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Mobile Application Development | 12 Min Read

Ways To Upload Your IOS App To Testflight For Distribution/Beta

Ways to upload your iOS app to TestFlight for distribution_beta

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Posted on: Wednesday August 5, 2020

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Leading mobile app development firms in Dubai looking to offer relating apps on different platforms must integrate them in either Xcode or App Store purchase for making the installation process hassle-free for users.


Here we are presenting a quick guide for mobile app development learners to easily upload their apps for distribution through Testflight. We are considering that you are having the complete access to and




  • Web Browser
  • Xcode
  • Patience


Generate App Bundle Login


For first time app developers in Dubai, there’s a prevailing method of using domain name in reverse format for naming individual app’s package, for example .com.yourcompany.yourappname.


Step 1 – Project Set-up in App Store


Login to and ensure that you are in the correct company account by checking the top right of the screen. Now click on sidebar for Certificate, Identifier & Profiles. Select App IDs present below Identifiers and then + button for adding a new app ID. Complete the App ID Description for adding bundle ID into Explicit App ID option. Then click continue.


Step 2 – Adding Details to App Store Project


Revisit and click on Itunes Connect. Then click on My Apps afterwards again click on + button and then select New App. Fill up every detail and ensure that you select the correct app’s bundle id correctly.


Step 3 – Project Uploading


In Xcode, add your bundle ID to app settings and choose the company from signing options. Select Generic iOS Device and Archive from the top menu and product menu respectively.


Image 01

Image No.-2


After the process gets completed, another window named organizer will open. To search it yourself go for Window -> Organiser in XCode’s top menu.


Now select the Upload to App Store option followed by Next and let the upload get completed. If somehow the upload fails at this point, reason would be a certificate error and requires support from Apple Developer Account team to fix it.


Image No.-3


Step 4 – Push It Live


Image no. – 10


Sign in to and in your app, select the TestFlight option present in the top menu. Check for the uploaded build and ensure jotting the build number for addition into a beta group. Noticeable point here is that one easily test the app by installing the TestFlight app. Also you can add more persons for beta testing.


Select the New Group option in sidebar for building a beta testing group if not present. Add your testers by addition of email addresses. Start by selecting on Builds tab in main window then again select (+) icon for selecting build number to be added into testers group. An automated e-mail is received from Apple when it is available.


After choosing a build one would be prompted asked for testing related information. Complete the information in detail along with explanation about using the app. This gets reviewed by the Apple even for beta testing and they reject apps from being submitted to TestFlight.


Remember that conformation email is received within 24 hours providing information about the acceptance or rejection of the app. If not, then everyone present on beta list will receive an email from TestFlight.




App not visible after uploads


Well it’s a common one along with a new “feature” of ItunesConnect.


Permission from Apple is necessary to upload a NEW build number before releasing for beta users. The app will not be seen in the list of TestFlight apps despite having permission to test by default.


To check whether the app is present or not, select “Activity” option and find the build number. Select the TestFlight and New Group (+) option in the sidebar once again for creating one more group to add one tester. Then select Builds tab along with (+) for integrating a build in this beta group.


Image No.-4


Image No.-5


Sometimes a modal having option of selecting a build would be seen but it’s not there. You need to hard-refresh the page here. Re-open the modal and app would be seen there.


This indicates the actual position of apps approval processes. Once ready, can select and go ahead. Otherwise if you are not able to, most likely be in review. All the information gets seen on the main TestFlight page after the build is approved and submitted into beta group and exactly when you no longer require it.


Can’t Upload?


Carry on the above listed steps up to step 3. But select the “Export…” option despite clicking “upload to App Store…”


Image No.-6


Select ‘yes’ option on every screen to make sure that Automatic Signing option is ticked if screen shows.


Image No.-7


After completion, summary of what’s being exported will be provided. Ensure that everything looks satisfactory before selecting the export option. Then choose a suitable location for XCode for creating a folder having files for upload to ItunesConnect.


Step 3b


Visit and login to go into the security section. Now select on App-Specific Passwords to create a new one. Remember that it’s for single use, rename and copy for the next step.


Step 3c


Go to XCode and select Xcode -> Open Developer Tool -> Application Loader


Image No. - 8


Login with registered apple ID and password created in above mentioned step (3b). In the next screen, check for the name in top left corner of the app. Again if correct name is not seen, click again to select the correct one.


Image No. - 9


Now, select the icon present in the center of screen and go for.ipa file exported by you. Many times already present bugs in App Launcher might lead you to double/triple/quadruple click + throw a chair for opening the file browser.


If everything remains good, a screen having all the details of app will be seen. Assure that every detail is appropriate and select Next to initiate the uploading. Again the app will get uploaded into ItunesConnect, move ahead with step 4.


And the process is complete! Get the celebration started with beverage of your choice.