to work on the development and designing aspect.