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Mobile Application Development | 11 Min Read

Mobile App Development Tools Every Developer Needs To Know

Mobile App Development

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Posted on: Thursday April 2, 2020

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As mobile apps continue to emerge as a go-to method for most businesses to market their services, mobile app developers continue to seeking tools that can help them build resourceful apps. With complete guidance and several templates to pick, mobile app developers can swiftly create good looking mobile applications. Creating good mobile apps is becoming straightforward for stakeholders, especially with a lot of available tools and easily accessible at hand right now.

Majority of fresher and experienced developers always have a lot of questions about latest mobile app development tools and if you are also amongst them then this post is for you. There are several tools available for open-source mobile app development in market, which also puts leading mobile app development agencies in most confusing scenarios and this is the prime reason why we have gathered all the necessary information required by stakeholders about mobile app development tools. With this blog, personals from mobile app development companies get to know what kind of tools or software can be used and where they can invest the resources. Also, they would know whether native or hybrid tools are useful and where not.

Mobile App Development Tools Which Developers Can Use:

Like mentioned earlier, lots of mobile app development tools are available for Android and iOS in the market, but which one is best? The developers need to be extremely careful with the choice here and need to make sure that selected tools are handy. Here’s a list of latest mobile app development tools and comparison between them so you can make the best selection.

1. Buildfire.js

It is the foremost mobile app development tools which you will get with a cross-platform library useful to build custom functionality. Also this tool can be customized according to specific requirements thorough JavaScript. The customization options are unlimited and this feature makes implementation of framework simple and easy. Buildfire.js is an open-source tool, and with the help of Buildfire platform, tools will reduce 80 percent of development task. There are 45+ open-source plugins in the tool which helps to minimize the hassle of developer’s. The pre-existing templates and pre-build functionalities like direct integrations with Smooch and Segment have highly contributed to the performance of Buildfire.js.

2. Ionic

Yet another renowned mobile app development tool which everyone should check out. It is perfect for handling several projects by helping developers in various aspects. Based on CSS language and cross-platform functionalities, which enable the developers to develop apps that will easily run on both Android and iOS platform. It can also be integrated with Angular JS to build various types of apps. Features like library of JS-CSS components, mobile-optimized HTML to work perfectly with the features present in mobile phones. A command-line interface will be helpful for providing emulators, logging, and live to reload. These can also be sent for updates directly to the users without any third-party intervention.

3. Xamarin

Backed by Microsoft is enough for app developers to go with Xamarin. With C# codebase, it’s quiet easy to develop Android, Windows, and iOS apps. The best feature is that Xamarin allow code sharing options on various platforms without any hassle. It has cloud service, which makes it best cross-platform mobile app development tool. Other features include standardized UI controls, SDK integration for app to be updated on the basis of changing OS.

The best thing is that Xamarin is open source and offers a lot of features, that’s indeed a benefit for developers to use them effectively. The component store must be mentioned here due to its set of UI components, libraries, third party web services, UI controls and assured app security.

4. Android Studio

Another noteworthy open-source mobile app development tool that you can look for your project is Android Studio. Straight from the Android IDE, it’s a perfect tool that can be used for app development. Despite being non supportive to cross-platform development, it is perfect pick for developers.

There are many features that make it stand ahead of other options available in market. The tool is tailored to match the specific requirement of Android developers. It is a highly reliable mobile app development tool for Android with lots of backing and great community support that users can utilize in the project.

5. Corona Labs

Supporting every major platform, this is one of the most effective app development tool for both Android and iOS devices. Corona Labs is useful to develop 2D games and educational applications specifically. It can be useful for developing 2D applications on several platforms.

It is free for developers and pretty easy to learn for beginners without any hassle. There are many guides and in-depth tutorials that will help in understanding the features and how to use the platform.

6. Sencha Touch

Another mobile app development tool that’s perfect for cross platform apps for multiple operating systems. The tool is based on MVC and works with JavaScript too. This also makes it a good choice for developers as JavaScript is a programming language that every programmer is aware. The developers need to code in HTML 5 and use the program for both iOS and Android apps. The tool has 100+ supporting components along with community support is commendable. Also there are many commercial supported widgets for making UI friendlier.

7. Appcelerator

This is another tool which can be used for both native and hybrid apps development. It’s becoming favorite for so many developers due to capability of reducing programming lines and making it easy to use. The best thing here is that open market place allows user to share and sell templates, modules, and extensions with ease.


We hope that this comparison will be helpful for developers. But requirement and budget are two other factors that must be taken into consideration for picking which tools are right. Tools like Android Studio are not suitable for developing hybrid applications; they are meant for only Android applications alone. Likewise, you can pick the right app depending upon requirements. Open source app dev tools are essential for development as it speedup the development and reduce lot of developers effort through various plugins.

The developers need to choose wisely as a lot of factors will impact the choice here, and one such factor is project size. Not every tool is capable to handle huge projects, so developers need to make smart choices to go perfectly with their app development.