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Unity 3D – Reasons For Selecting In Your Next Game Development Project

Unity 3D- Reasons for Selecting In Your Next Game Development Project

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Posted on: Saturday September 12, 2020

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Unity 3D is a preferred choice for 3D game application development since many gaming apps are getting uploaded on Google play store and Apple store every day. Those looking to build an interactive, brilliant, and enthralling game prefer this unique gaming platform offering developers some incredible features and gameplay options. Moreover, programming of your gaming app becomes much more comfortable as the virtual world becomes alive!


Before moving ahead for better know-how about the prime factors why Unity 3D is an apt choice for a gaming application, first need to have a brief intro about this fantastic platform.


What Is Unity 3D?


Unity is the world’s most popular game engine with a built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) loaded with great features and having the flexibility to build games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. Let’s move ahead and explore the features of this technology:-


  • In-built professional tools for programmers and artists.
  • Workspace is equipped with artist-friendly tools along with a component-driven design to make game development highly intuitive.
  • Possibility of 2D and 3D development with 2D getting handled by the Box2D engine.
  • The component-based approach in prefabs, where game designers can create objects and environments, is effective and scalable.
  • Deliver impressive graphics across the board with powerful shaders, physics-based materials, high-resolution lighting systems, and post-processing.
  • Editor tools for handling inputs of mice, keyboards, and game controllers.
  • Highly customizable editor with API support is to build required editor tools and scripts.
  • Assets contain a considerable number of models, scripts, scenes, materials, and everything you want.


Why Unity an apt choice for Game Development?


Here’s a complete list of factors especially briefed to us by app developers Dubai on why Unity 3D is an optimal choice for gaming app development:-


Cross-platform ability: One of the biggest USPs of this platform is support for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Macs, PCs, Steam, PlayStation 3, Xbox360, Wii U, and web browsers. One can create games for every platform and create various stages of the games promptly. The porting to the next level is relatively easy for others as you can insert the exciting elements from 1 step to another and make it more fascinating than before.


An apt choice for developers: Like mentioned above, Unity is an optimal choice for developers in building games. The most significant advantage is the availability of tools to build games with agencies like the biggies despite budget constraints.


IDE: Easy to understand grasp interface is another aspiring feature present in Unity 3D. Systematically, an object built using IDE can be recovered through logical conditioning, quick tests, prototyping, and balancing, even between the game development process.


2D Push: App development experts have been using this platform for 3D liveliness till now, but the release of unity 4.3 made it highly effective in 2D game development for every medium. Now, game developers can easily create efficient 2D games with an implicit 2D motor. Other features are doing sprite activity, physical science implementation in the 2D world, and much more.


Scripting: The availability of a drag and drop feature for creating a game is another commendable feature of Unity 3D. There is no requirement for jotting any codes, but programming chops are required. Game developers can use C#, JavaScript, or Boo that’s resembling Python. The development environment is based on Mono, an open-source version of the .NET Framework.


Graphics: Making the game-building process easy and straightforward due to the availability of several tools for the ordinary task of image processing while bringing new image assets along with the direct import of MAX files.


Community support: The developers’ help to get everything sorted is another plus in the highly competitive game development process. The community of 2 million+ designers already using Unity 3D gets process hiccup managed in more than one way every day. You can clarify any doubts to resolve persisting issues anytime with the developers’ community whenever you get a chance. Also, searching for designers and testers in gatherings is easy.


Asset store: The asset store fulfills every requirement of the developers without getting stopped in the development process while creating backgrounds, characters, buildings, etc.


Multiplayer gaming: Mobile app development agencies accept the fact that best multiplayer games are developed in Unity 3D. The primitive reason is the availability of robust features for developers to build fantastic games available across the web. For example, Solstice Arena is the coolest multiplayer game that’s immensely popular. Here the development process is humungous, and Unity provides complete back-up to deliver multiplayer games.


Video Tutorials:  The availability of several tutorials and training videos for learning Unity 3D is the best part. You can easily create games by getting trained, although it’s easy simple for experienced ones in the development industry.


Annual conference: ‘Unite’ is a yearly event held for development beginners for learning and conversing about the latest happenings under Unity’s realm.




One thing is clear from the above-discussed points that Unity is a complete package for performing several tasks like development, testing, environment creation, the addition of lighting and physics, audio and video management, take care of animation, monitor GPU and CPU performance, build multiplayer functionality and all sorts of amazing things. It is a perfect choice for building Android and iOS games that’s been widely used by prominent mobile game development companies. Those companies admit that Unity 3D is the most suitable gaming app development platform offering many benefits for the developers associated with the platform.