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The worst advice we’ve ever heard about Web Design services

Web Design services

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Posted on: Tuesday December 20, 2016

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  • Why do I need a website?
    The world is getting digitalized day by day. And when you live in such a highly digitalized society, then you have to except the digital trends to be a part of this changing world. If you have a business, be it big or small all you need is to get profit, for that you ought to be on the digital map and to do so the best possible way is through your website. Therefore, if anyone tells you that “you don’t need a website” then probably they are fooling you or rather you might have taken the advice of a wrong person.
  • Your website doesn’t need to be updated regularly
    Having a website is just not enough if you don’t update it regularly .One must always ignore baseless advice like “You need not keep your website updated”. Statements like this seem to be quite childish and an unreasonable advice from anyone because technology keeps on changing at every single moment. Maybe your website is running well and you think that everything is just working fine, but technically speaking, you need to make sure that your website is updated with the latest technologies and software’s for its full potential to be utilized properly.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot on web design
    There is no need to spend a lot on the website design that sounds pretty aesthetic, but the fact is that this statement doesn’t hold the true spirit of the website designing. There were the days when people don’t even bother about their website design since they never knew the true potential of a website. A design is something that always attracts the human, be it the design of a house, car, mobile phone or anything else then why not the design of a website. Maybe you find it illogical to invest a large amount on a single website, but if you have a look on the advantages it has on your business, then you will realize and admit the fact that you need an attractive website to be designed for yourself. Here, it is not required to spend a huge amount at once, rather you can proceed in different stages and phases over the period of time. In this way, it will not make any severe impact on your pocket.
  • Unique web design is the ultimate factor behind successful website
    This statement is not that bad because uniqueness always separates you from the crowd, but the uniqueness of a website design is not directly linked to its success. There are several other factors such as your website content, information, and motive of creating a website that calls for the success. Maybe you don’t have a unique website design, but still, you got a website that is highly informative with good content, clean and simple site architecture and everything else that the users may look for on a website. In this way, you can still have a great successful website without any uniqueness.
  • “Don’t worry about quality, you need to focus on SEO”
    Search Engine Optimization has become the face of every website, because, without a good SEO strategy, it is not possible to make your website rank higher in the search results. Ultimately, your website will not get a good number of visitors and your purpose of creating a website will not get resolved. Although, there are several things that define a good SEO strategy, but saying that “just focus on SEO and don’t worry about the quality” would again be a pretty illogical and negligent statement. These days search engines highly focus on the quality of the website, because they don’t want to serve their users with a scrap or something which is of no use for the visitors. Therefore, they also like the website that has the best design and quality to be served to the users.
  • Copy the web designs of other persons
    This seems to be a good idea if you really don’t want to scratch your head finding out the new website design, but to be honest, it doesn’t work in the long run. Today, every business is spending a lot on their branding, because they want to showcase their business to their audience in the most unique and an outstanding way. They don’t want their branding to look like same old school material; rather it should be different and exclusive. Copying a website design could be quite easy to go, but this completely shows that how serious you are for your business/website. This gives the impression that you are not honest with your business and you don’t have any serious intentions of running your business/website. This is completely a wrong perception for any business/website. Being a website owner or a business owner, you need to create your own branding strategy rather than copying someone else’s ideas or designs. If you got the brain, then why not design your own website and also the branding strategies for your business. This may take a bit of time and brainstorming, but the result would be worth all the hard work. Never forget that you will only get a nice harvest if you nurture the plants well. Similarly, creating a unique design for you website with exclusive functionalities would definitely help you accomplish all your business goals with each one of your visitors turning out to be your loyal clients.