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Software Development | 6 Min Read

Software Development Companies & Type of Software’s used

software development companies

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Posted on: Monday December 19, 2016

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Dubai is one of the prime shopping destinations in the world, also known as the hub of international business. But, this is not the only reason why Dubai is famous for, rather it has got something more. People know Dubai for shopping, fun, and luxury, but apart from this Dubai also offers some serious businesses and software services .

IT services are flushing in Dubai and software development services are the part of IT services. There are now many software development companies in Dubai providing a variety of softwares for different business requirements, facilitating their day to day operations and increasing their efficiency.
Over a decade of the industrialization, there are many new companies and businesses that have established in Dubai providing their services to the global customers. Today, every business needs a strong IT support to thrive and survive. The software companies in Dubai are fulfilling the needs of every modern business by providing them the wide range of customized business softwares and web development services. There is a whole lot of global or multinational software companies in Dubai also facilitating the local job markets by providing some attractive earning opportunities to the talented professionals.

software development comapny in dubai


What type of software’s these software companies are providing

Business Management Software: Among various softwares, the business management software is quite popular in Dubai. There are various businesses that require the best-customized business management software to facilitate their day to day operations. Here, software companies in Dubai are providing wide range customized and personalized business management software for different businesses. This business management software includes the Payroll management vendor management, customer relationship management, and account software

ERP packages: Enterprise resource planning has become an important milestone for any business. There are many businesses that are expanding and they require a good ERP package to ensure full productivity and efficiency of their business. ERP software is designed in different modules like ERP for finance, sales & distribution, materials management, programming, human resources and operations. The ERP software streamlines and optimizes different departments of an organization and teams them up in order to improve their working efficiency. The customized ERP software helps in creating more powerful business expansion opportunities and getting business closer to the customers.

Cloud-based software: Today, Cloud computing and cloud sharing is a prominent part of the IT service. The cloud enables the sharing of a large amount of data in an open platform without any hardware storage devices. The cloud data sharing has become so much popular in Dubai because of its inevitable benefits. There are many people or businesses connected to each other via the cloud and access the same data without any local data storage device. The people using the cloud technology for data sharing are rest assured of their safety and security because the cloud is the most secure platform for data sharing.

Web Technologies based software: These days, many companies are having their own web portal and CMS platforms. The web technologies are playing an important role by providing them the best opportunity for creating a customized and highly interactive web portal using various programming languages, API, CMS and coding.