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Top Rated Shopify Experts In Dubai, UAE

We are certified Shopify development partners in UAE. Since 2012, Pro Web is an industry leader that recognizes the need for robust eCommerce websites for handling online stores in today’s time. To offer reliable and futuristic eCommerce web design in Dubai and the Middle East, we master our skills and trends that keep evolving over time. We make sure that you are helped at every step of the Shopify and Shopify Plus development process. Whether you are launching a new business or improving your existing business with Shopify in UAE, we have solutions for all your problems.


Checkout our comprehensive Shopify Guide which includes details about
everything you need to know before setting up an Online Shopify Store in UAE

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Being a top-rated Shopify Development Company, we have helped customers reach their goals.
Each product’s success has a story scribed. All it takes is an innovative idea and an appropriate implementation.

Our Process

Simply start your e-commerce website in these few very easy steps.

Using your store name, user id and a password, register yourself. Get your 14-day trial activated.
Choose / Customize theme
After registration, we shall either help you customize the theme for your website, or we can help you select from the pre-defined themes available on Shopify app-store.
Upload Inventory
Upload your inventory and add all the details along with price, images, SKU code along with all the others you wish to display to your customers.
Payment and Shipping
We then help you to integrate the payment gateway preferred by you and the shipping methods as per your specifications.
Finally, let the world discover your website by deploying your Shopify website and start selling through it.

Our Services

We provide end-to-end solutions for Shopify, from setting up a store to marketing and support.

Shopify Store Setup

Thinking about developing a robust and effective
online store that becomes the next example in
the industry? In UAE, Shopify is the most
preferred platform for E-Commerce and we are
the best Shopify web developers since we create
and set up your online business website in
minimal time at the most affordable cost.

Shopify Design and Build

As a Shopify certified partner agency, we are able to
deliver excellently designed and developed Shopify
websites with customized templates that boost your
business. We develop themes from the scratch
customized as per the requirement of your website so
that you can stand apart in the crowd of Shopify
stores with the same standard templates and themes.

Shopify Apps

As the leading Shopify E-Commerce website
development company in Dubai, we build special custom
features for your store. Hence, even after buying different
modules and employing a public app, you need a unique
store with a higher level of personalization, then our
expert Shopify developers create private applications
that fit your needs and expectations perfectly.

Shopify POS

To offer your customers a full retail experience,
Shopify supports a POS (Point of Sale) system. We
provide impeccable Shopify POS support services
in Dubai, by syncing your existing data, managing
inventory, and backing the site that enables you
to make sales to your Shopify stores in a physical
location from an Android phone, iPad, iPhone, etc.

Shopify Marketing

We understand that marketing is the key to the
success of every business, hence our certified
digital marketing experts
provide marketing
solutions inclusive of dynamic search engine
optimization that take your business to the potential
customer base which multiplies the revenue of your

Shopify Support and Training

Being the leading E-Commerce development company in
UAE, we provide a to z services for an online store on Shopify
in Dubai, from maintaining, regular updating, creating
graphical assets, content updation, fixing bugs, we have got
you covered on all fronts when it comes to supporting your
Shopify store. We are just an email or call away from taking
your E-Commerce business to new heights.

We are the leading Shopify E-commerce Experts and Shopify Partners in the UAE & Middle East

Get to know how we work to get you started with your Shopify e-commerce store

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Innovation is requisite for exceptional outcomes!

Featured Project

UAE-based store selling Audi accessories using Shopify Advanced Plan


Bring precise workmanship and progressive design into your everyday life with premium items from the Audi Collection. Now, the convenience of ordering your next Audi Collection product online is just a few taps away.

Complete Shopify Guide for Setting Up An Online Shopify Store In UAE

While setting up your eCommerce store for the first time, it's common to be all muddled up with doubts and confusions. Despite the fact that Shopify makes everything absolutely easy, there may be some aspects that need clarification. It's okay to have questions in mind, but you should always make sure that they're answered. Especially when those answers hold the key to a successful business, stepping away isn't smart. Therefore, we have answers to some of the most important questions in your head.

Does Shopify Work In UAE?

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms, providing all solutions in one place, making it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish and embrace success. Currently, Shopify is supporting more than 1,000,000 businesses all over the world to perform and manage business activities smoothly. The excellent Shopify platform is available in the UAE also. From selling goods to dropshipping, everything that needs to be done to keep your business running is possible with Shopify in UAE.

Shopify works the same way in UAE, just like it does in any other country. You will have to follow the same process for setup, and your customers across UAE will be allowed to make payments in Dirhams (AED). With the help of leading payment providers, Shopify makes it possible for businesses to offer maximum support to their customers. According to the respective payment methods, customers can make payments using local currency.

Does Shopify Work In UAE?

Can You Sell Your Products On Shopify?

Of course, you can. If you have an appropriate trading license, you can easily sell your products with Shopify in UAE. Shopify is a global eCommerce platform allowing the same services and features in the UAE also. You may have to follow the standard steps for settings up your Shopify store by creating an account and selecting the preferable pricing plan.

All the details related to your business and sales will be displayed on the dashboard, where you can manage various activities and how your online store appears before the audience. You will need a trading activity license to sell, import, and export products through Shopify. However, if you will be dealing only with the local products in the UAE, then you may need an eCommerce activities license.

The same applies to dropshipping. Dropshipping is legal in the United Arab Emirates but with a legit license. According to your business activities, you will need to have proper licenses to support them.

Can You Sell Your Products On Shopify?

License Requirements To Setup A Shopify Store In UAE

Licenses are mandatory irrespective of the fact that you sell online or physically. Launching a Shopify store without proper licenses may drag your business into unwanted trouble. To start an eCommerce business, you will be required to get an e-trader license from the department of economic development according to the outlined procedure. The products/ services and the nature of your business determine which licenses you need. You will generally need to have the following licenses:

i) Ecommerce License: While you may be selling products through your website and managing these activities online, you should have an eCommerce license to support the same. The type of this license might vary according to the location of your business. There are different regulations for freezones and the UAE mainland.

ii) Trading Activity License: This license lets you sell products across the UAE. If you have warehouses and store products along with exporting or importing them, a commercial license is mandatory. On the other hand, if you are dependent on other sellers to deliver goods to your customer, a professional license would be enough.

License Requirements To Setup A Shopify Store In UAE

Which Payment Gateways Are Supported By Shopify?

Certainly, your business setup would be incomplete without a proper way of receiving payments. It's important to select an appropriate payment processing platform that collects payments on behalf of the store owner. Only when you offer seamless shopping experiences, your customers will choose you to get their requirements fulfilled. They want smooth transactions without glitches and disappointments. Integrating the best payment gateways is therefore important.

As said earlier, Shopify collaborates with various third-party payment platforms to make transactions easier on both ends (you and your customers'). Therefore, you can look up to various payment gateways to receive payments from customers. There are many options in the UAE, including Telr, PayFort, 2Checkout, Tap, PayTabs, Cashu, etc. It's best to have multiple payment gateways to improve customer experience.

Shopify also offers its own payment gateway, known as Shopify Payments. It allows payment processing through Stripe. When you use third-party payment gateways requires you to pay a processing fee for the various transactions conducted. This fee may vary for different platforms. However, when you use Shopify Payments, you can skip the transaction fees. Whether you use Shopify Payments or other payment gateways, the transactions can be done in local currency (Dirhams).

Which Payment Gateways Are Supported By Shopify?

Is Shopify A Legit Platform?

Yes! There should not even be the need to answer this, but since there may be many first-timers, it is something important. Shopify is a well-known, publicly traded company with industry-leading security and audited software. However, you should still be aware of various fraudulent "get rich" schemes you may come across in the name of Shopify. With its popularity, the platform has gained many fraudsters and scammers who continue to create these issues for shoppers who may be dealing with dropshipping business and chargeback issues.

For Shopify store owners, Shopify is basically software, a complete eCommerce solution. It's not some turnkey business; you still have to work on deciding a product and market and selling suitable products. Shopify legitly makes the process easier.

Is Shopify A Legit Platform?

Who Is A Shopify Expert?

Shopify experts are professionally skilled developers, designers, and consultants who can help you in building successful businesses, brands, and Shopify stores. Shopify reviews these experts before they join the marketplace. They are not employees at Shopify but handpicked companies, agencies, and freelancers. These experts help you get any task related to your Shopify store done perfectly.

Who Is A Shopify Expert?

Do You Need A Shopify Expert?

It's true that Shopify is one of the easiest platforms to manage and conduct business activities with. It comes with robust tools and features that make it easier for businesses to sell their products and keep track of all activities. However, when setting up your online store and working on getting a perfect website, there are many things that would need the help of a professional. No matter how well you can handle things, seeking help from Shopify developers will always be the best to make sure everything remains perfect.

When it comes to technical areas, you should not step back from seeking professional help. Especially if you are a new Shopify seller, do not carry the burden of doing everything on your own. You may not be able to move ahead without some essential services. In recent times it would be necessary for all businessmen to hire the best Shopify developers to support them.

Do You Need A Shopify Expert?

What Does A Shopify Developer Do?

Shopify developers and experts will help you with the following:

  • Shopify Store Setup: Under the guidance of a Shopify expert, you can finish the Shopify store setup easily with everything done appropriately. From domain and hosting to customization and post-launch support, they will help you keep track of everything.

  • Customization: If you want a custom-made Shopify store, an expert will help you customize the selected theme and make necessary changes in the design and structure using codes.

  • Third-Party Integrations And Add-ons: You can integrate third-party tools and resources to optimize the performance of your Shopify store and make it more user-friendly. Shopify experts would help you add the best functionalities and features to your online store.

  • Optimize Performance And Marketing: While there are many factors that determine the best performance of your online store, a Shopify expert can help you find what needs improvement and enhance the same. There's also the need for proper marketing to ensure that your business continues to grow. The experts will help you make improvements in the marketing analysis with the help of various tools.

  • SEO: It is important that your eCommerce website gets enough traffic. Most of this will be done if your store appears on the first result page of major search engines. With the help of blogs, backlinks, and schema, experts will help you optimize.

  • Fixing Errors And Bugs: While you are running an online store, you will have to incorporate various tools and technologies into it. Certainly, there may be occasional bugs due to the theme or other third-party resources. Shopify experts can identify and fix bugs and errors to ensure that the store runs perfectly and smoothly.

What Does A Shopify Developer Do?

How To Find A Shopify Expert?

Finding Shopify experts is easy; finding the right ones is the actual task. The web is full of options when you search for Shopify developers in UAE. However, knowing who would serve you the best takes time and research. Here's how to ensure the best selection:

  • Connect to the experts and ask them for a quote.

  • Discuss the details of the services you want. Finalize the price and features.

  • Get going with the process.

How To Find A Shopify Expert?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Shopify Expert?

While Shopify experts are in demand these days, you may have to pay a considerable amount to get the best services from them. Based on the location, experience, and type of expert services you desire, the cost of hiring a Shopify expert tends to vary. You should consider the following points when deciding on the fees you pay to your Shopify expert.

  • Consider different rates for the type and volume of the work you require and understand the difficulty level.

  • The rates charged may be dependent on the experience of the Shopify developer or the goodwill of an agency/company.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Shopify Expert?

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website On Shopify?

Shopify makes it very simple for businessmen to set up their stores and sell seamlessly. While price remains a major concern for you, this platform offers three different pricing plans to let you choose the one that suits your budget. They include:

  • Shopify Basic: It costs $29 per month with additional charges for online transactions.

  • Shopify: It costs $79 per month with additional charges for online transactions.

  • Advanced Shopify: It costs $299 per month with additional charges for online transactions.

As the plans get better, the charges for transactions reduce. To begin with, you also get a 14-days free trial. Moreover, the costs involved in making a Shopify website will also include the cost of hiring Shopify experts along with the Shopify plans.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website On Shopify?

Is Shopify Free For Developers?

If you are a Shopify Partner, you can access Shopify for free with some limitations. In that case, you can create unlimited development stores. A development store is actually a Shopify account that lets developers test various apps and themes that they may have created for the clients. If you create a development store and transfer it to the client, you can even get a recurring commission.

With the help of this comprehensive guide, you can look forward to setting up your eCommerce store with Shopify in UAE.

Is Shopify Free For Developers?

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