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Why Is Shopify Rapidly Growing In The UAE?

Shopify Rapidly Growing In The UAE

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Posted on: Wednesday July 3, 2019

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The rising popularity of eCommerce has increased the number of potential businesses looking to set up their individual online stores and start making a profit. There are various development platforms available in UAE preferred by entrepreneurs to create their professional websites with shopping cart software plugins fruitful for payments of goods and services.

Shopify is one such option for crafting eccentric eCommerce experience and has earned a powerful reputation for itself and why not! It’s simple, versatile, and having an ample range of contemporary templates to choose from. Whether you are looking to set up your own sale point terminal or online store account, Shopify is always there for your aid.

The online shopping market has grown exponentially in the past few years, especially in UAE & Middle East, evolving as the biggest in world, which displays how Shopify is gaining more preference amongst others. In addition, this trend is not just followed by start-ups or SME’s but larger retailers or enterprise companies have also started using the benefits of Shopify in UAE.

Such admiration has also nudged many leading Shopify development companies in the UAE to have constant upgrades to admirably maneuver your business ahead of the competition. But the question remains why is Shopify in UAE is so important and how it’s so extraordinary?

Shopify & it’s features:

Shopify is a cloud-based and hosted eCommerce development platform (i.e. SaaS = Software as a Service) that lets you create and customize an online store for selling in collective places, including websites, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, and pop-up shops with robust features like product management, inventory, payments, and shipping.  The users also not requires to worry about upgrade or maintenance of software or web servers, meaning you can flexibly access and run your business everywhere or anywhere with ordinary internet connection.

The amazing success story of Shopify

Internationally, Shopify has been the puppeteer for making the digital footprint of scores of brands, including Budweiser, Tesla, Red Bull, and many other big players. In the UAE and Middle East too, Shopify has spread on like wildfire, not surprising as the trade market in UAE is one of the most robust ones in the world, and the UAE is slowly but steadily transforming its digital economy and coming to terms with the full potential of the internet of things.

Internet and Shopify in the UAE:

Like the rest of the world, business and technology in UAE too are embracing each other. More and more citizens are coming online, and thus startups and SMEs in the UAE are screening their potential customers and inviting them to their virtual stores.

But why Shopify? Shopify UAE is an extremely handy E-Commerce solution through which users can easily build, design and run their online store. It comes with an easily navigable E-Commerce web builder and a pretty routine and manageable CMS.

But the real reason for its success is that Shopify is built for small businesses. A non Web designer or developer can also easily build their online store; basically, it’s your standard starter pack for people who want to quickly start selling their products.

What is it that Shopify offers?

Shopify and Shopify Plus have been popular in the UAE because of the company’s importance placed on Adapted Localization (appealing to local users by features applicable for them based on their region), and the push on digitalization.

It is true that Shopify is built for small businesses, but that is not to say that big brands, businesses and retailers cannot make use of this easy online tool. Brands like Tesla, Red Bull etc, come in Shopify’s Clientele list and have been able to enhance their digital presence significantly through Shopify. Usually, such businesses are the ones that generally do not generate a lot of sales online. Take Tesla, for instance, the Car manufacturing giant. The logistics of running an E-commerce shop for a car manufacturing company isn’t very complex, as not many customers buy cars online. Therefore, Shopify is a good fit for such E-commerce websites.

Basically, Shopify is ideal for sellers who want to expand their stores and products to the digital space, but don’t have the requisite programming skills like coding or web designing to make an E-commerce website. At Pro Web, our expert developers can guide you throughout the process of building an alluring E-commerce website on Shopify.

Making an E-commerce website on Shopify is easy and simple. The best point is that it provides a 14-day free trial on all of its packages.

Shopify features allow sellers the freedom to design and customize their store, organize products, respond to customers, track orders and accept payments, among other things.

Shopify comes with varied pricing plans to fit myriad businesses, ranging from smallest start-ups to the biggest multinationals.

No wonder Shopify has held its own against equally strong competitors like Magento and Opencart.