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E-commerce Website Design | 4 Min Read

PrestaShop VS OpenCart Buying the Right Software that Matches your E-commerce Business Needs

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Posted on: Friday August 18, 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes

PrestaShop and OpenCart both open source platforms have build a strong position in the E-commerce world. Today every business needs this effective shopping cart software to win out the competition. Both of the platforms have their own pros and cons. PrestaShop is considered as advanced and progressive solution these days. On other hand Open cart solutions provide the user with wide range of useful features. Buying right software that matches your business needs is a complicated matter. This can be done in the best way by comparing their features and the ease to use them.
PrestaShop –

  • Add-on Paradise – PrestaShop is full of amazing templates and you can find it in every style. It also gives additional add-on modules that can take really take your site to a new level.
  • Makes Designing Simple With hundreds of rich features available here, this software makes it easy to customize the website. It is the most attractive tool that guarantees great look and responsiveness of the website.
  • Simple store administration – This tool offers easy store administration so that anyone can take control of the online store without any need of technical skills.

OpenCart –

  • Feature Friendly – OpenCart is a bundle of great features. It gives various categories, products right from the start. Range of language support and currency options are another added advantages offered.
  • Content Management – This tool provides an important management tool for the non product pages. It also gives the benefit to provide product reviews and ratings.
  • Budget-Friendly Tool – The cost involved in setting up this software is very approachable to all types of businesses. Most of the add-ons that are available here are free of cost so that everyone is able to get their website setup without spending bulk amount.

Both platforms prove their advantages, but it depends on the user which is really worth trusting. On comparing these two platforms, PrestaShop gives the more polished look to the online store with unique set of features. If budget is not a problem going with this platform is the best option to get your shop look the way you want.