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E-commerce Website Design | 11 Min Read

Top E-commerce Developers Blog To Follow In 2020

Top E-commerce Developers Blog To Follow In 2020

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Posted on: Saturday August 1, 2020

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The global e-commerce industry is a continuously growing industry. In 2021, it will reach the mark of 4.90 trillion in sales, which is over 12.4 % of total retail sales in the UAE, up from 9 % in 2017.


There are various tools and resources present in the market which enables online commerce businesses to ensure continuous growth— in fact, overlooking every aspect of them is definitely overwhelming.


Now big question is where to begin? Anyone started using an e-commerce platform for bringing their products online will definitely go for posting content (i.e. blogs) and why not? Quality content is useful for store owners to make the most of their product and features.


Moreover, there are ample resources to gather information, learn and get inspired for successful business journey, from one room establishment to million dollar enterprise.


Keeping all these factors in mind we’ve enlisted best ecommerce blogs to keep on following (literally).


1. Shopify Blog


Shopify Blog


Every leading e-commerce business owner is well aware about Shopify as e-commerce web development platform offering you all the tools required to build an online store in hassle-free manner. In this process of helping 400 thousand merchants to launch their e-commerce stores, Shopify have shared their methodologies two getting to ultimate success in online commerce—and share everything in their blog. It’s highly recommended for getting inspiration of new ideas; resources to initiate new business; account and finance guidance for profitability; tricks for acquiring new customers through various channels; focused advice on various types of online businesses on industry; and gripping stories of e-commerce business tycoons’ struggle and success.


2. Magento Blog


Magento Blog


Just like Shopify, Magento is an e-commerce web development platform allowing entrepreneurs to create fully functional and highly customized online stores, provide high-quality blog content. You can follow their blogs to know more about the on-going best practices, business focused content, customer stories, and technical spotlights. Additionally those requiring moving from online to IRL, Magento provide dozens of events annually around the globe.


3. Hubspot Blog


Hubspot Blog


The sole purpose of marketing is getting conversions to increase the sales, and Hubspot exactly do the same. Being reputed as leading inbound sales platform—offers you a lot of content to help you learn easily. Generally, inbound sales is the process of attracting potential customers (SEO, social media), on the other hand outbound sales is done by initiating direct sales contact with potential customer (email marketing and promotional calls). Also users get many invaluable free tools on Hubspot, like customer relationship management system, and—guessed right—their blog. Every aspect relating to sales or marketing is covered at a granular level and 200k+ subscribers on their newsletter, speaks about the success of it.


4. Zendesk Blog


Zendesk Blog


Zendesk is primly focused on customer service as chat and support software provided by them is helpful for companies to learn and connect better from their clients. On the other hand, their blogs offer best tips on consumer service, operations and leadership. Bu the question arises on how all these are connected with ecommerce?  Logically, a great product will make you go further; hassle-free shopping experience is highly important, especially when the potential buyer base are millennials, would desire to capture this aspect completely, since millennials prefer great user experience and efficient customer services.


5. E-commerce Fuel


E-commerce Fuel


Are you willing to cross a million-dollar mark with your e-commerce store? Then E-commerce Fuel is highly helpful. Basically it’s a members-only community for success enthusiast e-commerce business owners.  This platform is filled with blog posts focused towards businesses struggling for 6- to 7-figure sales. Their content posting density is 1 blog per week, but it’s premium quality content on latest e-commerce topics covering all the essential aspects like  e-commerce website operation, product sourcing and design, SEO and marketing, teams and outsourcing, etc.  Additionally one get a podcast with 200+ episodes for as many lessons learned.


6. A Better Lemonade Stand


A Better Lemonade Stand


Do you fear being alone in this journey? Well A Better Lemonade Stand written by Richard Lazazzera might change it. This is a powerful e-commerce incubator is focused on empowering business owners with highly educative content and tools for successful e-commerce growth, especially during the initial stages. The posts are properly categorized in terms of conversion optimization, sourcing suppliers and product selection, shipping and fulfillment. Also their FaceBook groups have millions of users also adds to the community-building aspect.


7. Bigcommerce




Get highly actionable tips to ensure the absolute growth of your e-commerce business. Big-commerce is one of the largest ecommerce service providers and definitely worth reading as it’s a nice mix of interesting case studies and inspirational posts from the experts offering weekly ecommerce tips, trends and news — everything you desire to leave your inbox.  The blog posts present here comprises tricks and techniques helpful in building visually compelling and highly innovative stores for online business enthusiasts.


8. NewsCred




After having a look at these blog posts having the best ecommerce content, everyone would be wondering— fabulous, high-quality content is must! This is a primitive reason why many of the above blogs (such as the Shopify, Zendesk, Bigcommerce and Hubspot blogs) are owned by e-commerce web development and software companies: they truly understand the value of content marketing. Anyone looking to explore all the avenues of marketing for their businesses, NewsCred is the place to begin. This platform is dedicated to empower the brands for management of content creation, distribution and measurement.


You should bookmark these blogs, subscribe their newsletters and listen to podcasts, and you’ll become a highly knowledgeable e-commerce entrepreneur present in the markets. Just ensure to set priority on businesses and get some time aside to work on the content too.


What’s your favorite ecommerce blog? Let us know in the comments below!