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E-commerce Website Design | 7 Min Read

Ways To Prepare Your Ecommerce Website For Traffic Spikes

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Posted on: Wednesday May 20, 2020

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Have you ever thought to prep your e-commerce website for traffic surge? Business houses can expect 140% more online visits during the holy season of Ramadan. In brief, website speed, reliability, security and customer service must be included in your preparation strategy. Here’s a list of some ecommerce solutions to be kept in mind before starting your quest for optimization:


You must review your e-commerce website periodically. Start with checks on your sales figure during same time, search for factors like common demographics and time zones and mark your popular shopping times and create a strategy for it.

In next step, analyze your website performance via tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs or Moz to find outdated or unnecessary extensions or plugins. These plugins can impact your website speed and interfere with sales transactions.

And finally, review the hosting package to ensure that it can handle the traffic spikes your e-commerce website experience during the festival season. You don’t wish to see server error, page load time, and unexpected website crash during busiest times.


Continuously test your website under load conditions. Prefer an organized website to create your sales pages, design, etc. This way, you can make all the mandatory changes at once after thorough testing.


Always have a clear idea of what your e-commerce website requirement will be. Prefer adding offers like free shipping days and incentives on the web page. Have a predefined strategy for these pages along with design upgrades for your customers to have a wonderful sales experience.

Also keep yourself ready for uncalled troubles like website going down or problems with your shopping cart. Always preplan your strategy for what you will do to eliminate these problems.

Keep a backup prior launching of website along with performing regular backups throughout the festival season. Sometimes you may require taking backups on hourly basis; otherwise you may lose an entire day worth of lots of orders.

Speed Optimization

Recent studies show that 55% of mobile visitors move to competitor websites if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Keeping a consideration of stressed systems and networks. It is essential to have efficient page loading time.  Your server must be capable for holding the season traffic spikes. Also large images and animations are most common reason for slower site speeds. Ideal image size must be any larger than 150kb per image at maximum. Have regular checks with your developer for your image optimization options.

Sales Optimization

Customer service assistance is a crucial part for sales optimization. Imagine how your customers will search for the answers to their questions. You can opt for customer service chat, contact form (not as primary customer service entry), explanatory YouTube videos that, and more.

Mobile Optimization

This is important point for your site to be optimized well especially for mobile audiences. Keep on checking your website to ensure that it’s well responsive to mobiles. Speed tests will be great choice here, as well.

Website Security

Make sure that e-commerce website is secure from hackers and verified for online payments since your customers entrust you with their personal information like money, credit card information, and personal data.


Preparing your e-commerce website for festival traffic can appear daunting at first sight. But if you take-out some time to plan it out and do it right, you can see great results in longer run. We would recommend consulting a professional e-commerce web designing agency for development of robust online store, suitable for your specific business requirements. We at Pro Web, continuously deliver projects on time with dedicated attention, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking to unlock the value in our client’s brand.