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Search Engine Optimization | 6 Min Read

Top 10 SEO tactics for 2016

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Posted on: Saturday December 17, 2016

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Google deploys over 200 mind blogging parameters in algorithms for Search Engine Optimization. An experienced SEO organization should comply with at least few of these signals to improve the SEO ranking and friendliness. Here are top ten search engine optimizations tactics for this year in SEO services and SEO friendly webpage.

1.Quality content

A unique quality and value added content is imperative in attracting visitors as well as keep them engrossed. This move will result in sharing, bookmarking and engaging of the website when the visitor feels at home.

2.Catchy titles

Nothing can beat the catchy titles in attracting the visitors and in turn the increased number of clicks. The ability to create curiosity and deliberately giving information sought for would serve the purpose of the website to a very great extent. As a web designer, it may be worthwhile to find out the favourite titles of the competitive sites being ranked high.

 3.All the way meta- tags

The keywords design is pretty crucial; they should be short and crispy. They should convey the aim within the shortest span of attention. Similarly, the Meta title, the Meta description should shell out the right impact. The correct length would hit the bull’s eye faster especially the mobile e-commerce platform.

4.Google Search Console.

The webmaster tools including a good site map, content keywords, mobile usability, link building, and easy search options are of prime importance to get better traffic flow and ranking. The site map should fall in line with the users; trend of search

5.Creating and testing of UX matrix design

Quick turnaround of search engine results is also important. The Google page speed insights and GT Metrix are the tools by which you can test the real speed. The speed helps in converting the enquiry to sales. That also would build the customer rapport more efficiently. Over patience is the last thing you can expect from a visitor.

6.Ad-word/keyword sear tool

The research tools by which the related tool searches queries about the content, title, caption, ALT tags and metadata are the key factors for attaining favorable visibility. The Google Ad-word is unique for this purpose

7.Social media interface

The homework on the social media platform for seamless sharing actions would pave a long way in getting organic growth of visitors. The popular social media for this purpose are Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr. They would help in strengthening the page ranks.

8.Market survey

It is always advisable to know how the successful website in your field has succeeded. Their design, output, speed, quality, clarity, etc. can be analyzed. Once you know the secret behind the success, you may adopt similar measures but leave the copycat moves.

9.Mobile friendliness.

With the advent of smart phones, the dominance of e-commerce on cell phones is growing very fast. A good web developer should concentrate more in this.

10.Tolerance and patience

You should also be prepared to allow time and patience for reaching the top position in a natural way. By being impatient would result in artificial ranking illusion.

The Dubai-based companies take into account all the parameters in SEO Services. They are the SEO experts; you can depend on them in achieving your goal.