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SEO Trends 2020 – How To Find The Best SEO Company In Dubai?

SEO Trends 2020

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Posted on: Wednesday July 1, 2020

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A latest report have clearly indicated that total spend for advertising in the Middle East region is stranded around $3 billion and expected to go down in 2020. This data showcase the tough situation for all the digital agencies in a fierce battle for customers with several competitors around. Top 10 SEO agencies in UAE grossed more than $28 million USD in 2019. But this is hard earned money, as clients nowadays are selecting the service providers on a tight budget.

Keep up with on-going marketing trends

Despite investments going down in gulf region, requirement for business digitalization is not going anywhere. It’s interesting to know that 38% of businesses have a good digital strategy and only 3% achieved advance state of their digital transformation. For creating an effective digital marketing strategy, staying focused on the latest and most effective trends is mandatory. The $15 billion cap global marketing industry spends more than 70% percent of their budgets on social media influencers. About 99.06% of the population in UAE is active on social media and it plays a great role in influencer marketing leads to a new name, s-commerce (social commerce).

Highest Awareness Levels

When compared to major cities in the Middle East region, businesses in Dubai value SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the most. Just like other technical hubs, Dubai also have entire Quarters focused across internet business. Especially the presence of tech giants from other parts of the world companies has fostered the requirement of SEO methods as crucial marketing instrument.

Online Shopping Through Smartphone

The trend of using smartphones as primary tool for shopping products like electronics, clothing, and footwear is growing like anything. A recent study showcase that 50% of under 25 years prefer shopping through smartphones.

Youtube Advertising Outreaches

A total of 7.88 million UAE citizens which is equivalent to 82% of total population is using YouTube and this makes it a preferred choice for advertisement. Features like TrueView In-stream, TrueView Discovery, Bumper Ads, and TrueView for Shopping are offered by YouTube for advertisement campaigns complementing influencer marketing strategies.

Snapchat Remains In Trend

Snapchat continues to have a huge user base in UAE and running ad campaigns on this platform is important in 2020. So, your social media marketing efforts include this running ad campaigns on Snapchat is staying an important part of social media marketing. The most popular Business uses of snapchat are flash sales, scavenger hunt, and secret menu Item.

Data-Driven Marketing

Customer’s attention in the digital realm is crucial. Since there are lots of offers available within few clicks, personally engaging and relevant content is an aid for keeping the customers loyal. Using data collections GDPR-compliant and data protecting by yourself rather than using Google or Facebook is a must in 2020. Moreover the customer data enables marketer to create a seamless multichannel experience. This way contains a unified brand experience with channels like website, webchat, email, paid advertisement, and SEO.

Artificial Intelligence

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in chatbots and other conversational interfaces are useful helpful for reducing customer response time along with making it faster and smarter than traditional methods. Also this helps in smarter personalization and creation of better content strategies, stronger analytics and reporting systems.