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Shells Introduces New Aspects Of Virtual Desktop Cloud Computing

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Posted on: Saturday February 20, 2021

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Written by: Mrunali Gaikwad

Shell, the Desktop as a Service provider, introduced a new component to virtual cloud computing. It brings Windows 10 or Linux distros to any mobile device or computer and several game consoles through a web browser.


Shells is a U.S based startup that went online last year. Since then, Alex Lee, its founder and CEO is continually getting favorable responses from casual users, other businesses, and Linux developers. While it’s a great alternative to Chromebooks and aging computers, schools are likely to turn towards it.


These are virtual desktop cloud computers that can be accessed using any Web-enabled device. This platform converts idle screens into full-fledged computers that can run all types of applications that support learning, coding, and working whether you’re at home or on the move.


There are four tiers in Lee’s approach to cloud computing: Lite, Basic, Plus, and Pro, that cater to the needs of professional and casual users alike. Shells are available in varied options to be compatible in all scenarios for the users. This platform offers fair and equal access to computers for everyone. It puts an end to the digital divide.


You don’t have to be an IT professional to make the best of cloud computing’s advantages. Shells offers a faster and personalized virtual desktop environment powered by cloud computers located in various data centers around the world.


According to Lee, this product is easier to set up and affordable than any other solutions available. It provides multiple operating systems, which isn’t the case with other operations. Whether you are a web developer or casual computer user, Shells would be easy support for you with affordable pricing and no hidden costs.


Bringing An Idea To Reality 


Earlier, Shell’s founder, Lee, used to own a VPN (Virtual Private Network) operation. Later he sold that and thought about the opportunities offered by a simplified cloud-delivered computing system. Seeking the right time, he moved the plan to the startup phase.


We have seen major advancements in technology lately, considering the Internet speed and introduction of 5G wir. In various interviews, Lee shared considerable challenges involved while finding a solution for web and app developers for various platforms from iOS to Android.


They began with developing their product for casual users who may be looking for easy computing solutions. Then they moved towards web development companies in UAE and Linux communities. Access to multiple operating systems offers many benefits to the users as they can test and deploy applications at the same place. It was a major opportunity for Lee to put an end to the digital divide. Further, he decided to shift his focus towards students and bring up something that will let them use any device as a full-blown computer. Moreover, a web development company in UAE can make the best use of it to simplify developers’ work.


While the pandemic gave rise to the need for remote learning, and work continues at various places, Shells offers an opportunity to access all resources easily. People can now utilize their TVs or tablets as computers.


The Idea Of Multiple Platforms 


There may be questions about offering both Linux and Windows operating systems. Well, convenience for web development companies in UAE and familiarity for other casual users remains one reason. Moreover, Lee has been an avid Linux user. He strongly supports different Linux distributions and the open-source community. Therefore, we can expect additional options for Linux distro in the future as Shells grows. Also, Windows is a platform that maximum casual users are familiar with. The platform mix was important to reach out to more users so that everyone can find a fit.


Shells are not confined within the geographical borders of the U.S. mainland anymore. It’s reaching out globally now. The company has its servers located in different locations globally, including Amsterdam, Tokyo, Seoul, and South Korea, which will continue to expand as it grows.


Challenges And Future Prospects 


One of the major hurdles before Shells is to convince potential customers about the benefits of cloud computing and how the product can help them. One of the important agendas here is to support more Linux adoption.


The Linux users who were on the fence are expected to jump right in with Shells. Not only to test and use Linux but Shells is also a great platform to manage multiple operating platforms on one device.

Written by: Mrunali Gaikwad

Mrunali Gaikwad is a technical content writer at Pro Web. She specializes in curating research based content for several niches including web development, digital marketing, eCommerce, travel, beauty, and business.