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Mobile Application Development | 6 Min Read

Popular Apps Built Using React Native

React Native App Development

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Posted on: Thursday June 11, 2020

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JavaScript (JS) has been continuously evolving the web and mobile apps industry. From all JS frameworks, react native development services have gained extreme popularity and being used by people across the globe. From start-up to Fortune 500 companies, react native is a preferred framework for mobile app development. It plays a vital role in development of some popular apps that are very well known to you, I believe!

Apps built using react native:

We have enlisted some of the most popular apps built using react native, which are used on every day basis or seen in app stores too. Let’s have a look on them.

1) Facebook

Facebook, as we all know is one of the biggest social media platform in real, Right? Interestingly Facebook has developed react-native for supporting cross platform development (i.e. iOS & Android operating system). Like said before, it’s a social networking platform helping to connect with friends and family virtually. But you know that, it’s built using react-native. However the mobile facebook app is not made with react-native only. They have developed their own Ads Manager App, for iOS and Android.

2) Instagram

The platform owned by FaceBook is another renowned social media platform for people to share images and videos in several categories. It’s been developed using react-native in the app from the beginning to port the push notifications view. Later on, team got focused on delivering the app much faster than it was.

3) Uber-Eats

The app is meant for online food ordering and delivery. It was developed by Uber, enabling users to order online and have it delivered. But React native only covers a smaller part of the app and provides a better experience to users in terms of UI & UX.

4) Skype

This is one of the biggest telecommunications platforms owned by Microsoft. It was developed on C#- Xamarin based framework, but they have used React native for building the video chat app.

5) Walmart

The American multinational is a retail corporation operating a number of grocery stores, supermarkets, and discount department stores all across the world. Their app have been developed using react native for giving their users an excellent performance and extremely smooth animations for improving customer experience.

6) Discovery VR

This is an adventure app bringing the nature close through VR or 360 videos. The UI of app is built using React Native and provides a seamless VR experience to the users.

7) Delivery

Another e-commerce app enabling customers to order online from their preferred local restaurants, grocery stores, wine and spirits shops, and laundry and dry-cleaning providers. It’s been developed using react-native to interlink a plugin with native module to connect the map up with device’s functions like rotate, zoom, and the compass while utilizing less memory and loading faster.


If you are planning to have an app idea then reacts native is a perfect match, hire a professional react native development company across the world. You can also read this article on why react native is best platform for mobile app development. It is helpful to give information on why consider react native for web & app development.