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E-commerce Website Design | 8 Min Read

Ultimate Ecommerce Tools For 2020

Ecommerce Web Design Dubai

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Posted on: Friday April 17, 2020

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The ecommerce industry is rising significantly and current scenario is not showing any sign to slow down in coming times. Moreover, the sales in global ecommerce market will expectedly grow up to $6.54 trillion by 2023 from $3.53 trillion in previous year.

So if you’re looking to starting a new ecommerce business or want to expand your traditional retail operations to an online store, we suggest using an ecommerce web development platform to fulfill your goals. But all ecommerce solutions are not created equally as some are website builders, while others are plug-ins, add-ons, or shopping cart software.

So which one is the best ecommerce tool for 2020? The answer is dependent on your unique requirement. You can use this guide to find the best ecommerce solution for your business:

The Best Ecommerce Tools of 2020

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Magento
  4. OpenCart

We’ll provide you an in-depth overview for each one of these tools as we continue through this guide:

(1) Shopify:  It has everything one require to start any online store from scratch. Equipped with features suitable for website development and shopping cart software. Another benefit is lesser requirement for technical skill levels, since Shopify is easy to set up and use. This online commerce platform makes it possible to sell from anywhere with support from third-party marketplaces, social media selling, and in-person sales with Shopify POS software.

Every theme here is optimized for mobile devices with tools like BuildFire enabling users to build mobile app for taking your mobile sales strategy to the next level. Shopify UAE is versatile and suitable for startups to small businesses and large-scale operations. You can try Shopify for free with a 14-day trial.

(2) WooCommerce: This is unique when compared to other ecommerce tools on the list. That’s because it’s not an all-in-one ecommerce solution. Those having a WordPress website, just need to install WooCommerce plugin for getting ecommerce functionality It has everything required to add ecommerce capabilities to WordPress. The tool is customizable and capable to integrate with payment platforms like PayPal, Razor Pay, Amazon Pay, and more. Extensions for printing shipping labels and integration with email marketing platforms makes WooCommerce the best way to start online selling without having a need for complete rebuild. Just install the plugin, and start to customize the settings. Moreover its free to install on any WordPress site, but other extensions to customize the plugin may cost money.

(3) Magento: It’s an ecommerce tool offered by Adobe for creating robust ecommerce store no matter how big or small a website is. It supports small businesses, enterprises, and B2B online sales as well. This tool stands apart from other platforms due to its efficiency, automation, and access to critical data. Administrators get benefitted with features like inventory management, business intelligence, shipping solutions, and order management with specific features for customer segmentation and personalization. It also has the capability to automatically display products, promotions, content, and prices based on factors like location, order history, gender, and wish list items. One can also improve the shopping experience for un-tracked visitors on basis of their shopping cart or products viewed.

(4) OpenCart: Unlike other tools listed above, OpenCart is not a website builder; it’s an open-source platform for adding ecommerce functionality to existing websites through 13,000+ modules and themes. You can also integrate extensive list of payment gateways and shipping providers. Being an open-source platform, it has a huge community support forum. For one-time fee or ongoing monthly service, you can have access to OpenCart’s dedicated support staff.


Which is the best ecommerce tool to use in 2020?

It depends on your requirement. An ecommerce startup has different requirements than small business retailers looking to expand online. There are various ecommerce tools capable for selling wholesale B2B products and other tools made for digital downloads.

So do you require creating a new website from scratch? Or want to add ecommerce functionality to your existing site? All of these scenarios will impact how you choose an ecommerce solution. Taking services from professional ecommerce web development company Dubai is best option for building a robust online store. Since we’ve included something for everyone in this guide, we’re confident that you can find what you’re looking for in options listed above.